The Perfect Personal Publishing Platform

Exposure. Presence. Success. The Internet is responsible for all of these terms and the platform has never been more prominent than it has been in recent years. It is the best way to gain a presence within any community whether it is for personal reasons, an attempt to have a voice and to make it heard or whether it is for the purpose of a business, making your company known and raising the profile of a brand and the services it offers. The need to be a key online player is a real consideration for so many people and there are ways to make yourself known and fulfil your own purposes.

Websites are influential, essential and the only way that the reason behind the use of the Internet is maintained. Businesses in particular are reliant on websites to target another market and to ensure they constantly accessible to the customer base and to make sure they are strong competition within their niche market. For many, the creation of a website just is not possible. The cost involved is often too high, the amount of work that it will require does not fit in with current time scales or the company simply isn’t large enough to warrant its own site, word press is the perfect solution. The ability to have a website in the most basic of terms is better than having no online presence at all and word press offers the opportunity to test the online market before a final decision regarding a web build is made.

The Internet is not just used for the purpose of businesses, it is also the ideal way for people to express and share their thoughts and opinions with like-minded people through blogs, forums and personal websites that contribute in some way to the Internet. A personal website can be designed in any way that is representative of the person and a reflection of the message they are trying to share. The design elements are key to this and the number of wordpress themes allows the representation to be clear, precise and eye catching.

Design is one of the most important aspects with regards to a website. It must be something, which is easy to use, appealing to the user, is clear, concise and most importantly accessible. It needs to be updated regularly and contain fresh and unique content with regular updates to encourage the audience to make repeat visits to the site. Word press is an easy tool for even the most technology fearing people, its technology is simplistic enough to allow anyone to create their perfect site whilst being advanced enough for the end result to be professional and a way to fulfil the needs of the creator.

The Internet is an essential tool within modern day life, it is relied upon for business, personal, news, up to date information, communication and socialisation. There is little that the Internet cannot do and is not needed for and being present online is the ideal opportunity to promote yourself or your business.

Building Websites for Free

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When I first started off in my venture of working from home, I knew I had to have a website. Working from the privacy of your home is fantastic but you have to be sure that you have all of the tools for maximum success, one of those tools would be a website. The fantastic news is that, and I found this out many moons ago, you can use a free website builder to get your website up and going!

I had little clue as to what website building entailed, basically I did take an advanced computers course in high school that allowed me to learn how to build/edit websites using Frontpage, but beyond that I was clueless. Being able to use a free website builder online helped me to get a website up quickly so I could make money faster. Basically, your website is a vital part of making money from your online ventures, but being able to build it on your own quickly saves money and time!

You will learn as time goes on that working from home means that you will have to dedicate more time, more energy and stay more focused than ever. There will be times where you learn how to do something by yourself because it will save you a crazy amount of money. Those who can build a website from the ground up, to include a nice design for your firm, earn a lot of money. I personally didn’t want to be giving out all of my hard earned profit and so I started to use free website builders and eventually taught myself some basic coding so that I can now edit a template to make my websites appeal for my audience and my eyes.

Think about a website as the first impression someone has of you and your business, you want that be a great first impression that makes them come back for more, right? Well then make sure that your website is selling that amazing first impression to your audience!

NOVICA Decor is Going to Bring Beauty to New Living Room

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Today I am sharing with you all a wonderful site called NOVICA, a fair trade artisan website.  NOVICA works with National Geographic to give talented artisans around the world a place to express their artistic talents and provide access to the world market. There are two parts to today’s article because I am not only reviewing a gorgeous piece of art that will hang in my new home but I am sharing the NOVICA Curation site where you can look around and pin to Pinterest the pieces you like most.

I had a look around at all of the beautiful items on the NOVICA website and must admit it was rather difficult to choose just one thing. After over an hour of looking at the site I had decided on a mirror that has song birds around it and this is the most beautiful mirror I have ever laid eyes upon…

 NOVICA Mirror

I am going to be sharing more on this mirror and the details behind the artist once I get settled into my new place because at this time, I wasn’t really able to unpack the mirror for fear of not being able to get it safely packed back tight for the move.

Like I said, NOVICA is a site with many items for you to view and purchase. There  is something about the jewelry on site that grabbed me too. There were the most beautiful Amethyst Dangle Earrings on NOVICA’s website too! Since purple is my favorite color, Amethyst jewelry has always sucked me in by it’s sparkling beauty.


With Summer coming I bet jewelry for all of your parties may be needed and that my friends is why I believe you may enjoy these Silver Pendant Necklaces to go with your outfit on a nice cool Summer evening get together.

In all honesty you can find jewelry, home decor, handbags, accessories and much more over at NOVICA’s website. I suggest you go take a peek yourself at their Garnet Dangle Earrings and remember to Like NOVICA on Facebook as well as follow @novica on Twitter to keep up to date with their latest news & happenings.

What is your favorite piece or item found on NOVICA’s website?

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So YOU Want Exposure?

Dear so and so who wants to spread links to various bloggers over the internet,

If you send me an email requesting that I must read this current new article that is live on some site, with a link included, I will not click it!

Here is why -

  • I am not giving you free traffic to that website
  • I am not allowing you to get credit for being paid to email me over and over about this link (hence why I will not click it)
  • If you are being paid to email me, then you can either pay me to help spread the word too or you can stop assuming that this site is my hobby – it’s both (income & hobby)
  • DO not expect me to feel bad for you if you are “simply trying to bring more awareness of your name or writing” when you are not willing to pay to have your writing out there (with a link to a client/your company website within that “writing”)

I love people who have a skill for writing. I am all for supporting bloggers, but I simply can not support those who slam me with links in my contact form begging or being sneaky about trying to gain free traffic and exposure for their company or client!



Fed up Mom Blogger who has to work for a living

Ever Wonder How To Get Refund from Website Auto Pay Setup?

Anyone who has ever signed up for a website online using PayPal or a credit card has been in this position before at least once; when you want to cancel that auto payment setup that is automatic whenever you sign up for most websites online. That fine print is important to read, I have learned the hard way many years ago to read that fine print, especially if you are putting your PayPal or credit card information into a website.  It can be extremely difficult or confusing to try to opt out of this auto payment structure should you decide you are no longer interested in the paying subscription part of the website.

That is why there are many tutorials online to help show you how to get a refund or stop the auto payments from coming out of your credit card account or PayPal account. For example, you may sign up for the site called MyLife, never heard of it? I have. There are commercials for this site saying it’s a great place to find those you have been hoping to find. Also, with a paid account, you can access MyLife history that shows you who has been searching for you. It sounds like a neat concept and many have benefited from using this website.

For those who have used this website, they may be all done using the paid version of the site and wish to get a Refund, that is where the tutorials online come in handy. You see, PayPal is tricky to get rid of those “subscription payments” for their account transaction navigation seems to change time to time. The other thing is that you can not simply call your bank to cancel the credit card payment for you signed a contract by clicking to allow the website to take a payment from your account. You will need to go into the individual website if you used a credit card payment to work on either getting a refund through their website or turn off automatic payments.

Have you ever signed up for a website only to find out later it was an automatic payment option that you didn’t realize and had to go through the process of cancelling that payment? Was it an easy or difficult process for you?

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