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5 thoughts on “Coughing and Sneezing, Seems like Allergies but No?!”

  1. Wow! I would ask a doctor about this. Do you have any mold in your house? Have you been tested for allergies. There could be so many reasons for these symptoms. I feel for you, and hope that you can find out what is causing this! But, my best advice is to consult with a doctor on this.

    1. I think it is mold too. I’ve had the same types of symptoms. Sometimes a neti pot helps, but make sure you use the right type of water.

  2. I would say its just a cold. That sounds like what my family has right now. I have seasonal allergies and its not time for that yet. The bloody nose could be from a dry house in winter. I’ve even had one this winter.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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