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8 thoughts on “Adventures at Walnut Grove: A Lesson about Teasing”

  1. I loved this review. As a former 4th grade teacher and now a mom of three, I know how important these books are! To write about vital life lessons in a non-threatening way is tremendous. I’m impressed that this author has self-published and will definitely be going to her site to find out more about this book and any others she has. Thank you Brandy for sharing it through video, too. It’s one of those conversations that I can see every mom having with their children. Great review!


  2. Great Review and post and how you included your daughter and asked her a question. I love stories for kids that have a meaningful. How very cool!!

  3. Great review Brandy and Kiara! πŸ™‚ I am taking a Children’s Literature Class and I am really into picking books as I have always aspired to be a teacher (even though I’m a business major). Someday I would like to have a huge library for my kids and this book looks like a GREAT one to add. I bookmarked her site and I will get some money and order it πŸ˜‰

  4. We also have both of Dana’s books and I have to say that they are my sons favorite books and they have me read them over and over again to them. Now when a book like this comes before spiderman, batman, and ironman books you know you have a winner!

    Its well written, great colors schemes throughout the books and they are so easy for the kids to follow and learn from. If you haven’t picked up these books for your child, classroom or library your really missing out.

  5. […] Teasing back in February 2009, and my daughter just cherishes this book. If you missed my review please read it before you move on to the giveaway! I even have a video interview with my daughter included in the […]

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