Blocking IP’s From Trying to Log into Your WP Blog

There has been an increase in people attempting to blast into your WordPress site and us bloggers have had to add just one more task to our daily list of things to do; block IP addresses. Previously, I used to block an IP if it were someone I didn’t want accessing my sites due to harassment or for privacy reasons, but now I find myself taking time out of each day to block IP addresses of those from various countries attempting to hack into my blog just for fun. Wishing these people would find a new hobby!

Today I am sharing with you how I utilize a plugin called Wordfence and my HostGator dashboard to ensure each user that attempts a hack is now blocked by IP. Sure this doesn’t stop them forever, as many may be aware, you can change your IP address, but it helps keep my sites a bit safer.

How to Block IP From all Your Sites Using Wordfence and Hostgator

Once you have installed and activated the Wordfence plugin, you will start to received notifications that a user with IP address has been locked out from signing into your account or attempting a password recovery for your site. There is an option to go into the Wordfence plugin to block these IP’s that will come, but I much prefer to place them into my Hostgator dashboard IP Deny Manager because this will block the IP’s from accessing ALL of my sites I have on this hosting account.

How to Block IP From all Your Sites Using Wordfence and Hostgator

Once you log into your Hostgator Cpanel, you will see an area that says IP Deny Manager, click on that and the above screen will show up. Once in this screen, go back to the tab where you have the email open citing the IP address of the user who was been locked from signing into your account. Copy the IP address shared in the email and then come back here to paste the IP Address in the field open for placement of IP. Then click the Add button. Voila! From this point forward, that particular IP address will be banned from seeing/accessing ANY of your websites on this hosting account.

How to Block IP From all Your Sites Using Wordfence and Hostgator

I personally prefer to use the IP Deny Manager in Hostgator Cpanel because it alleviates the IP from having any future access to all of your websites. I have seen success in using IP Deny Manager.

If you or anyone you know would like to have this task handled by a Blogger Assistant, please do contact me directly through my business website. I will happily provide you with a weekly or month quote for me to provide you with this service, thus opening your time up for more important networking/marketing tasks!


Thoughts That Come to Mind While Being a Blogger for Near Five Years

In most of my blogging I am pretty open and honest about all of what I have to say, but that doesn’t mean that I “tell all”.  You see, based on experience, once you put something out there in text for someone to revisit or bring back up in a cached or saved version of text, you cannot take it back. There are some things that you simply cannot try to hide or take back after the fact. That is why, while being a blogger, I have been forced to be somewhat honest when asked about certain things because if not, then people can research back and find out otherwise. This is not a good position to be in.

Soho Hearts Multi Wrap BraceletThere are things, a lot of things, in my life I am not proud of. There are mistakes that have been made. There are decisions that were made that I wish I could take back or revisit. The thing is; you cannot erase the past and you cannot go back into the past.  Our lives are what they are, mistakes and all. What I say is live life to the fullest, be as honest as you can about yourself so that you can lead a fully, deep to your soul happy life. If you question putting something up on your site, because after you typed it all up it dawned on you that you may have written out of pure anger or some other negative emotion and if this goes live on the Internet it may cause deeper issues than what frustrated you in the first place?

If you can genuinely look at something you wrote and feel questionable as to whether putting it out there is going to be okay with you or not, then wait … make sure that when and if this goes live for the world to read that you will be seriously okay with whatever happens. For me, I write a lot based on things I see and experience. I know that I am not alone in all that I have experienced and all that I see as wrong in life; but there are some things that no matter how much I can connect with someone else in my online community that I will not share.

Some things that, while make sense to help explain the deeper part of who I am, cannot be shared for the world to read. There are things that have happened that either no one would believe happened or if they knew they would really not be too happy with some people. I don’t want to be responsible for mistakes others made in the past, I got therapy, I learned to be positive and I grew to be who I am today without bothering other people with things that should have been cleared in the air many years ago.

Anything that has happened to me in my past life is something I have grown okay with to some level. I have accepted it. I also know with my slightly new found faith that I have been blessed with more forgiveness than ever before towards others and I know it’s not may place to inflict the crime upon someone who did something many moons ago; this person shall live with such decisions within their own heart and if they have truly remorsed then that will be considered I am sure. We all do stupid things. We all make bad mistakes but sometimes, some things need to be private. I don’t write anything that I don’t want my kids to someday see, because my kids are already on the Internet so I would hate for them to happen upon a story that was not meant for them to ever know about.

Be careful what’s put out there. Anyone will be able to read it, critique it and start problems with it if they can. That’s sadly how bad most of our society has become, it’s as if common sense and common courtesy are a rare trait in people. Remember that you can only be you and you need to be proud to be you, don’t feel you have to explain yourself. Keep chugging forward … choo choo!

