A Reminder For you {and me} to Count Your Blessings

Yesterday was a day full of challenges. From the onset of Monday morning, my life was in utter chaos mode and it only grew worse when I picked up my sons from school. It was a Monday of all Monday’s, that one digger. That one day where it was extremely challenging for me to count my blessings. I literally wanted a do-over. I had wished I could climb in bed, close my eyes and wake up all over again much like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

I picked up the boys from school and my youngest was in a mood. My youngest gets in these moods where, instead of speaking English, he speaks these grumpy giberish tones that make no sense. I do not play that game, if my children cannot speak and wish to be mumbling grumpies that are completely impossible to comprehend, then they can deal. I will not play into that. No way.

Finally, about 20 minutes later I had my two sons buckled into the van ready to get my daughter from band practice, that didn’t go without the couple minute drive of me having to listen to grumpy pants in the way back of my van grumbling louder and louder. I couldn’t help him if he wouldn’t speak of what his issue was.

It dawned on me, finally, that my youngest had to go pee. Well why couldn’t he have just said that while we were at his school so I could walk him back into school to use the bathroom. Well, because that would have been too easy. After a weekend away it takes the youngest a little bit of time, sometimes, to transition back to Mom’s house. This was one of this cases, he just was in a mood and there was no breaking it – simply working with it without feeding into it.

The boy went pee. The daughter got out of band and we returned home. Only to have to leave for cheer practice, which was a nice break for me because the boys stayed home with my boyfriend playing board games and coloring. After cheer practice I returned home to my somewhat “back to themselves” sons and had a decent evening.

Then bedtime came, it all started again. Finally they were all fast asleep and I was able to sit on my couch, tune into watching NickMom television, laugh a bit and then I went to sleep.

Today is another day and I am trying my best to count my blessings for I do have so much to be grateful for even if Monday made me question everything.

When All Else Fails … Color

Here we are on Tuesday and it’s really a Monday, I have a full day of work now with the exception of a lunch break to meet for my youngest son’s school drop off. I hope to get a lot of work done today, but as usual I am juggling many things at once. On days like today it’s so important for me to look back at pictures of my family and happy moments to remind myself what it is I truly am blessed to have …. love!


This picture above is one I colored with my six year old son who wanted us to color the dogs and cats in different ways. This kid loves to use his imagination and we have fun with it while coloring. Another picture that was colored this day was one with my oldest … and only daughter.


Whenever there is nothing else to do and the kids are bored, we pull out crayons and coloring books or paper and have fun drawing and coloring together.  I am blessed to have kids that enjoy a variety of activities and love hanging with their Mama.

Cheers to a wonderful week with your family and many memory making moments!

Living in my Shoes with Three Kiddos

I much prefer living my life with an open mind, sense of humor and ability to laugh at the most frustrating situations. For instance, when my kids received a product in the mail and the youngest decided it would be really cool to hide the toy? And later on that evening the oldest finally found said toy that we had looked for ALL damn day … in the freezer? Did I get upset? Did I cry? Did I yell? Nope …. my oldest and I laughed so hard we couldn’t stop.

Earlier on that same day when I had to pick up one child each every hour, did I freak out because I was going to be using up tons of gas? Did I get upset because I had to grab the youngest first, who mind you, doesn’t care too much for running around with Mama. I take that back, he loves running away from Mama.  Yeah, that is how Tuesdays go. Mostly every other Tuesday when the oldest is with me not her Dad that particular Tuesday. It’s school, art class and reading event pick ups every hour. Fun.

Since Tuesday was so crazy, I just had to zone out and what better way to zone out than to drive to another town where this whole little area decorates with Christmas lights? Sure, zone out on lights. While driving, with three kids. Sounds perfect. Total fun, for reals! Between enjoying the lights and laughing, I got snapped at out of the blue by my oldest, why? I am not quite sure, if you figure that one out please enlighten me. I am loving this tween hormonal changes age, for reals. Each day I never know which moment I will have laughter OR head ripped off for saying something wrong. That is the life of living with my oldest, a tween girl. Lovely.

While in the car, driving to the lights my youngest decided that having loud as you can put it music is the new cool thing. But my music sucks, and it’s not yelling music. Apparently the little one much prefers his Dad’s loud yelling music over my soft, sweet, dancing/R&B or country music. Some probably can’t blame the kid, but me? I am sad he doesn’t enjoy my music as much anymore. While listening to this lovely music, the daughter & I start singing out to one of our favorite Miranda Lambert songs when the little one pipes up “shake that bubble butt”. Seriously? Now if you could have seen the daughters face when this kid said that? It was priceless. I cracked up laughing so hard!

Don’t worry, your little brother was not telling you that you have a bubble butt, apparently it’s something from a Spongebob episode. Now why is Spongebob becoming something that is a huge influence in my household lately? That is another thing that baffles me. The youngest said that the Santa Claus at Walmart was an imposter and here I am wondering how this four year old learned such a word and having a proud Mom moment when his brother informs me that Spongebob said it. Sigh. At least the four year old knew that imposter meant fake, that is one plus!

I juggle, I laugh, I cringe, I cry and I move on. Each day is lived to the fullest and I live to never regret one moment, for every moment lived is another moment learned from. I love my life and I hope you all love yours too!

The kids and I have the perfect balance of motherly respect, love and friendship. I wouldn’t change that for anything, so if you want to take a walk in my shoes? Read this blog daily, subscribe to get email or RSS updates!

I Wanted to Write Something Cool & Fun & Inspirational But …

My inbox was so full that my head wanted to explode …  and well yeah I just am keeping up with bare minimum there …

My daughter came home after being gone since Thursday …

And my youngest son can now ride his bike without training wheels …

I figure I have this one last week before my two oldest kids are in school I better make this week go out with a bang. So as much as I have a TON, and I do mean a ton to do in my office, I must enjoy motherhood for this one last week then I will be back spouting off all of my positive thinking mumbo jumbo for y’all.

Here have a hotdog while you wait — or you can get a coupon for Ovaltine from my sidebar too — >

National Young Readers Day November 8th

Today, the second Tuesday of November is called Young Readers Day and although no one can seem to find whether there as an act of Congress to deem this a national holiday, many schools do take this day seriously and celebrate with reading. As a mother of three children I am proud to say that all of my children have been raised with books; books during down time, books before bed and well books just for fun. With that being said, you can often find my youngest son at age 3 sitting to read a book while waiting in the lobby at his pediatricians office or maybe even while waiting in the van for his siblings to get out of school.

Reading in van parked in driveway at home

Many teachers and doctors will tell you that reading for just 20 minutes a day can encourage a lifetime of reading in a child and I have three children that have provided this theory to be correct. You see, my oldest is a girl who is now nine years old and reads well above average for her age. My middle child is a boy and at age 5 he may not be found curled up reading up a book but he still loves having two books read to him at end of day before bed. My youngest son is now three years old and will not only curl up to read his favorite books by looking at the pictures and recalling the story as Mama read it to him, but he will also sit on the couch while his sister reads him a fun storybook.

I am proud to be raising young readers, because it’s so difficult with technology advancing and pretty much doing everything for us these days to encourage old school sit down reading time. Take 20 minutes a day to read to your children, if you didn’t start at birth like me with the kids that  is okay, it is never too late to start encouraging a love of books with your children.

What are you waiting for? GO curl up and enjoy young reader’s day with your young readers!

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