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Free ProductToday I am sharing with you a fun gift idea for the child in your life; Flipeez. I am sure you have seen the commercials, I know my children saw the commercials and proceeded to beg and plead for their own hat. Thankfully I was sent a Monkey Flipeez that has a super soft inner fleece lining and outer knit hat that allows for a one size fits all fit.

 My son just loves his Flipeez but I will admit the kids at school enjoy chasing him at recess calling him a Monkey because he is wearing a Monkey on his head. The Monkey Flipeez is perfect for my son because we call him that all of the time but they have other options for every child; Kitty, Monster and Puppy are other options for your Flipeez this holiday season.

They are of high quality but occasionally get a little temperamental with the air flow, as you can see in the video above, my son was having a hard time on the first day with getting his Flipeez to flip. These are cute and perfectly great this time of year to keep your child’s head warm. I love that they created these fun hats for Winter because it’s difficult to get my non winter hat kids to wear their Winter hats. With Flipeez there is no more arguments over wearing your hat outside!

Learn more about Flipeez on the Official Flipeez Website.

At Least the Kids Enjoy the Snow

Enjoying the Great OutdoorsI have three kids, two boys who are four and six as well as one daughter who is ten. My oldest and youngest would live in the snow, if I let them. Staying outside until every limb is just about frozen to waddle inside for some hot cocoa is a normal thing around this house in the Winter time with my oldest and youngest. My middle child on the other hand, does not prefer to be in the snow, while he loves to slide, he only lasts at most maybe twenty minutes outside with his siblings. Guess he takes after his Mama who prefers to hibernating during the NH Winter months.

My oldest and youngest will sit at this picnic table during the NH Winter months making snow balls to have a snow ball fight or to build their own little fort underneath this picnic table. My middle child will help on occasion for a tiny bit of time until he either gets too cold or feels his sister is being a “big fat bossy meanie”. I just love how siblings adore each other.

Kids Sliding in NH WinterAll three kids do enjoy sliding from time to time, and in case you did not notice, each picture I shared here was taken from the warmth of my home out of a window from the house. Yes, I am serious, I do not do snow nor cold nor Winter in NH. I really try to avoid going outside at all costs, for the most part.

The kids have multiple areas to slide, but this particular hill is one that my sister and I slid down as young children. This is a hill that used to fly you almost to the pond, but has lost it’s will power since the lawn is bumpier than it was back when I was a child here. The kids enjoy racing down this hill on their sleds to see who can make it the furthest. I love watching them from the window for two reasons; 1) I get to take pictures and enjoy their happiness and 2) because I can make sure they are safely sliding out back.

Do you love the snow? Do your kids love it more than you or are you a Winter addict, unlike me?

The Day We Attempted to Build a Snow Fort

I am well aware that it is still only February and that March is suppose to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb, but man this NH “Winter” hasn’t really been a normal one. Couple snow storms, one being in October near my birthday and that’s it. Other than that it’s been Spring like warmth then freezing cold the next day. Up and down weather patterns is probably what is causing many to catch the sniffles. Geesh Mother Nature, what’s up?

Not that I am begging for snow, in all honesty, I DO NOT LIKE SNOW, however, I am in NH and do plan to see a nice pretty white Winter from my comfy dining room window. The view is gorgeous, it’s just the cold that comes with it and the messy driving that sucks for me.

We had one school snow day and although I dislike being outside in the cold, freezing snow, I decided I should suck it up and be a good Mama. The kids and I headed outside in the snow to enjoy one of the couple of snow storms we received this year thus far and we actually had a grand ole time trying to build a snow fort, before it started to rain.

Although we didn’t get to completely finish the snow fort, my daughter and I had a great time packing snow into a huge bucket and using team work to tip it upside down trying to stack each row as tight together as possible. Soon my daughter’s hands got cold, as her gloves were not warm enough and my three year old decided he wanted to trudge off in the snow instead of helping us or playing with his dump truck dumping snow into the bucket for me.

Between the cold hands of my daughter, the traveling nature of my three year old and the snow that turned to rain we had to head inside for some hot cocoa and laughter as we stared out the dining room window at our accomplishment of the start of a snow fort!

Although our fort has now melted almost down to nothing, we still have the little stubs of snow in a pattern of our fort that remind us each day of our fun we had together, as a team, playing in the snow, working on a snow fort!

The Bad Weather is Coming, Will You Be Ready?

Here in New Hampshire it seems Winter is here but not in the form of snow crazed weather, more so in temps that are around 40 degrees then drop below zero just a couple of days later. The Earth certainly has shifted in such a way that weather has been bazaar for most places around the world.  Even though the snow hasn’t hit NH yet, it’s still Winter and snow is inevitable at some point and with that you must be prepared with a sufficient food storage.

I have three food crazed munchkins and I think that if I did have a storage of food that they would more or less go insane trying to deal with rationed food. I personally wouldn’t want to be stuck in a house for more than a couple of days with these munchkins and have to ration food to them, but I would try to remind them to be thankful that we had a food storage to live on and that we are safe together at home.

The problem is, I do not have a food storage, however this New Year is proving to be rather successful in just the first week so I know in time I will be able to better store up some pantry items so that when the NH Winter hits and we get a bad storm I will be prepared, but at this moment in time; I am not prepared for a major, held up in house kinda storm.

Are you prepared?

Please Don’t Let Winter Come

Oh my gosh it’s already September, to think next month I will be 29 and my daughter will be 8 and it will be the season of Fall which means Winter in NH isn’t that far behind it. I love Fall, it’s my favorite season and no it’s not because that is my birthday month but Fall is a warmish cold season, not too hot and not too cold usually. Right now it’s the beginning of September and we are in the mid 80′s though so who knows what Winter has in store.

I started unpacking my Winter Hats and realized I have so many hats and mittens for the kids but not so many for myself nor Justin. Even Baby K has like one hat that will actually fit him. I am not a huge hat person but I am smart enough to realize that most of your body heat escapes through your head which means Miss Brandy Ellen better be getting out to the store some day to check out the selection of Women’s Winter hats around the area!

Winter time in NH is very pretty but oh so cold and hopefully I will survive because I know my children won’t let me hibernate. I request hibernation every year and still I end up outside to build snowmen and slide down our backyard hill, I guess that’s what being a parent is all about, right?!

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