The Perfect Personal Publishing Platform

Exposure. Presence. Success. The Internet is responsible for all of these terms and the platform has never been more prominent than it has been in recent years. It is the best way to gain a presence within any community whether it is for personal reasons, an attempt to have a voice and to make it heard or whether it is for the purpose of a business, making your company known and raising the profile of a brand and the services it offers. The need to be a key online player is a real consideration for so many people and there are ways to make yourself known and fulfil your own purposes.

Websites are influential, essential and the only way that the reason behind the use of the Internet is maintained. Businesses in particular are reliant on websites to target another market and to ensure they constantly accessible to the customer base and to make sure they are strong competition within their niche market. For many, the creation of a website just is not possible. The cost involved is often too high, the amount of work that it will require does not fit in with current time scales or the company simply isn’t large enough to warrant its own site, word press is the perfect solution. The ability to have a website in the most basic of terms is better than having no online presence at all and word press offers the opportunity to test the online market before a final decision regarding a web build is made.

The Internet is not just used for the purpose of businesses, it is also the ideal way for people to express and share their thoughts and opinions with like-minded people through blogs, forums and personal websites that contribute in some way to the Internet. A personal website can be designed in any way that is representative of the person and a reflection of the message they are trying to share. The design elements are key to this and the number of wordpress themes allows the representation to be clear, precise and eye catching.

Design is one of the most important aspects with regards to a website. It must be something, which is easy to use, appealing to the user, is clear, concise and most importantly accessible. It needs to be updated regularly and contain fresh and unique content with regular updates to encourage the audience to make repeat visits to the site. Word press is an easy tool for even the most technology fearing people, its technology is simplistic enough to allow anyone to create their perfect site whilst being advanced enough for the end result to be professional and a way to fulfil the needs of the creator.

The Internet is an essential tool within modern day life, it is relied upon for business, personal, news, up to date information, communication and socialisation. There is little that the Internet cannot do and is not needed for and being present online is the ideal opportunity to promote yourself or your business.

Making Money with Link Vehicle

Image: Link Vehicle Site

Image: Link Vehicle Site

I am always on the look out for more ways to earn money from my websites, as a member of the paid VIP MomDot Forum I often am able to get connected with other bloggers who are able to lend opportunities, share tips and tricks as well as referral links to places such as Link Vehicle to other bloggers with recommendations on how this site worked for them to make money.

Link Vehicle is much like other websites I have been a member of for years during my times as a Mom Blogger, I am new to Link Vehicle so I will share with you how well I think this site is for making money blogging, but for now I wanted to share with you all the site in case you are ready to just jump in with paid content, sponsored reviews and so much more.

Sign up for Link Vehicle and submit your blogs today to start earning more money this New Year.

I Never Had That Thought of What If With Blogging and Vlogging

I have random conversations with people about blogging and vlogging (video blogging) because after all so many want to know what it is I do to work from home while raising three kids. I am not rich, I do not get huge search engine traffic just yet, but I do earn a decent revenue from my blogs and videos to survive.  I would never tell another person they are going to live lavishly on a blog income, but some do. You can succeed if you put your mind to it and devote time to creating good content, or like me just get lucky and have people love who you are as an honest, loyal, fun person.

One thought that is shared with me from various people is “what if people don’t like what I have to say or write?”. I never had that thought. Ever.

When people say that to me, my positive optimistic mind kicks in and I promptly reply that they will have people who want to hear what they have to say. Maybe not right away but if they have something to put out there in this world, they are real and they love what they do, people will hear and read the passion behind their voice and flock to read or listen to what they have to say.

Take me, for example, I don’t really feel like I do a whole lot, I am simply writing because I have a love for writing. Sure I published a book with my daughter in June and sure I have been writing and vlogging since 2008 but when I started I had no clue if anyone would listen, if anyone would care. Over the years, I have seen that people do care and people do love me. Not everyone, but just enough people do.


I am not blogging or vlogging to win a popularity contest, I am doing this because I feel that sharing my world, my thoughts and my experiences in life, love and parenting may help others. I have done a lot in my life, both good and bad, I have grown and when others watch good people grow they love to learn more and they thrive to be better themselves. I am not here to get rich, I am not here to worry about who loves me, hates me or likes me, I am here spreading my message and my life because I love to do it.

Blogging and vlogging pushes me to do better and always reach higher for myself and my children. I am thankful for those who read this, for those who watch my videos and for those who don’t? That is okay. I am not worried about those who don’t want to hear me or see me, I am just grateful for those who do. So if you are thinking about putting a message out there, you have something to say, then move forward and just do it, do not look back and I promise good things will come as long as you stay true to who you are!

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