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13 thoughts on “Speech Therapy For Children”

  1. My youngest was in speech therapy from 18 months because of a delay until he was well into age 4. It really helped him a lot.

  2. I do know several people who have benefited from speech therapy. It is a helpful tool for kids and parents alike.

  3. I think it is great that there are so many resources available for parents today so that we can better help our children. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  4. It’s nice that parents now have an option like this, it’s also important to always get your child tested. Sometimes the delay means something else and it’s better to be sure about what’s going on with your child’s health.

  5. I’ve seen speech therapy help kids so much – my neighbor and my nephew! It’s amazing what speech pathology can do!

  6. Oh, this is very helpful especially to parents who have kids with speech disorder. I am so blessed that my son is not having this.

  7. I remember back in elementary school I had some help with speech. I had trouble with my r’s. Now The speech class I took in school really helped too!

  8. Speech disorder is common these days in kids and may be that is why speech pathology is advancing with many latest tools and activities. Verifying the cause as well as making custom tools for kid to correct the problem is important. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I know a lot who would just “wait and see” how their kid turns out when it comes to speech disorders and I don’t like that approach. I’m glad a post like this discusses the different kinds and why’s of speech disorders and repair.

  10. One of my close friend had a same issue with his kid & I know they went through a lot of process to make it work. They had a special person coming up for Speech Therapy session which helped them a lot as the kid started to talk better in almost an year.

  11. My brother needed speech therapy and one of my nieces will also. It’s so helpful and it was great to see the progress with my brother when we was kids.

  12. I know a few who could really benefit from speech therapy. I will be sure to share this with them. Thanks!

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