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3 thoughts on “Preserve Old Photo Albums in Digital Fashion via @yesvideo”

  1. Interesting. I have 1 or 2 photo albums from childhood. Some pictures from middle school maybe a handful from HS. Then I have a very small album from my husband and a dating and a bit afterwards. Then of course the Wedding Album. After that, we got a digital camera. About 9 years ago. Its been digital pictures since. Everything. Trips, both of our girls births. Birthdays, holiday and everything in between an after. Last I knew about 10 months ago. I had close to 7000 pictures. No exaggeration.
    I do agree digital photos saved to CD/DVD is a good way to protect them. I had to put mine to CD because I had no more room, they ate up my memory. It made the computer sooooo slow.

    But regardless of the protection factor. These ease of access is a pain in the butt. When you want to show some one pictures. To have to turn the computer on; wait for it to load. If it’s on CD than you have to wait a bit more. Then search for the pictures. Its a pain in the butt!

    I wish I had printed at least some as I took them. When I was a child I remember how much fun we had as a family, flipping through pictures laughing, remembering and just enjoying being together sharing memories…o

    So anyways, what I’m saying although the CD/DVD is a great way to store and protect those memories. I believe it is just as important to have those photos tangible and available anytime. <3 🙂 <3

    1. Agreed. That is why YesVideo returns your untouched photo albums along with the DVD/CD copy so that you will still have that hard copy in hand. Nothing can replace the album but having them on a DVD/CD may make them last just a bit longer.

  2. I would love to have enough money to have this done for all of my family members. Several years ago my aunt and I took my great-grandmothers old family photos to a Kodak machine and had prints made, then a few years ago she got them all scanned. I like having the originals, but they are so incredibly fragile. Having multiple digital copies is wonderful, especially for future generations.

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