Sometimes Wednesday Late Afternoons Suck

Now I am a positive person and I have semi-thick skin when it comes to my kids and the things they do or say, however, on Wednesday when my four year old spends the morning with his Dad then goes to pre-k in the afternoons, I sometimes schedule work and meetings as it’s the only full day I get each week to put forth towards work.

Working from home takes a lot of motivation, dedication and you have to give n take. That means, as much as I would love to be there when the K-man is dropped off to pre-K sometimes on Wednesdays I can’t be. Work has to be a priority as much as motherhood in my world. Therefore, Wednesdays sometimes suck and K-man is great at making it suck a tiny bit more.

When I go to the school on Wednesdays or any other day that K-man is having a rough time with whatever may be going on inside of his head, he takes it out on me and his siblings. So when I went to school to grab the K-man today after missing him all day long, he cops an attitude. Gets out of the school. Throws backpack at me. Takes off coat and proceeds to refuse to put coat back on. Whines. Yells. Kicks. Hits. Just totally not himself and appears to be an awfully ill behaved kid.

Then as I am trying to get him to walk to the car, throws himself on ground says he can’t walk and refuses to walk, has to be carried to the car screaming and kicking, all the while I am sure many people were starting at my child making a scene. The kid screamed, kicked and fought some more over getting into the car and buckling up. Before I even left the school road, I was near tears. I felt the tears coming. Welling up in my eyes and I just simply refused to let them take over my eyes.

I just wanted to cry, and be sad, but instead, I decided to talk to K-man and figure out what the heck his issue was. I know my kid and I knew he was mad about something, it was just a matter of deciphering a four year old’s mind. The route of his issue seems to stem from 1) he says Daddy didn’t play with him today and 2) he was sad he didn’t get to hug me before school. Meaning he was sad that he didn’t get enough attention {in his opinion} and that Mama wasn’t there for pre-k drop off to hug him.

Now, I am faced with a tough decision. Do I give up that Wednesday full day of working to take the half hour to go down and make sure I am there for drop off, thus interrupting any lunch plans I may have for continued client work or do I just make him understand Mommy needs to work and as much as I wanted to be there to hug him, sometimes I can not be, which is why I give him a great big bear hug in the morning when I drop him to Daddy’s.

I am torn, why? Because he is my “baby” and of course he knows this. I explained why I wasn’t there, and had told him I wouldn’t be when I dropped him at his Dads but he is four and apparently wants what he wants. Guess that’s normal…. how would you all handle this?

Edible Arrangements’ Summer Strawberry Clues for Today @DoFruitNE #ILoveFruit

Did you find the Summer Strawberry last Wednesday in Worcester, MA? Well here is a pic of her beautiful self …

In case you missed the first weeks post, I was sick and didn’t post last weeks clues …. Edible Arrangements is having a Summer Strawberry scavenger type hunt with clues where to find their Summer Strawberry. There will be four consecutive Wednesdays, from August 15-September 5, where ‘Summer Strawberry’ will be making an appearance during a pre-selected 2-hour time period.

Ready to Win? You can have fun trying to win free fruit!

Anyone who correctly deciphers the clues and finds ‘Summer Strawberry’ at the Edible Arrangements location within the designated 2-hour time period will receive free samples of smoothies, dipped fruit or fresh fruit salad. Want to win prizes? Commenting on this blog post with the correct address/ store location where you found ‘Summer Strawberry’ OR emailing a picture of ‘Summer Strawberry’ to moc.gnitekramrpnotlrac@eyakj will enter you to win the grand prize, a $200 Amazon gift card, or one of four arrangements! Doing both will get you two entries! If you are on Twitter and follow @DoFruitNE, tweeting a picture of ‘Summer Strawberry’ with a caption that includes the hashtag #ILoveFruit and will get you an additional entry. That is 3 chances to win!

Can’t Make it to the Store? Live too far away?

If you correctly decipher the clues but cannot make it to the selected location, you can still enter the contest by commenting the address/ store location of ‘Summer Strawberry’ on this blog post. Better yet, you can visit YOUR local Edible Arrangements during the pre-selected 2-hour time period and mention that you are there because of scavenger hunt and you will receive a 6-piece box of dipped fruit!


Wednesday, August 29 from 11 A.M.- 1 P.M.
- This week, ‘Summer Strawberry’ is venturing to the state that shares Massachusetts’ northern border with Vermont.

- This city is about 20 miles north of Lowell, MA and is the second largest city in its state, behind Manchester. Nick-named ‘The Gate City,’ it is home to shopping havens such as Pheasant Lane Mall and Amherst Street.

- ‘Summer Strawberry’ will be visiting the Edible Arrangements store located in a large shopping plaza off of Main Street.

- This Edible Arrangements is the healthiest one on the block, as it is neighbors with Colonel Sanders’ major fast food chain and a large coffee and donut retailer founded in Quincy, MA.

My Brain is on Vacation but it’s Suppose to be in the Office

I love it when I sit down to write and all that comes to mind is “let’s crop some pictures and create a blog post” but honestly it works amazingly! So today my brain is still on vacation mode even though it needs to be in office mode, which means a picture story yet again to share with you!

We went to two different firework shows last week to celebrate Independence Day. The kids were all settled in ready to witness the fireworks on the 4th of July.

Did I say kids were settled? Well two of the three were but this hyper little almost four year old boy was not so calm and settled. This little boy, Mister K, decided it would be cool to yell at the top of his lungs that he sees my penis {for the record I do not have a penis}. I don’t know where he comes up with these things nor do I know why he has all of this energy lately but it’s there and this Mama is exhausted!

This show on Wednesday the 4th of July was pretty good and I missed the smiley face fireworks both times due to the hyper three year old needing a couple time outs during this show but the picture above is a cute circle firework I captured on my smartphone camera.

On Saturday night we went to see fireworks in another town, this is one show we never miss and I probably watched the most growing up too, but I was sadly disappointed with the show that night.  Normally the fireworks in the town we went to on Saturday are amazing but they were short and not as many set off as last few years but still was a fun time!

How many firework shows did you all see?

Random Conversation Proves I’ve Lost Memory

I am usually pretty open about myself, whether it be that I think I am awesome or that I made a mistake, etc etc. One fact that comes up often is that I have lost my memory, it’s actually a fun joke around the house. My oldest is the one who teases me the worst about it, but occasionally my younger two get a moment to toss in a laugh at their Mama’s memory loss.

Here’s a conversation that happened last night with my daughter…

Me – How was school today? What did you have for a special, was it Guidance today?

Daughter – No. Art is Monday, Music is Tuesday, Guidance is Wednesday…

Me – Oh, so how was art? Wait… today is Wednesday????!!??!?!

Daughtercracking up laughing; MOM I just told you that we had art and I just told you that Art is Monday. Guidance is on Wednesday. I just told you the day and in less than two minutes you thought it was Wednesday? OMG you need your memory checked.

Melaughs for so hard I cry.

The end.

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