Motherly Advice from Post Grains Cereal Survey

Information I am about to share comes from the Post Great Grains Cereal Survey that was conducted by Wakefield Research among 1,000 nationally representative women ages 40+, between January 24th and January 31st, 2014, using an email invitation and an online survey.

Motherly Advice For Mother's Day

There are very few survey results that hit my inbox and make me say, “yes I must share that”. The line that grabbed me with the survey completed by Post Grains Cereal was this;

1 in 3 women believe the most important lesson about womanhood a mother can give is “Don’t let a man dictate your decisions,” followed by “Speak up for yourself” (26%) and “Take pride in your accomplishments” (22%).

If there is anything at my age of 32 that I try to instill in my daughter’s mind is that she should never, ever allow a man to dictate her decisions and that she should always speak up for herself in a respectful manner. I also instill the sense of pride in accomplishing something. My daughter has sadly been the victim to many circumstances that make me, as her Mom, fight harder to instill certain positive, uplifting traits in her by being her example. I hold myself as the higher self image for my daughter, because we are our girls first and foremost role model. The best way to teach our girls to be what they should be is to live the life we want them to live as grown woman.

Love your Body

Upon review of the survey from Post Grains Cereal, this next part is something that interested me as something I first felt like arguing about, then realized this actually makes sense to fall down on the totem pole of importance;

10% of the women surveyed feel “Love your Body” is an important lesson about womanhood a mother can give. This places it at number 4 of important lessons mother’s should teach their daughters.

When I first saw that “Love your Body” was number 4 on this list I was rather mad. After a moment I realized that teaching our daughter’s to love their body is a concept that will come alongside the top 3; “Don’t let a man dictate your decisions,” followed by “Speak up for yourself” (26%) and “Take pride in your accomplishments” (22%). For women it’s hard to watch your body age while you look at all these celebrities and Photoshopped images in our world, however, if you have a high self esteem that comes with the Top 3 Lessons we should teach our daughters, you will learn to embrace your individuality and therefore automatically learn to love your body.

Most Empowered Moment for Women

Image Courtesy Wakefield Research

I think this image above showing when the surveyed women felt most empowered says a lot. If you notice, the top three times a women felt empowered was when they were doing something fulfilling for their own self; taking control of their life/fears, doing well at work, accomplishing goals/making changes, being a mother or grandmother. I think that these top three says a lot about how most women work;

Most women seem to feel tip top 100% when they are doing something that allows them to be successful; whether it is fixing their own self, building their self up or raising children/grandchildren – those are all rewarding ways to build up and solidify our inner strengths.

The survey went on to cover topics of such as if these women have ever found themselves starting a sentence with “I’m sorry” when voicing an opinion (46%). Why do we do that? It’s also interesting that 26% say they would feel most empowered by having a makeover by a celebrity stylist whereas 18% said climbing a mountain would make them feel most empowered. Last but not least, the net answer for “Have you ever been a mentor to another woman” was yes (46%). This is awesome, it says that just near half of us do see the true power behind mentoring other women!

Well there you have it, some fun tidbits from a survey provided by Post Grains Cereal. Some Motherly Advice from a group of 1,000 women surveyed, but I can’t leave this post without asking all the women out there this;

What is one empowering message you wish to instill/share with the daughters that live in our world?

This Story Upsets me to my Core – Blogger & Eldest Child Killed by Estranged Husband #support #endviolence

As with any law or rule in this world, Justice isn’t always served as fully as it should. The one area that falls into this “gets addressed when too late” is domestic violence. Domestic Violence can be both or either Physical and Emotional. The sad news is that the court systems and authorities have their hands tied when it comes to domestic violence for both physical and especially emotional abuse. The sad reality is that many die each year at the hands of a supposed loved one, estranged ex whether it be estranged husband or wife …. it happens often.

The sad part about these many parents being killed at the hands of a once loved one is that each person usually walked all avenues of trying to escape the abuse. Sure, a restraining order – just a piece of paper – won’t keep away abusers but it’s a step towards having legality to get the person away from you in any scenario. A restraining order can assist in you getting protection from authorities before the situation gets too bad because with a restraining order the authorities have a right to come arrest the person who is breaking such a court order.

This story was shared with me recently; a fellow blogger died at the hands of her estranged husband leaving three young children without a mother and without a father. It was deemed a double suicide and it’s so utterly sad. Based on the news story, it writes that Christine was trying to divorce this man she had married in 2003 due to his violent and erratic behavior. Christine showed the normal stance of an abused woman; she filed divorce but dropped it, she filed restraining order but it got declined. Christine was doing all she could do to survive by the sounds of this news report. Typical of abused woman and sadly, nothing usually happens until it’s too late.

For these three young children too late is not good enough. I’m saddened that three young children had to lose their parents so close to the holidays, after all it’s sad to lose your parents any time of the year and at any age. These three children are, according to a friend of Christine’s, staying with grandparents but people are uniting to raise money to give these little kids a loving Christmas this holiday season. I wanted to write this to share the story and help raise funds because this is my way of giving back to those children and their deceased mother who was a friend to many and appears to have been a great, loving mother.

