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There is a new line from SwimWays called Coop Sleds where your kids can enjoy playing in the snow after carving a fun trail through the snow with these little snowboard dudes.

Shredz Swimways

We have not had enough snow in NH to really fully enjoy these characters in the snow, but I did upload a cute YouTube video of the boys checking out their new Shredz line at home.

You can get all of the supplies for SwimWays new Shredz line on their website which includes a track maker, multiple trick ramps and little guys with their snowboards so that your kids can have a blast playing imagination play outdoors in the Winter weather!

Shredz Four Year Old

The boys had a blast just goofing around with these little guys and used the ramp to make the men jump high in the air and land on their feet or snowboard actually. These were a great time without snow, but now that we are getting hit with Winter Storm Nemo, I bet the boys will get outside and enjoy these figurines during outdoor playtime tomorrow once we get hit with the expected foot of snow!

Learn more about SwimWays Coop Sleds line today on their website.

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Giveaway for the Whole Family at Killington Resort @KillingtonMtn

Killington just hosted the East Coast stop for the Dew Tour this weekend and the radio coverage was amazing. Sure wish I had been there to experience this Dew Tour, if you went I would love to hear about it!

My children have expressed an interest in learning how to ski but after sliding down a hill the last time I attempted to ski and getting my back all scratched up by the ice on a mountain, I refuse to go again. I hibernate as much as possible in the Winter but luckily for my kids their dad/Step Dad has an interest in skiing and will gladly take them some day.

I haven’t experienced Killington Resort in Vermont yet but here are some fun facts about this resort:

  • You can save up to 20% on rentals when you book in advance.
  • As of January 22, 2012 there are 106 open trails and 13 open lifts.
  • Killington offers kids lessons, adult lessons and even private lessons so the whole family is sure to have a fun filled time learning how to ski.
  • Killington offers snowblind deals where you can save even more money.
  • Killington’s website has an insiders blog where you can keep up to date with the latest.

ENTER TO WIN – One person will randomly be selected to win a Family 4 pack of tickets to Killington Resort for one day.

Note:  Tickets are good for one day inside the Killington resort. They can be used any day before the season ends in April 2012.  Tickets will be placed on hold for pick up at Killington, so please be sure to know a possible date for use of this prize should you win.

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Skiing Trip for Daughter

My first born was able to attend a school winter sports type of event at her old school and her choice was skiing. Let me tell you Ki loved it! I was lucky in that her Dad went along with the school for the trip and text me pictures of her on ski’s for the first time…

My daughter just loved this so much! They taught her all the basics such as getting up when you fall, the correct way to fall down when on skis and so much more. I am happy that my daughter had a positive experience with her first time skiing because my first time involved me being in about sixth grade and falling so bad that the skis dragged me down the hill and my coat went up, ice scratched up my whole back and I swore never to ski again. Not to mention, I am totally NOT a winter person, I hibernate … no joke!

I will leave you with one last picture …. my daughter had so much fun and look at her … she will be a pro before I know it!

Mama Needs a Warm Winter Coat

I used to have this really awesome Winter coat, I had it since Freshman year in high school up until a few years ago when it finally wore out it’s welcome and I had to toss it out, it was a sad day. Then I had no Winter coat, I finally received a gift certificate from my Mom and headed out to buy a cheap, but rather cute, dressy type of Winter coat. This coat I now have is awesome, but alas it’s not the type of coat to go out sliding or making snowmen, not at all.

So this got me thinking, Mama needs a new Winter coat and one of my fave types of Winter coats is a north face jacket! These jackets do not compare to what I wear now, nor what I wore in the past. I have heard rave reviews about both kids north face jackets as well as woman’s north face jackets for rough Winter weather. Many of my friends who ski or snow board wear north face jackets for their ski season pleasure and warmth!

When I worked at a local mountain here back in the day I would often see the customers wear their north face jackets proudly in a variety of colors and shapes! Today I will have to go peek around and see what there is out there for this Mama because I can’t hold off any longer, I simply need a warm winter jacket!

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