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11 thoughts on “End of Summer Blues?”

  1. Brandy, YES!! We are the only ones responsible for our own happiness! Our obligations to others are real, but the fact is, if we don’t take care of ourselves first, we are worthless to others. I’m one that always needs a change of scenery to keep a smile in my heart, even if it’s just a night downtown dining with friends. The four walls that comfort you should not be your jail, right?

    Thanks for the happy thoughts!
    .-= Sugar Jones´s last blog ..Snazl Party: My Favorite Things =-.

  2. I completely agree – you HAVE to take some time for you. Yes, it is hard to find the time, especially when your husband works so much. I do understand how you don’t want to duck out the door as soon as he arrives – but every now and then – you need it. Love that you have a suportive guy who understands!

  3. Kudos to you Brandy for opening up with your husband about your need! You’re right, we really do have to TELL them most of the time. You can’t read his mind and he can’t read yours. Men & women, Moms & Dads, all have different ways of approaching life and parenting and all have different levels of needs.

    I remember have some similar feelings when my daughter was still very young (baby – young toddler years). I felt guilty for wanting to get away, especially just as my husband was walking in the door from a long day at work. But we talked about it and I was delighted to find out that he was just fine with me getting away for some me time whenever I needed it. I usually found that calling him an hour or two before he would be home to forewarn him of my impending departure upon his arrival would help smooth the transition for all of us.
    .-= Malia´s last blog ..School Memories =-.

  4. Brandy, I feel like I was just reading about MY life. We so need time for ourselves…..even going to the grocery store ALONE. It is very easy to forget about our needs when we are always so busy. My husband is super supportive too and I am so lucky he is understanding when he gets home from work and I have my hormonal meltdown:)
    .-= Sherri @ Luv a Bargain´s last blog ..Shape Magazine: Free One Year Subscription =-.

  5. I know what you’re going through, Brandy. Thank you for speaking up so other women can see it’s okay to feel this way, to need to take some time away. I’m so glad your husband supports you and tries to understand. Mine does as well, but it can certainly be a difficult concept to explain. Take your time away and enjoy it! I’m planning to see a movie by myself one day soon, either The Proposal or The Time Traveler’s Wife, and I can’t wait! Let us know what you do with your free time.
    .-= Mary@Everyday Baby Steps´s last blog ..Celebrating With McDonald’s =-.

  6. I can relate girl. A few months ago I was burnt out beyond belief. I was working non-stop, being a wife and mom, taking care of our home, meals, laundry, and everything between. It was tough and I fell apart. I realized that I needed to set limits concerning my client work and also take much needed me time.

    I now shut my computer down by 7:30pm, put the kids in bed and I relax for an hour or so in front of the tv or read and then go to bed early. This has been a simple change that has made a HUGE difference. Everyone has their own thing that will help bring refreshing & rejuvenation. You will have to work that something into your schedule. Even though your husband probably does work hard – you still deserve to have your own time as well. And that is so wonderful that your husband agrees.

    Take that time, even if it is for only an hour every few days. It is so important. So cheer up girl. You are doing great. And it is awesome that you have a place to share about your feelings, isn’t it? I love being able to blog. It is a great place to vent and receive awesome encouragement and advice from others going through the same things.

    God bless you, DAWN
    .-= Dawn (Painter Mommy)´s last blog ..Funny Cartoons About Blogging =-.

  7. You are so wise to realize you need some “me” time. I used to sing in the church choir just so I could go to choir practice and have some me time. It is so much healthier.

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