Legos Bring Kids Together – Eternally Grateful For Legos

A local father to a boy who used to go to the same school as my daughter dropped me a message on Facebook asking if my boys liked Legos. Of course my reply was, “yes they do!”. Later that day, to my surprise, the local friend dropped off this gigantic tote of Legos. I honestly am amazed at how many kind, thoughtful families there are in my town. This particular man and his wife are absolutely sweet, they both are friends with me on Facebook and I admire them lots! I am now eternally grateful to them because dropping these Legos off meant more than just items for us! Legos Bringin Kids together for Ages

I honestly had to pick my jaw up off of the ground when he arrived to hand me this huge tote of Legos. This is a lot of Legos. These were dropped off on a weekend when no kids were here, I couldn’t wait for Monday after school to arrive so that my three children could see the amount of Legos we received. Legos Bringin Kids together for Ages

I knew that my boys would be over the moon happy but what I didn’t realize is how happy my daughter would be. We have quite a few Lego sets around here but none that are geared towards girls, all themes are Star Wars or other Shark Type themes for the boys. It seems very few times does anyone think to buy Girl Theme Legos, but see I didn’t realize up until this past Christmas Season that my daughter even wanted Girl Lego Themed Items. Well, girl theme or not, apparently having this gigantic bucket of Lego’s made her day too! Legos Bringin Kids together for Ages

All three of my kids have never, ever played so nicely … okay except the times they are playing the MineCraft Demo on PS3. This is more than just a video game though, Legos have brought my children together to use their imagination and creativity in a way that no video game can compare to. Legos Bringin Kids together for Ages

Nothing makes me smile more than watching my three children work together to play Ninja games with the Legos we received. I am so happy that we received such a kind gift because it really has brought our whole household together for fun days and evenings. Thank you to the Family who gave us this Lego supply, we appreciate you!

Eating Right Kids

Eating Right KidsSafeway and Warner Bros.’ Loony Tunes have teamed up to create Eating Right KidsTM to bring you meals, snacks, cereals and drinks your kids will love. These are products you will feel good about allowing your child to have! Eating Right KidsTM is a full line of foods that are tasty and better for your children than those “other” products seen around the grocery stores. Formulated based on the most recent dietary recommendations and regulations from several federal and state agencies you can rest assure these meals, drinks, cereals, snacks and juices will not only be a fun way to encourage healthy eating habits, but a safe way.

I recall my school years when the other kids in school were munching on some great snacks! I frowned and attempted to trade my not so good food off to another person, seriously Mom you think I need this ugly wrapped, healthy snack instead of those colorful, yummy wrapped treats? As a child I never understood but as a Mom I can look back and understand! Most parents wish their child to have healthy eating habits without feeling left behind on the “cool bus train”. Eating Right KidsTM is the solution to feeling cool and eating healthy.

I was able to review the Eating Right KidsTM packaging, product and lunch bag prior to announcing this new product line by Safeway and Warner Bros. Loony Tunes. My children loved that bugs bunny was on the wrapper of their snack bar and the colorful presentation of the food made it more “kid friendly”.  I have three very different children when it comes to food. My first born is super picky and at an age where being “cool” matters, my second born is not a picker eater but certainly prefers a colorful child like wrapper over the other normal wrapped products. My last born just turned one and so he isn’t quite old enough for me to analyze his preferences.

AJ loved that Bugs Bunny was on the wrapper of his snack bar and wanted more. Ki enjoyed the whole set up, lunch bag included and is now requesting to bring in cold lunch one day this week instead of eating the schools hot lunch.  I love that Eating Right KidsTM offers a variety of cereals, juices, snacks and frozen entrees.

Check out Eating Right KidsTM today over at Safeway’s website and learn more about this wonderful new line that will encourage healthy eating habits in a fun, new way!

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