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19 thoughts on “Shopping for a Golf Cart”

  1. Actually, I have always wanted a golf cart just to fetch the mail at my apartment complex, so that I may bring along a cat or two, stop and greet those whom I know, for whom I would meet along the way.

    However, I never bought if for no other reasons, than I do not know enough about buying one to do that. I realize now that I can know more and that buying one which, has available parts for when it breaks down is critical.

    Nicely done article!

  2. A few great questions to ask yourself before deciding to buy a golf cart! Who knew, I would just pick one out if it was pretty! 🙂

  3. I grew up in a camping family, we haven’t camped in about 8 years and I’m so saddened by this. My grandpa had a permanent lot and camper at the camp ground and the golf cart was the first “vehicle” any of us kids ever drove around “Double digits” (10 years old or so). Golf Carts remind me of camping and family time and all of the fun that comes along with it all.

  4. A golf cart can be a great addition to any golf-lovers collection of gadgets. This is a great overview of the things to consider when making a purchase of a golf cart.

  5. I would want one that went fast, lol. There’s more to consider than I realized though. Great info on this.

  6. I have never ever thought about a golf cart before. I think it would be awesome to have one! These are some great things to consider though if it ever comes about!

  7. Lots of good things to consider before buying a golf cart. Since we live in the country we opted for a trail wagon, but a lot of our friends use golf carts on their farms.

  8. We just spent a month down in Mazatlan Mexico and all the taxi cabs there are golf carts, it’s pretty awesome to see and ride in. Anyone been?

  9. I never thought about buying a golf cart, at least not yet. I think these are very good tips and I can use them as reference if ever I’m going to buy one in the future, thank you!

  10. These are some great tips. We bought a used one a few years back for my parents when they moved to a golf community.

  11. A gold cart could be a lot of fun and useful too! I would have had no idea how to shop for one, so this is a great resource!

  12. Fantastic tips!!! When I was living in FL owning your own golf cart was all the rage!!!! Everyone had one besides me lok

  13. That is some really good tips. Never would have thought to check how much weight the gold cart can take.

  14. When we were in Mexico last week our resort drove us around on golf carts. They’re so much fun! Kinda wish I had one now.

  15. i know this sounds so crazy but driving a golf cart on a golf course is so on my bucket list. lol. also thank you for the awesome tips.

  16. In my neighborhood I often see people driving down the road on them, just having fun and taking their kids for a little spin. I’d love to have one and do the same lol

  17. These are all very good questions to assess fully when you’re looking for just the right golf cart. It’s important to make sure you know everything about the item before making such a big purchase. Thanks for your help!

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