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Today I am sharing Personal Best Pro app for the sports families, whether it’s you or the children who play sports this is a great app to keep track of the achievements, events or other goals met in sports. Easily add users in the home screen to create a family account. Each user may have an image assigned, name and date of birth. After each user is put into Personal Best Pro iOS app then you can start to add sports and achievements for each sport.

Personal Best Pro

An easy way to remember various achievements your children or yourself have made and maybe even celebrate! I am a Mom who may be found doing a happy dance for each achievement my children make; currently my two boys are in wrestling and it’s their first year. This is my season to start happy dancing around because they did a bridge stretch higher than they did on the last practice or they started to use a wrestling move more efficiently than they did in their first week of wrestling. Whatever achievement my sons make, it’s great to have Personal Best Pro app installed so I have notes right there, this is also a great app to assist me to reviewing my son’s achievements at wrestling to tell their Dad. My son’s Dad and I are divorced, we co-parent together so this means I have to try to jot down weekly achievements to let their Dad know with a report during the week or in their folder we exchange for news and notices.

Personal Best Pro Free iOS app

I just love this app because really the Personal Best Pro will assist me in being better at logging activities my son’s complete in their sports through out the year. During next school year when my daughter cheers and middle child is in soccer, I can also monitor their achievements and it will be fabulous to have an app in hand to do that with.

I say you take a second to go check out Personal Best Pro in the app store if you have sports running in your family – again this can be for the adults or children; it really is a useful tool to keep track of achievements that will 1) allow you to push harder next time and 2) celebrate goals reached in sports. 

Personal Best Pro is free at the app store.

New Mattel WWE Brawlin’ Buddies and Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus #holidaygift

gift guide sponsorsDo you have a WWE fan in your house? I do. The biggest fan here is actually my daughter, at age 11 she is in love with WWE and it’s great that the Brawlin’ Buddies are something she enjoys smashing around with her brothers. It’s something that allows my boys to use their rough and tumble side with while sharing a common interest with sissy.

WWE Action Rumblers Rampage

Now not only can my kids play around with their Brawlin’ Buddies but Mattel has released the WWE Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus which allows more pretend play for the children. My sons like the WWE Rumblers Rampage Transforming tour bus because it seems this year is their year to enjoy pretend play. It’s so much fun, as a parent, to watch your children engage in using their imaginations and team work to play together with such products as this one.

WWE Tour Bus

Why do I love these two new products from Mattel for young WWE fans?

  • Engages children to play together, rather than on electronics.
  • Encourages rough and tumble play with safe toys.
  • Allows a child to use their imagination by pretending to their favorite WWE character.
  • Encourages a love for something entertaining.

Everyone grows up some day, right? These type of toys allow our children to stay young just a bit longer, even the adult WWE fan in the household will enjoy playing along with either product and I bet they will have a blast interacting with their children. These two products are a great way to encourage playing together, taking turns, playing safely and engaging in interactive family time!

You can purchase each product on, and other nationwide retailers that sell similar products.


Thursday Rambles

It’s been a while since I simply rambled about whatever I feel like and so today is your lucky day, you get to listen to Brandy Ellen ramble on and on about whatever comes to my mind.

For starters I would like to say that I don’t understand why my children can be happy and smiling one moment and then the next be at each others throats in such a way that I can’t tear them apart fast enough. Children are amazing, I grew up with one sister, she is four years younger than me and so we would always play girl games, but with two sons and one daughter my house seems to play more boy games such as baseball, basketball and wrestling. My sons love wrestling and so does my daughter until she is the one who gets hurt.

The next thing that has been on my mind lately is why my memory is so shot, it seems I can’t focus on anything. I try to play computer games and the Wii Games on occasion but my mind can’t even focus on those games. It’s like no matter what I try to do; shop, type, write a blog post or even play a game I used to love to play, I can’t remember a thing. My brain loses focus and my mind just draws a complete blank! Do you ever have this problem?

Sleep is something that I am lacking again, but it’s all a part of raising two energetic boys. My youngest is not nearly as energetic and aggressive as my older son but they both certainly would rather run around like crazy monkeys all day long than take a nap or enjoy some peace and quiet. I think that’s just how boys are, females need their alone time and relax time, males just want to get things done and move on with the day!

Overall I am loving all that is happening in my life but if I can’t get some more sleep and soon I will crash. Luckily every other weekend when my munchkins are gone I get to catch up which¬† means this coming weekend I will probably be sleeping until noon and going to sleep early both days just to be sure I catch up on the loss of sleep from two weeks of restless nights.

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