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33 thoughts on “How an Alarm Clock Saved Sleep and Rocket Ship Projection Alarm Clock Giveaway”

  1. My son Hunter is going to be a teenager this year and he needs to start waking up on his own!

  2. My daughter — if she could just stay in bed quietly until the alarm went off in the morning, my days would be so much less yawn-ey.

  3. I need this alarm clock for myself (as selfish as that may sound). I have an online business named The Dainty Rocket, and this would be a super fun way to get motivated every day to make improvements.

  4. Oh this would be perfect for our little one! He just learned all about time and always wants to know what time it is. He would love this and would be perfect for waking him up for school

  5. This alarm clock would be perfect for any kid! Children, especially really young children, often have a hard time understanding the concept of time, so a clock like this would definitely grab their attention and help them understand what times are designated for what activities. Cool post! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. My 2-year-old daughter sleeps in most mornings, but I think implementing certain times would be helpful in the near future. She is starting to refuse naps, but she still needs them & her baby sister needs quiet time, so having a scheduled “quiet time” would be helpful & her having her own clock would really help with that, especially a cool one like the rocket projector! That is, if her daddy doesn’t steal it 🙂

  7. I would start my grandson on waking up to an alarm with it. He might get a kick out of the rocket ship!

  8. My son needs this! He’s 10 and he is definitely ready for an alarm clock. It is hard to get him up for school lol. Thanks so much for the opportunity! This is fantastic!

  9. My son definitely needs this. He would love the shape and hopefully help him to get up better in the mornings.

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