Christine & Tony’s Story of Life and Love Part 2: Tony’s Story

I’m wondering if this is going to read like True Confessions; however, it is all true and it will show that bad boys can become good boys and men really only want the same things that women do.

I am 60-years-old and have been married for two years to Christine, my third wife.  She is precious to me and I have a very strong love for her.

I met and married my college sweetheart in 1969, had our son in 1971 and was ‘happily’ married for almost twenty years. My profession is in retail and I manage sales people for a living. Along the way, women impress and flirt–and if you are a people person like I am–you sometimes flirt back. One thing leads to another and I was having a torrid affair that lasted several years prior to my wife discovering all of this. My wife and I split up; I became a new father once again and got married for the second time. It was a tough marriage from the first day.  We stayed together for more than a dozen years, mostly for the sake of our daughter; however, about five years ago, it was over.

I found myself alone, and because of my wife’s behavior, I had custody of our daughter.

After a couple of years, my teenager and her brother said that I had to get a life, so I started looking.

My daughter has a horse, so I would end up meeting single gals at the stables. I dated on and off. Mostly off. I just could not find what I was looking for. I wanted to meet a ‘happy’ person. Someone who was attractive, sure, but my hot button was that she had to be happy to be herself. I have always thought of myself as a person who is happy and I am constantly trying to sell the ‘happy story’ to people, but I find that unless it is natural, it wears out.

I was determined to find a happy gal or I was prepared to go it alone. I became a member of and started dating. Most of the gals posted ‘glamour’ pictures. I hate those! Some lied about their age or where they lived. It was a nightmare.

Several were very nice and we had fun; however, no one was a match to what I was looking for.

Then, one evening, I was scanning the listings and Christine’s bio came up. She was attractive and talked about wanting to meet someone happy, etc. When I read it, it sounded like she was looking for me.

After several e-mails, we met for lunch and I was immediately impressed by her genuine smile and the positive things she talked about. Nothing negative came out of her mouth.

We started dating and I fell for her long before she fell for me. After a year, I asked her to marry me. I had told her all about my infidelity in the beginning and she did not let me off the hook. Lots of questions and soul searching on my part. I told her the truth and continue to work on our relationship. In the end, she said yes and I could not be happier.

I have found for myself that since I have failed at two marriages and have a desire to succeed at any cost, it has made me appreciate my wife all the more. She understands me and helps me through misunderstandings between us in a positive way, by explaining how she feels and why something is bothering her. I try to do the same, but I am not very good at it. I am, however, trying to understand how a woman’s mind works and will continue to keep an open mind on any relationship help I can get.

Thanks to Tony for sharing his part of the Christine & Tony love story! If you missed Christine’s Story please reference the post on site previous to this one.

Family Comes First

Working from home requires dedication, motivation and focus as well as a strict schedule. I realize that you are working from home to make extra or full time money for your family. Sometimes it is easy to just sit in front of your computer or on your phone all day working your business; whether you are a consultant or the owner of a company, your business CAN take over your life IF you let it.

I am here to remind you the reason you work from home; YOUR FAMILY. Whether you are a mom, a dad or a soon to be parent who wishes to be home to watch your children’s first. From my research I have found many who work at home have chosen this life to create more family time, to watch your children’s firsts, to be there for them and raise them as your own instead of paying another person to watch over them.

When you made the decision to work from home it may not have been well thought out, or maybe it was, but at some point in time most of us can admit to taking “just one call” or responding to “just one email” and find youself eyes deep into work again, when it was time for family.

One of the best things to do to ensure you create quality time for your family and still work your home business is to set up a routine, a schedule and review it with your child(ren) and spouse or mommy’s helper. Allow them to work with you on a schedule that they can help you maintain.

Stick a note on your computer desk to remind you of quitting time or create an alarm clock that will go off reminding you that in 15 minutes (10 minutes) that you need to get offline to visit with your family. That work day will end in 10 or 15 minutes..that way you have a warning system in place to prepare for end of “work day” and begining of “family time”.

This passed Christmas my husband thought he would help me out by getting me a laptop for my present. Since this was a BIG deal and something I had been nearly BEGGING for since who knows when…I was very happy. Now that I have my laptop, I can sit on the couch, I can sit in the car, I can be PERMANTELY attached to my computer – BAD BAD BAD!

This translates into less family time, more work time and unhappy children. My children, especially my oldest at age 6, is often heard saying “mommy get off that laptop”, my 2 year old comes to me “mommy please watch me”…so I have to work harder to PRY myself away from my work having this laptop.

This blog post will not only work as a reminder to give YOU advice, but a reminder to ME so that I can remember what matters MOST…..


If everything I do from home to make money fell through tomorrow I would still have my family to love me and keep me happy…but if I get too involved in always being on the internet and one the phone working; will they REALLY be there? I am guessing the answer would be “no”. If I push them away in efforts to make money by engaging in long office hours, whether on the couch with my laptop in front of me or in the office at the PC, I am taking away from what matters most to me in this world…and I do not want to miss their special moments for anything!

After you read this do some soul searching, schedule tweaking and make sure that you have had your family time today….give your spouse, your child or your children a hug today, tell them you LOVE them…hold them tight and have fun with them while you can — money will come in time — family is more important!

Wishing you happy memories with your family,


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