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7 thoughts on “The Motherly Role of First Born”

  1. I am also a first born, and so often I see myself in my first born (even though she is only 3). I dread her getting older and putting as much pressure on herself as I did as a teen.

  2. My first (a son) is still a little young – he definitely wants to help but I don’t sense a parental-type instinct in him. I know my mom let me ‘take care’ of my younger brother (i’m the oldest, too) and I think it really took away that childhood, you know? It’s so good you’re recognizing it now with your daughter and making sure you don’t let her take that role so early in her life. You’re a great mom!

  3. It’s weird because my youngest is more like this than my oldest! I’m the oldest and I was never the ‘mother hen’ either lol we’re weird!

  4. My first born is my son, and he is 3. But even at 3, I see this natural tendency in him to help with everything, to protect his little sister, et al. As the fifth of six, I never gave much thought to birth order, but I will be watching my son to make sure he doesn’t “grow up too quick!”

  5. My oldest is only 4, but has shown a motherly instinct. Very small, because she is so young. I really look forward to how she acts as she gets older! I am the oldest and was always put in charge of my siblings. I know I was a huge help to my mom!

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