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22 thoughts on “Get Hands Clean With Softsoap Pure Foaming Hand Soap”

  1. the scent sounds refreshing. I love using softsoap in our home. It’s gentle and non drying.

  2. Oh, I love this! Softsoap is my favorite hand soap, and I’ve always loved foaming soap. I feel like it just gets into all the nooks and crannies of my hands better.

  3. Foaming soap is my favorite. I always feel like it gets my hands cleaner because it feels like it gets under my nails and around my cuticles better.

  4. I am not a germaphone at all. I mean I wash my hands when I should but other than that…I touch door handles lol

  5. My kids are already sick. Back to School is tough! I need to stock up on Softsoap so my kids can wash away some of the school germs.

  6. My kids are washing their hands more because of soaps like this! It really makes washing your hands a little more fun! I haven’t tried this brand though, but i definitely will the next time I go grocery shopping!

  7. I remind our son 5x a day to wash his hands. It’s so important during cold & flu season. I’ll go check out the coupon.

  8. I absolutely love the foaming hand soap. It’s the only thing that we have in our house now. I’m always washing my hands. LOL

  9. HA – Wash your hands is a common saying here. It’s great habit for the kids and sometimes they’ll remind me now lol

  10. Thank you for the recommendation. I think if you have a soap that leaves your hands feeling good and soft, that you have a winner! Kids will want to wash their hands more, too! I’m like you–a little dirt never hurt 😛

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