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I am engaged. We were planning on a Spring/Summer 2014 wedding date but as time went on and my best friend announced her wedding date of September 6, 2015, we decided to push our date to 2015. With that being said, as time goes on I don’t want to wait, but we will see. With all that we have going on in our personal lives we have yet to take time to check out anything to do with weddings. That makes me sad. I wanted to enjoy the excitement and joy of searching around for New Hampshire wedding venues, to compile a guest list and to really just have fun with the cheap wedding planning part of things. This past week was a rough one for me, so I thought looking up some pretty wedding venues in New Hampshire would make me smile.

Here are a few venues in New Hampshire that I would just love to be married at ….

Whitney’s Inn – Jackson, NH

Jackson Inn New Hampshire Wedding Venue

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Whitney’s Inn in Jackson, NH looks like the perfect escape for a wedding party. They have a rustic appeal in my opinion which is something that speaks for my simple, laid back, country style personality. I could see this place speaking to us on our level, nothing too ritzy yet still elegant. Taken from the website “its unique post and beam barn, the Shovel Handle Pub, and beautiful 12 acres at the base of Black Mountain, provide the perfect setting for groups of 125 or less. The inn can also host outdoor tent weddings for groups of 200 or less.” I love how this one place has multiple location options for your special day!

Alyson’s Orchard – Walpole, NH

Image Credit: Creative Vision Photography via

Image Credit: Creative Vision Photography via

If you can’t get married on your family’s farm, why not check out Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole, NH. I think this location would be perfect during peak apple season, why? What a smell those ripe, sweet apples would give off naturally for your special day. I love the idea of an outdoor wedding because I love nature. I love the wind blowing in my hair on a hot Summer day, I love smelling the scent of flowers and all the aromas being outside in Spring, Summer and Fall bring. Taken from the website “with three unique, welcoming lodging facilities, a reception hall for up to 250 guests, and over 25 years of experience in the wedding industry, Alyson’s Orchard is renowned as one of New England’s finest destination wedding sites.” Again, I see a place that offers a wide range of activities alongside simply having your wedding ceremony there.

Searles Castle at Windham in Windham, NH

Searles Castle at Windham for NH Wedding

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The Searles Castle at Windham is really a princess dream come true, while I never spent much time thinking about a princess style wedding event, I certainly started to lean that way after visiting this website. What a memorable event we could have with our wedding if we decided upon Searles Castle at Windham. What bride wouldn’t want to have one of these three entrance options; arrive by Limousine, a Cinderella Carriage or through the Castle’s Windsor doors?! I would totally feel like this princess who is indeed marrying her prince. I think this would be the most elegant of wedding ceremonies to choose from. They help you with the planning from start to finish and have many package options available for you to choose from.

Overall, I think my dream wedding would be at the Searles Castle in Windham because it’s not something we would get to experience every day. I can experience the rustic wonder of our great outdoors and the apple orchards most any day of the warm weather season, but to be married in a place that is a castle? Well now, that does sounds like the chance of a lifetime!

Out of the three venues I have shared from New Hampshire, which one would appeal most to you?


Planning a Wedding with This Guy

I am planning a wedding for the year 2015. We originally were thinking Spring/Summer of this year but not so sure we will make that deadline and figure we could possibly wait til 2015, what’s the hurry right? We have been together a year as of late December and by the time 2015 rolls around we will be nearing three years together, that would honestly be the longest engagement I have ever had. We shall see if we stick with 2015 or not, depends on how all of this wedding planning goes….

Planning a 2015 Wedding

I have no clue and he has no clue on how to plan a traditional wedding. We both want a semi-traditional wedding that is semi-formal. We have narrowed down some things about our wedding plans and they are:

  • Guests don’t have to dress up, they can wear whatever attire they feel most comfortable in. Yes, sure, if they want to wear their Pajama’s so be it, but remember pictures are being taken so if you want that memory, go for it!
  • We are leaning towards black and lilac for our wedding colors.
  • I will wear a traditional white wedding gown of some sort. 
  • We will not spend a lot of money creating a semi-traditional wedding.

So far that’s the gist of where we are at, but there isn’t a whole lot to discuss because we are so perfect for each other that each plan just bounces off the other so easily. We tossed some ideas around and both are pretty agreeable with most of what each other say. He wants to wear a tux with tails? Sure .. whatever works. He wants a top hat and cane? Well … I am still thinking about that idea.

This much is true; we want to have this wedding day be a day that celebrates and showcases us as individuals as well as a couple. Everything will simply fall into place …. because that’s how we roll.

Marry You, Marry Me? But One Must have a Ring First

Tis the season for marriage proposals! Seems to me that late Spring/early Summer is the season for the weddings and during the colder month season it becomes times for couples to engage each other with a proposal for a lifetime of love together. Notice, I did not say lifetime of bliss, but if you choose the right person to marry then I suppose maybe you will have a lifetime of bliss. It all depends on the choices we make and the first choice a person makes when proposing is the engagement ring. Mind you, not every wedding proposal carries a man down on one knee with a ring in hand but that’s my silly little fairy tale idea that plays out in most romantic films.

