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59 thoughts on “{Giveaway} How Would You Give Back to Your Community with $100? #12WeeksGiving”

  1. Every year we take new coats to the domestic violence shelter for the kids at Christmas. We also donate food, diapers, and toys to the homeless shelter. That time’s fast-approaching so I would use it for that, and that’s a great way to give back to the community.

  2. As a parent it is important to make each day count, and try to teach your children the things that are important.

  3. I plan on donating my kids clothes they have outgrown and we are going to donate toys this year for families in need.

  4. I’d use it towards having my kids and I shop for toys for tots for Christmas and donate the toys. I think it will be a good way to instill charity to my kids.

  5. I’d use the money to buy supplies for the teachers at my children’s school. They spend so much of their own money to buy things to make the kids learning experience better. I’d love to help out with that.

  6. Our elementary school has a food pantry for about 80 students. I would be sure to give toward this “little known” cause. Some know we have a food pantry on site, but fewer know the recipients are OUR students.

  7. I already give to the community by volunteering at our Food Shelf.
    I also do for the Toys for Tots program – very rewarding!
    thank you

  8. I would use the money on my new business to make custom hair bows/headbands/ bow-ties for kids and buy christmas gifts for my children!

  9. We donate to airmans attic which is a place for military families in need to get free stuff. I would keep doing that and give away the things we don’t need to someone who actually needs it.

  10. I volunteer with our local Autism society family support group and help out with family game nights, social groups, Halloween party for teens and other great activities. I have a 14 yr old son with autism and we like to take him to activities where he will be accepted and it is a great group of people to hang out with. I would use the money to buy something they need or help sponsor activities.

  11. Every week when I do my grocery shopping, I add a few items to donate to the “food shelf” at the church.

  12. I would shop couponing deals and buy up extra stock to donate to local shelters and/or other charitable groups. 🙂

  13. I like to give back by donating to the local schools. Books for the libraries, playground toys, school supplies.

    1. Yes, Sarah – the $100 cash is open to Canadians. Funds will be paid via PayPal in USD. So as long as you have a PayPal email address, you can receive the $100 USD Cash prize, should you be randomly selected. I apologize for not noticing that your list was for Canadians only 🙂

  14. I give on every paycheque to a Cat Shelter, International Aid and Health Organizations. I find it is the best way to ‘budget’ and then the amount is on my T4 at tax time.

    Of course I always help for friends Steak nights and other fundraisers.

  15. I volunteer at the salvation Army and with the holidays coming, i would use this to donate some Thanksgiving baskets to be given out to the families in need. There are so many that go hungry around the holidays.

  16. We’ve been volunteering a the local Soup Kitchen (we serve compete dinners once a week and my Honey/Hubby and I usually make one of the two soups and one of the main courses.) We are always short of money, especially since one of our primary donors died last year and his children chose not to continue to help support us. As the weather gets colder, the turn out gets bigger and we have to stretch every dollar and count every penny!

  17. I would give to the local food pantry. We have been very thankful for the help we have received from them in the past.

  18. I’m a clinical counseling intern working in the school systems, and I see how much these kids are impacted by the poverty surrounding them. I would donate to a program that provides Thanksgiving meals to the elementary school children I work with

  19. Every month we buy one of the premade food bundles and put it in the bin. If we win the $100 I’ll put three.

  20. I would purchase items for my local animal shelter that they are desperate need of. I have a weakness for animals. 🙂

  21. I work in a private school that has students with special needs. Many, many of these families are in the poverty level (90%). We always have a secret santa and food drives. I will be participating in that whether or not I win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. I’d buy some school supplies to donate to each of my kids’ teachers! They are always struggling to give our local children all the tools they need to learn!

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