Social Networking Sites and Relationships

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It never fails I turn on the news or surf the web and find these stories of men and woman who have cheated on their significant other through social networking sites like Facebook. It seems Facebook is getting a lot of media coverage but it’s not for the way it helps work at home entrepreneurs earn a living, it’s the negative of how Facebook is so bad it is destroying relationships.

I find this absolutely ridiculous, come on! If a person is leaving their “loved one” for another person through a meeting online via Facebook then there were more issues in that relationship than meets the eyes. It’s like when everyone wanted to judge me for the decision my ex and I made to no longer be married, they wanted to say how good of a pair we were and all that, but reality is if you are not the person living behind closed doors then you have no clue how that relationship is in private.

Honestly if you or your “loved one” have cheated or left due to spending time on Facebook connecting with an “old flame” then you had more issues than just a  social networking site. This is no joke, the world is turning to a point where everyone wants to blame another person for their actions. Wake up world, you are the only person who makes the decisions for your life, if you have left or been left by a person who spent a lot of time on a social networking site then you may want to take a look in the mirror, sit down and think, really think about your relationship together and I bet you will find signs that the person who left you was already unhappy.

I am a big fan of being honest and not cheating, if you are not happy in your current situation do everything in your power to resolve the issues in the relationship before leaving the person or running off to have an affair. Old flames are old flames for a reason and there is no purpose behind living in the past, you will only find yourself unhappy in the end.

I say stop blaming Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, take a look in the mirror and blame the two people involved in the relationship. We all are adults and we make our own decisions, be certain the decisions you are making are for a happier, healthier life no matter what that choice is. Others may never understand but who cares, just don’t blame social networking sites for a failed relationship!

Questions for Thought: Have you personally experienced a cheater from them meeting up with an old flame they connected with on a social networking site? Did you find your true love through a social networking site? I would love for you to share your story here at Happily Blended so if you or a loved one met the love of their life through social networking please contact me to share your story as a guest post on Happily Blended!

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  1. You hit it, Brandy. It is not the media, it is what is going on at home. I had a cousin who met a new man across country through a social media, and left her family to be with him… I know she is remarried, but not if it is that man.. I know her husband at the time was devastated… she never talked to me again, as she had called me when she was first thinking about it & I told her it was a bad idea… If you are having problems work on them if it can’t be fixed then go about it the normal way of separation or diviorce, don’t use another person as an escape.. that may end up being worse. not to mention all the pain you leave behind.
    .-= Faythe @GrammyMousetails´s last blog ..Put your Tu-lips =-.

  2. as a victim of a cheater, i agree with you brandy ,it’s not the social sites fault if they meet someone on their it is what has and is going on in the home and between the two people involved.
    so i say stop blaming others for your actions or choices.

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