My heart goes out to the family of Christine Keith right now, may you find peace in your hearts and help those children remember the great things about their Mother who shouldn’t have been taken from them. Raise these children to have hope beyond everything they fear due to this happening, raise them to fight back with legal ways to ensure others do not lose their life because of the flaws in our legal system.

I realize our legal system is pretty good and there will be flaws in anything, but this story hits way too close to home for me, so it saddens me but to see many standing up to help this family during their time of mourning, loss and need, makes my heart melt. There may be some bad in this world but I bet there is a whole heck of lot more good than bad.

Image from:

Image from:

Click here to read the news story on Christine.  Christine ran Adventures of a Thrifty Momma Blog. May she rest in peace. Hugs and love to all who loved her. There is a page going around us bloggers to help donate to the family, you can see where to donate to the family here using Jaime Dubey’s fund raising efforts page.

As with most sad news, there are people who may not be raising money in a legit way to help the family, so I invite you to try to find an obituary or some legit place that is indeed raising money for Christine’s family, I noticed there is a Church that has a post listed, but again, I’m not sure which fundraising effort may be legit or not. I hate the be cautious and warn you all to be cautious, but it’s always important to know where you are giving money to. In this case you may wish to wait for the obituary to come out, as that usually lists a legit place to mail funds to.

Making Time for Adult Time is an Important Part of a Love Life

Adult time is an extremely important part of having a long term serious relationship, how else can two people continue to learn each other, enjoy time together and talk about something other than juggling children and what’s for dinner? Movie night is an easy way to get some alone time while the children sleep but when children are young they  may not sleep at a time that allows for movie night. Another option is to allow family to take your child or children overnight, this allows for the wife or girlfriend in the relationship to slip into one of their nice lingerie sets and feel all pretty for an evening.

When there are children in the house, wearing lingerie may not happen, that is unless you actually can have alone time in your bedroom after hours. Then you can slip into something nice just to relax with your loved one wrapped up in each others arms watching a movie or your favorite television show. Adult time really can be something as simple as snuggled up reading together but it can be much more enticing when your loved one is wearing something a little tempting. That doesn’t mean something has to “happen”, it just is fun to look pretty and know that your loved one wants you still.

Being a work from home Mom, during the winter months, adult time with my partner is extremely important because due to the lack in sunlight, my emotions run low. It’s nice to have a little bit of snuggle time alone with my loved one during those cold, less sunlight evenings. I used to have cute lingerie that I wore on occasion but it was simply because it was too hot at night to wear any other pajama option available to me. I would love to have more adult time, but for now we get one weekend a month. The other weekends we have children and our children will come first, but that doesn’t mean we can’t snuggle up in our bedroom to watch a movie together one night a week when all is silent.

How do you make time to have alone time with the love of your life?

Another Case of the Sillies, This time it’s the Tweens Turn

When these two girls get together they are super goofy. Of course they are both in those tween years which means hormones can be off and moods up and down. I am okay with that, after all I am female and can completely understand while assisting in deterring too much of a major melt down.

I am a calm parent, usually. I also encourage my kids as well as my boyfriend’s kids to be their own self. Speak up for what they are feeling and remember that around me, you can say anything as long as you are respectfully sighting your opinion or feelings. I do not condone disrespectfully approaching your opinions or feelings.

With that being said, these two girls crack me up when they get together. This video was taking a while back but just makes me giggle every time I watch it because to this day these two girls will just break out singing and dancing like this on a whim….

Getting Stylish While Helping Others with Shabby Apple

Shabby Apple is more than just another place to buy a dress, skirt, blouse or casual wear, they actually give back to charities that benefit both women and children.  Up until a year ago, you would have never caught me in a dress, that’s because I haven’t worked in any offices that required dresses since high school.

My love of dresses started up again this past year and so when introduced to Shabby Apple, I just had to try on their Da Vinci dress.  Shabby Apple was created by women for women and their mission is to bring dresses back to what they used to be, one piece outfits!

This gray women’s dress is simply perfect for my busy lifestyle as a mom of 3, blogger and sports mom during sports season. I could totally wear this dress as casual or in an office setting if the need arose.

I must admit I am in love this Shabby Apple and will continue to check out their line of dresses for future shopping needs. To know that my purchase is also benefiting children and women charities means the world to me.

This particular dress is comfortable, relaxing and soft to the touch. It also has a pocket in the upper level which allows for me to put my keys or cell phone in while out and about with the kids. This means my hands can be free to hold hands with my youngest when crossing the street or walking in a store.

The great news I have for you  is that Shabby Apple has offered a 20% off discount code for you all to use when you purchase something from this womens dress website. Simply use the promo code happilyblended20off before checking out and you will get 20% off. If you have any issues with this discount code please do not hesitate to contact me so I can help assist.

Be sure to like Shabby Apple on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest sales and information!

Disclosure:  I received this dress for free, however, any opinions expressed are that of my own.


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