There are many companies online that offer a better pricing range than most local shops, at least that has been my experience. Most recently I was introduced to Whiteflash, a company that sells Certified Diamonds, Designer Engagement Rings and other jewelry for the jewelry lover in your life. If I were to ever, ever get married again I would prefer a man down on one knee with a 3 stone ring in hand, beyond that, I want him to do something unique to who he is to show his love to me in that moment. While I am not a huge money spender, I do know putting forth the most heart felt, personal proposal for the woman you love will become a memory of a lifetime.

3 Stone Proposal BandI can completely understand how it would be difficult for a man to choose an engagement ring for their proposed future wife, that is if the wife has a very specific opinion on what jewelery she will accept for an engagement ring. Maybe if that is the case, you should wait on proposing and give you a ring of commitment instead such as one of the hearts and arrows diamonds ring selections. Proposing to the woman of your dreams is not all about her, it is about the love you two share. The future wife and husband; together in harmony being one combined couple, building a family or combining a family you all have already; depending upon if you are starting fresh or coming back to the idea of marriage after having been divorced previously.

There are so many amazing wedding band ideas as well as engagement ring ideas out there for even the most simple of men. I know not all men are super romantic and that is okay but be sure to know if you are buying a ring with certified diamonds because later on when that ring breaks or a “diamond” is lost, it will be extremely important to know if you purchased a fake diamond ring (cubic zarconia) or certified diamonds. Designer engagement rings may cost a bit more, but they are known to last quite a bit longer. With some products, especially jewelry, money spent can really make or break the long term wear and tear a jewelry piece can handle.

My advice to you is that if you are ready to be proposed to, do not rush your partner into the idea. It is always best to leave the partner you absolutely love to be ready on his/her own to get to that step because then, and only then, will you know for sure that you are marrying someone who proposed to you when the time was right for you two as a couple for the long haul.

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Having the Best Photography During Your Wedding

When I was married it was in the backyard, a simple wedding just the way I would prefer it and my aunt took most of the pictures during the wedding. My aunt did an amazing job capturing that wedding, and those pictures have been saved for my ex husband and my son’s to enjoy. While having a family member take photographs during a wedding saves money for sure, there are some who prefer a more extravagant wedding with professional photographers and in that case you must be sure to check out all of the options.

Many companies are out there providing exceptional wedding photography options such as halifax wedding photography.  When you pick a wedding photographer you will want to have one that is not only going to capture planned photo moments but also be there to snap photos of various moments that maybe even you did not see. It’s always fun to look back at the moments that your photographer captured during the wedding that you were not even aware of happening.

Kisses For My Lil Princess

I firmly believe the best photographs, wedding or just every day life, are best captured when someone is not posing for that photo. Capturing a moment in the memory of a photograph makes for a cherished memory you can enjoy for years to come. Shown above is a picture of my sweet daughter at my wedding that my aunt captured and I have always loved. It’s a moment of me nuzzling her as I call it, a love kiss with my nose so to speak. A picture perfect moment.

Quite simply put, it’s best to have whom ever you wish to take the photos during your wedding but they must capture wedding photography halifax that is planned and unplanned. Without the unplanned moments captured during your wedding you are not getting the big picture of that wedding day to look back upon. Even though I am divorced, I still cherish all of the moments captured by my aunt on my wedding day, they are memories that my children can look back upon and smile.

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Beautiful Centerpiece Ideas You Can Do Yourself

I recall when I got married it was a simple wedding, no real decor or any sort of theme. A simple backyard wedding with close family and friends in attendance. The daughter was the flower girl and ring bearer because Aj was far too young to be the ring bearer. My father walked me down the “aisle” which was just the backyard grass … nothing special. It was simple and fine by me, however, some people spend years planning those perfect weddings.

For those who plan their wedding ceremony in advance and really put thought into having a theme of decor for not only the centerpieces, but for the guests required attire, I applaud you. I could never be that person, ever. Being that I am divorced, I can say that some day I may get married again, I would still never plan anything beyond a simple wedding. It is who I am as a person, however, with that being said, I wouldn’t mind creating my own cute centerpieces for the table guests sit at or the reception table where food is place.

Floating Candle

One of the ideas I had for a centerpiece that would look fabulous at any wedding would be a floating candle setup – I am amazed at the beauty of candles but a floating candle dish? That amazes me even more and you can create a beautiful floating candle centerpiece with little to no work and planning while still having it look simply breath taking. Whatever the budget you may be working within or the ideas you have for a themed, fully planned wedding – I can say this – remember that you can save money by doing a lot of things your own self and still have the most beautiful, memorable wedding ever.

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