What This Blog is for Me and I want For You

As I enjoy the remainder of Summer break with my family, I am found thinking more and more about what this blog is for me and what I meant it to be for others. You see, every year I come up with ideas on how I am going to get my baby back on track {this blog is my baby}, but each year something goes on with the kids that leaves me just writing for therapy and income. While I love having this blog as a therapy outlet, my other blog Moms Vacation Land has become another outlet for me to rant like a fool. Here, on this blog, I want a few things to come from it.

 Yellow Day Lilly

What this blog is for me:

  • An outlet, therapy to get things off my mind. While writing my mind will almost automatically redirect to a positive outcome from a situation I may be writing out of frustration with.
  • A place to make money, since working from home 100% shortly before my middle child was born, that would be 2006, I have my online sites as income. Therefore writing daily and writing content for advertisers pays my family bills.
  • A fun community of amazing people. I have been blessed to meet so many other parents out there, not just moms either, that think like I do or are able to commend me for being so honest, outspoken and positive all at the same time no matter what I seem to have going on.
  • A support group. When times seem as if I can’t take one more moment, I have readers who can comment to remind me that I am doing my best, that they see how great of a Mom I am, how nice of a friend I am and sometimes, everyone needs a little reminder that they too are important and wonderful.

What I want For You:

  • A community; I want readers to be able to comment and utilize the threaded comment feature I implemented as a way to support, communicate and help each other be parents, individuals and get through with life every day.
  • A place where readers can come and learn that happiness truly is an attitude, that if you can train your brain to really believe you deserve and will get all that you wish in life, your heart will believe it and soon the universe will hand it to you. Okay, maybe not soon but when reading blog posts here readers will see that me sharing my power of thoughts turns into real experiences, items and such, maybe just maybe they will learn to think the same way to have their own piece of success and happiness.
  • A place to let readers have a chance to win items, great items, not just measly little items that have no real cost value. If I could host giveaways for high end items at least 2 times a year alongside my other giveaways, that would be fantastic!
  • A place to come together, not pass judgement, to know they are safe here speaking to me in comments or through email to find a way to cope with whatever they have going on. I love helping others. If this blog can help others in any positive way, I am all for it!

Truth be told, these are all things I have wanted this blog to be for me and for others, but with having my “baby” of the family home with the exception of a few hours for Pre-K last year and a couple days a week with his Dad, I have not been able to truly pursue my line of work in the way I meant to from day one. This school season I will have all three children in school full time, it’s a sad time but also a wonderful time for me, because for the first time since 2006 I will have time to dedicate to my online baby, because my other “babies” will be taken care of in school all day long.

I ask you this, do all of your kids go to school full time? How long have you not had little ones around? Was it a big change when they all went off to school?

So YOU Want Exposure?

Dear so and so who wants to spread links to various bloggers over the internet,

If you send me an email requesting that I must read this current new article that is live on some site, with a link included, I will not click it!

Here is why -

  • I am not giving you free traffic to that website
  • I am not allowing you to get credit for being paid to email me over and over about this link (hence why I will not click it)
  • If you are being paid to email me, then you can either pay me to help spread the word too or you can stop assuming that this site is my hobby – it’s both (income & hobby)
  • DO not expect me to feel bad for you if you are “simply trying to bring more awareness of your name or writing” when you are not willing to pay to have your writing out there (with a link to a client/your company website within that “writing”)

I love people who have a skill for writing. I am all for supporting bloggers, but I simply can not support those who slam me with links in my contact form begging or being sneaky about trying to gain free traffic and exposure for their company or client!



Fed up Mom Blogger who has to work for a living

Honored to Have Written on Three Blogs This Week

I was able to write a blog post for three different blogs this week and really wanted you all to go read them and leave a comment. Let me know what you think of the guest posts I wrote over at the following blogs this past week:

Green Mama’s Pad – MariannaCooking Scrambled Eggs with a Preschooler

Shop with me MamaThe Love of Family and Siblings

A Hens NestMy Neighbors Chickens

Hopefully you all enjoy these good reads and while at each of these blogs reading my guest blog post,  be sure to check out their blog in it’s entirety – these are blogs I read as often as possible & love their writing very much!

Drawing a Blank But I Played with My Webcam

I sit down in my office fingers ready to type and yet my mind is drawing a complete blank. What will I write about?

I started reading some magazines recently to give me some writing juice, yet tonight I just can’t seem to find the will to write.

I have some funny stories about the kids and such but yet I can’t seem to write.

So … I look at pictures and search for something to intrigue me and all I came up with was this …

and this …

I played with my web cam the other day, silly me had no clue it took still pics!

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Bloggers Block? Can’t Write, Can’t blog? Here’s What I do

Do you suffer from bloggers block? Better known as writers block? It happens to the best of us, and there is a new site that can help you out called Kick in the Blog or you can go ahead and take this tip on what I do when I need a little kick in the rear end to get that bloggers block removed.

When I suffer from a lack of ideas on what to write about I start looking through pictures. I take so many pictures and have them saved on my server.  Each family picture or random shot is organized by month when uploaded from my Droid to computer.

A cat, for example, sitting down like a human. Don’t you think that shot could intrigue the mind to come up with a catchy little blog post? Or how about the facial expression in this photo?

Now I take tons of random shots of my children and such which makes for some good writing. I always have a funny story I can think of writing when looking at pictures of the munchkins and so I do that, look through pictures and come up with an idea from there my fingers just do the typing while my brain goes full force.

So what tips do you have for bloggers block aka writers block? What works for you to get back into the swing of writing or blogging?

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