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32 thoughts on “How Enterprise Mobility is Changing the Game”

  1. I am not really comfortable with my medical records being digital. I know it’s the way of the future, but it’s too easy for hackers to get that way.

  2. This sounds like it could make things quicker and easier. I am not sure about my personal information being digital. Makes it to easy for bad people to get a hold of it.

  3. I’m with Robin up above…I do not like another way for my personal information to be vulnerable. There are very intelligent people that have too much time on their hands that get in major systems in a moments time. My family doctor too has all my information ‘stored’ online. It’s nice that I can sign in my account to schedule an appointment or see my test results for everything, but I would rather somethings stay less accessible.

  4. I have noticed it!!! Honestly I thought it was the most convenient thing ever having records at my finger tips… But I never thought about hacking as someone above just said… Always a catch to things lol

  5. Mobile is building fast. I know there are many areas where I’m so much more productive when working on mobile. It’s definitely harder to be sidetracked by another tab that’s open and all of that.

  6. Technology is changing the way we view medical studies and healthcare service. And I think this is for the better since everyone has smartphones and it would be accessible to get information just on the web.

  7. I think its awesome.. now the records are easily exchanged via doctors… and perceptions can be sent right away instead of submitting and then waiting.

  8. Last time I wentntonthe doctor she had a tablet. There is pros and cons with everything. Hopefully it will make things easier and less mistakes.

  9. This is interesting, not sure what I think about it yet but I’m sure it will reduce the use of paper and admin for hospitals. I’m I right that some countries are already doing this?

  10. Whilst digital records do make things easier to access and quicker to get information it also makes it easier to hack and fall into the wrong hands. I prefer paper records.

  11. I think it’s fascinating how much technology has changed every aspect of our lives. Though I can’t say I’m entirely comfortable with my records being digital.

  12. Interesting information. Healthcare is soon going to depend on enterprise data! It is very interesting to see how this field moving toward the digital data.. instead of paper.

  13. My doctor is still a notepad gal. I never thought of it, but you’re right, it’d seem more natural if she were using a laptop…considering today’s use of technology just being everywhere!

  14. It sounds kindof scary…yesterday my internet went down and I had to call the provider, it was a really run around because I didn’t have all my pertinent information – it was all on the net (I even had to call 411 to get their phone number and sat and listened to IVR advice about troubleshooting by going to seriously! Imagine if the doctor can’t get to his stuff!

  15. Technology is amazing. I am able to get access so my sons sot records right from the office website. It does worry me a bit because we are in a technology world and of course you have criminals and hackers. But what can ya do? We are in the technology age.

  16. I would love if my Doctors office would go digital. The front desk has a computer but my chart is a paper file and the Doctor still writes everything down.

  17. I love not having to wait forever for records or results to be sent over, but with all the technological advances, there seems to be a lot more security breaches. Or I may just be paranoid.

  18. I am happy about this only because I hate having to wait to have my files transferred especially when I was in the military and moving all over the place. It would have been nice to have digital files that could just move from state to state and doctor to doctor.

  19. There are pros and cons to all of this. Electronic information can be hacked, erased, and wiped out in some cases. On the other hand, I’ve read how illegible handwriting from some doctors have been, which has led to misdiagnosis and incorrect medication and dosages given to patients.

  20. I am definitely amazed with how technology has grown in just my lifetime. And the rate of growth is just skyrocketing anymore.

  21. I agree with above comment in that I’m not comfortable about my information being digital but we do have to keep up with the times.

  22. The power of technology. It surely makes life a lot more convenient. I do wonder what else is going to be introduced to us in the future? 🙂

  23. I love the fact that everything is available and we save paper but yes it is kinda scary to think of the people who can get accesses to our records

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