So YOU Want Exposure?

Dear so and so who wants to spread links to various bloggers over the internet,

If you send me an email requesting that I must read this current new article that is live on some site, with a link included, I will not click it!

Here is why -

  • I am not giving you free traffic to that website
  • I am not allowing you to get credit for being paid to email me over and over about this link (hence why I will not click it)
  • If you are being paid to email me, then you can either pay me to help spread the word too or you can stop assuming that this site is my hobby – it’s both (income & hobby)
  • DO not expect me to feel bad for you if you are “simply trying to bring more awareness of your name or writing” when you are not willing to pay to have your writing out there (with a link to a client/your company website within that “writing”)

I love people who have a skill for writing. I am all for supporting bloggers, but I simply can not support those who slam me with links in my contact form begging or being sneaky about trying to gain free traffic and exposure for their company or client!



Fed up Mom Blogger who has to work for a living

Online Marketing Solutions For Your Business and Website

Have you ever tried to rate your blog? Maybe you are looking into ranking higher in Search Engines for your business so that you can get clients before your competitors? Whatever your reasons for thinking about online marketing solutions there is a place that offers White label SEO assistance and is based in the United States.

It’s great that they also have free SEO Tools on their website as well as a website grader that is wonderful for bloggers to use as a way to learn how to better their site. You see, as a blogger, I am not really selling any particular product but I am looking for great rankings so that more brands will work with me on campaigns and quality content placement. I love writing for companies but if my site is not ranking good enough well it’s not worth that company to hire me to work for them for I haven’t shown them my skills yet.

All bloggers need to be aware of how important their site ranking is and they may even benefit from some White label Email marketing rather than SEO tools. Whatever you may be working towards as a goal with your website remember SEO is important!

Local Search Engine Marketing

You all have heard about search engine optimization for your website, I am sure of it, as I do discuss this topic often, however, have you heard of local search engine marketing? Right now I am working on getting more local New Hampshire search engine traffic to my blogs and business website by utilizing local search engine optimization.

Why is it important to focus on local search engine optimization?

Small business marketing involves making sure that you are reaching a wide audience and most small businesses, such as my virtual assistant business would really like to get local contacts to ensure that they can stay in better communication with their clients. If need be, I would much prefer to have clients I can meet with on an occasional basis and I can’t obviously be flying to California to see clients on a regular basis when I am here in New Hampshire.

Having a local audience helps a small business get noticed by newspapers, bloggers and other media outlets faster for interviews and features. Local search marketing assists in gaining the local exposure you want and need for your business.

What to pay attention to when doing local search engine Optimization

As with any SEO topic, you want to ensure that you are staying up to date on the most relevant searches happening and in this case you would want to stay up to date with  local search engine news to ensure you are using keywords and key phrases that will help build local search engine traffic to your website.

When you take time to research local search engine news and utilize the most relevant local keywords and key phrases into your website or blog, you are setting your website up for local success! With most small businesses it’s probably best that they hire a local search optimization company to take full advantage of local search engine marketing. Having a reputable search engine company behind your small business marketing efforts will pay off in the end.



Saving Money Using Coupon Codes

Everyone wants to save money on their everyday shopping but this time of year most people are searching for codes online to save extra money when shopping for holiday gifts. One can find a variety of coupon codes by searching online or subscribe to deal bloggers who do match ups based on retailer and product.  I personally love saving money on clothing by using a kohls coupon code or similar retailers code. When I shopped online for Kmart layaway items I was sure to use Internet search to find the proper codes to put towards my cart total.

Maybe you are looking to purchase a rare gift this holiday season and want to get a crate and barrel coupon code for a holiday gift idea for that special someone on your list. You see there is a coupon code for everything these days yes even people who want to save a percent off their shopping total at a children’s toy store online.

No matter what type of coupon codes you are looking for, rest assure that you will find one for almost every retailer online when searching for them, such as this bloomingdales coupon code that many may find useful.

What are you shopping for this time of year?

BizzClick LLP Pay Per Click Agency

I love it when I run into another pay per click agency because then most bloggers can hop on board offering more ad space on their sidebar as  way to increase revenue earned on their website. Of course another great thing about pay per click advertising campaigns is that they could turn out to be a great opportunity to advertise.

BizzClick is not only a pay per click agency but they also have their own loyalty program and their own community where you can interact. BizzClick has everything that a blogger or firm would want to look into when advertising or monetizing their website. I say check them out and let me know what you think.

With all agencies you work with you will want to ensure that they have a professional 24/7 support team, personal managers for each client, and a great variety of tools for creation of advertising campaign.



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