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20 thoughts on “Rotor-Rooter® 101 – Have a Clog? No Problem.”

  1. We rarely get clogs, but when we do they’re really bad. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. We have two showers that are always trouble and the usual brands don’t work. I’ll have to try this!

  3. I have used this when having drain trouble in the past. It really works which surprised me! I keep some around now just in case.

  4. It’s so funny that you shared this today. This morning we found one of our bathroom sinks is clogged and I need to run out to find something to solve the issue. Guess I know what that will be!

  5. I have not seen this stuff in awhile! Good to see it is still out there, we need to keep some in the house for the shower which clogs all the time!

  6. This is a really impressive description of how well Roto-Rooter works on hair clogs in the drain. I’ll look for it in town, as the brand we use at present isn’t doing the job.

  7. One of our toilets clogs frequently. I always try to keep a bottle on hand, it’s a lot more affordable than calling a plumber.

  8. Roto-Rooter sounds like something I need to stock in my house. My girls are always clogging their bathroom sink.

  9. I could probably use some of this. The shower in our guest bathroom seems to be clogged up right now.

  10. I had NO idea rotorooter was for home clogs. I could use a whole boat load of this stuff with so many people in our house we are dealing with clogs ALL THE TIME.

  11. I have three sisters, so I know Roto-Rooter well. My dad would have lost it with five girls in the house without it. It always does the trick for us!

  12. Wow, seems like a great product. i don’t have to call a professional to unclogged our shower, thanks for sharing!

  13. Having a plumber work by yourself sounds really cool! Thanks for products like these, very helpful.

  14. Rotor-Rooter has been around a long time.
    We have used it before and found it to be effective.

  15. I had no idea Roto Rooter also had bottled products. I just thought they were the guys who had to come to the house to take care of your clogged drains.

  16. Clogs aren’t something you want to think about but, as a homeowner, I must. You definitely want to be ready when they happen.

  17. I have really long hair and shed like crazy. My shower drain is always clogged. Keeping Roto-Rooter on hand might be a good idea.

  18. I am having some issues with my Kitchen sink drain. I will have to pick some of this up to try.

  19. Now that’s a product. I swear our old pipes at my old house just seem to collect unwanted particles as a hobby and I’ve had plumbers already work on them. This will be a nice thing to bring back home!

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