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I am brandyellen1981 on Instagram and am constantly sharing photos. Below you will find my favorites from last week that I shared —

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Using Pictures to Capture The Diminishing Fear of Swimming

Summer is a wonderful time, school is out and the kids are ready to hit the pool and beaches as a way to stay cool in the hot days.  At one point or another I realized that I had not really encouraged a love and trust of water with my middle child, I am not one hundred percent sure why he was not introduced to swimming at an early age like his siblings but he was not introduced to swimming until he was a bit older.

I am thankful to have all of my family photographs organized by month and year so that I can look back on pictures to see just how far my middle child has come with swimming. I believe that video’s are a great way to capture your child’s progress over the years in the pool, but I have an addiction to photographs. I organize all of my digital photos by year then within that folder by month so it was easy for me to go back to 2010 and pull out a picture of my son testing the water in the pool for his first year of swimming.

Just one year later, in 2011, I captured pictures of my middle child going out to the middle of the shallow end without much fear. My middle child still had a small fear of swimming but it was not keeping him from going out to test the water a bit then scramble himself back to the stairs. I am excited to capture more photographs this year of my middle child testing the waters in the pool, just the other day he told me that he is ready to go off of the diving board. While I am not ready for him to go off of the diving board, I am excited to look back on pictures of a nervous, fearful little boy who now is ready to dive off the deep end.

Looking back on family photographs of each Summer is a great way to not only see how much your children have grown, but to capture those fears that each child may have had the prior year but has slowly disappeared.  I know that the services from YesVideo could help me preserve our Summer memories in a long term way so that I can hand these pictures down to my son when he is a responsible adult.

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Preserve Old Photo Albums in Digital Fashion via @yesvideo

YesVideo recently announced the ability to not only work with your video and digital works of art as a way to preserve family memories but now they are able to take your old photo albums and make those photos digital page by page! YesVideo can easily use their no touch technique to transfer your old albums into a digital version.

I have always loved photos, as a young child I had a 35mm camera, I believe it was called, where I took so many photos that I filled three huge albums with pictures of me growing up, hanging with friends and family moments.  This picture shown above is the outside of a really old album, let’s say it’s around 4th grade and forward into 8th grade pictures. The cover is lamented with various clippings of photos because back in the day I was in love with making collages.

I can’t imagine having old memories transferred into the digital age. I heard wind of this new service from YesVideo prior to it’s public release and felt extremely anxious to test out the service. I will be working on utilizing this transfer of old albums to digital DVD album as soon as I possibly can to ensure the preservation of albums that could be lost in a natural weather disaster or such in the home.

I can’t wait to see photos of my old friends in digital format, to be able to watch a slide-show on my computer of the good old days! The number of albums I have is well over five at this time in my life for I switched over to digital pictures many years ago, but the albums I do have are worth preserving forever!

Head on over to YesVideo today to find out more regarding their product and services. May was a huge month for weddings and recently my sister got married so I do know that you can use YesVideo to preserve a variety of memories now at a reasonable price!

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Are you Looking for Sponsorship to #TypeACon ?

I went to Type A Parent Conference last year and had an absolute blast! It was my first time flying and first time meeting all of my online blog friends. The atmosphere was super friendly in Asheville and this year they are having the conference in Charlotte, NC.

Brandy Ellen, Kelby Carr and Chelle at Type A Con

This is me sitting with Kelby and Chelle enjoying some down time at the conference last year. Such friendly woman! This year, if you are looking to attend Type-A Parent Conference and still need full pass sponsorship then please check out YesVideo for they are hosting a giveaway for full conference sponsorship to Type-A Con this year! Take note, hotel and travel accommodations not included in this giveaway.

@mommadjane and @brandyellen at Type-A Conference

I was not able to meet the YesVideo team this year due to my own travel restrictions, but I heard that they are an amazing team to work with! Virtually I have loved being a part of the YesVideo Ambassador program and I can honestly say that this would be a fun time for you if you do win sponsorship for Type-A Con with YesVideo.  The giveaway ends May 30th, 2012 so hurry and get your entries in for a chance to gain sponsorship to a blog conference that you will learn tons from as well as gain more friendships!

Click here to enter the giveaway now. {link will lead you to YesVideo’s blog post for the giveaway information & entry requirements}

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Checking Out my YesVideo VHS to DVD Transfers

As most of you know I am a YesVideo Blog Ambassador Member and with that came a perk of being able to test out their service with a transfer of my wish. Using the gift code provided, I decided to get my two oldest VHS tapes transferred over to DVD. The two VHS tapes I have that are the most meaningful are one with the last Christmas with my Mom, Dad and sister before they divorced and then the other VHS memory is when I was in fourth and fifth grade chorus and band.

Reluctantly I sent off my two VHS tapes in a very safe box, covered with bubble wrap and any additional material I could find to ensure my VHS tapes would make the travel from NH to CA without being hurt during UPS delivery. My VHS tapes arrived and within just a couple of weeks I had my two VHS tapes returned in a box with 2 DVD’s as well as a bag of microwave popcorn! YesVideo works hard to ensure your products sent to them for transfer are stored safely, your memories mean something to them, their service is all about preserving memories, which means your memories are safe with them and I am impressed with how well the transaction went regarding shipping and timing. My transfers were completed within just a couple short weeks.

Once the DVD’s arrived, I had to open up the box and really check them out. You see the VHS tape of my parents together was from either 1991 or 1992 Christmas and I had not been able to even play the VHS tape on my VHS player for it was so old. The transfer to DVD from VHS worked amazing, I could not believe the quality for such an old VHS tape transfer! The DVD’s played very well and I have not one complaint about the quality of the VHS to DVD transfer.

I am extremely excited that I can now show my daughter, who is currently in chorus, what I looked like at her age singing in the chorus concert at the same school she will be attending next year! Memories have been preserved that will allow my children to relate to the younger me in ways words can not create!

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