Preparing for Your Valentine’s Date? Get These 6 Grooming Essentials Ready

It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re having dinner with your beautiful date tonight. You know she’ll look lovely in that dress and the bouquet of roses will be ready for pick-up anytime soon. As a man, you also need to look neat for tonight. Get your cologne for men, deodorant, shower gel, after shave balm, shampoo and shave brush ready.

Tips on how to get Ready for your Valentines Day Date Night

1. True Religion by True Religion Brand Jeans. From a brand that sold millions of jeans worldwide, True Religion released a modern yet timeless scent for a man who demands the world attention. Rugged and vintage but oozing with sex appeal, you can sweep your lady off her feet with your stare. You will look and smell more handsome with True Religion for cologne for men. Blends of citrus and herbs fill the four-piece set of hair and body wash, deodorant stick, a 3.4 oz eau de toilette spray and a travel size cologne. If you want an overall scent for the day, this set is for you.

2. Herbissimo by Dana. If you like a refreshing scent for your bath, Herbissimo shower gel is perfect to cleanse your body. A refreshing blend of herbs, this clear gel starts up to lather once squeezed into palm or sponge. If you like to relax for a few minutes in your tub, pour some gel on your tub filled with water.

3. Lui by Rochas. Something for your hair? Get it soft and clean by using Lui all over shampoo. This shampoo has a masculine scent highlighted with notes of wood and spices. Prepare to seduce your woman with your fragrant shampoo.

4. eShave Fine Badger Shaving Brush. A perfect shave doesn’t end in a razor. You need a shaving brush to get your face exfoliated and lathered to get that smooth finish. Use eShave Fine Badger Shaving Brush to reduce irritation and increase shaving precision.

5. Prada Pour Homme. It’s a must to use an after shave balm to keep your skin moisturized and heal skin irritation brought by the sharp shave. Prada Pour Homme after shave balm has the same smell as its cologne. The combination of sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli and tonka bean will bring out the sex appeal in you.

6. Armani Code by Giorgio Armani. Before wearing that suit and tie, remember to use Armani Code deodorant stick for that fresh feeling all night long. You want to prolong a fresh out-of-the-shower look so make it possible by using a deodorant. Armani Code smells so sexy, you can expect full attention from your lover. Pair Armani Code with any Giorgio Armani fragrance.

Now you’re ready for your date with these 6 grooming essentials. All products are available at, your one-stop online shop for all your grooming needs. Beauty Encounter not only provides you with thousands of choices but products are always on discount. Check out Beauty Encounter coupons to get further reduced prices or freebies or treat your woman for an e-gift certificate. Click this link for more details on Beauty Encounter’s e-gift certificate.

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Compendium Incorporated Offers a Wide Range of Inspirational Products #happilyblended #spon

gift guide sponsorsWatch out world, Compendium is the new love of my life. I am not joking. I am pretty sure many will agree that this company has such an amazing line of gifts of gratitude that you could spend a whole paycheck on this website. Take a peek at Compendium and find out for yourself, maybe it’s just me but many I know love these type of gifts and the simple fact that their tagline is “live inspired” makes this company the perfect feature for my site!

Gift of thoughtfullness

We were blessed to receive some amazing products this holiday season from Compendium and get to feature them right here as way to share with you, not only a great holiday gift, but a gift for possibly Valentine’s Day.

how will you create something beautiful together

In case you didn’t realize but I recently got engaged and this is one amazing book called “how will you create something beautiful together”. The night I was proposed to and asked to give this man the “monumental honor of becoming his wife”, we had been reading this book together, smiling and saying “wow this book is just how we already think of our lives and the steps it shows you to try to do in order to focus on a mission statement of your relationship, making lists of things about each other and your future both as individuals and as partners, is all things we do on a regular basis and had discussed over a year ago when we met.

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I must say Compendium has a product for everyone and a gift for everyone. I am thinking Valentine’s Day and Teacher’s Gifts, as well as maybe me purchasing some of their Thank You cards to have on hand for those amazing clients I have to work with each and every day of every year as a freelance writer, virtual assistant and blogger.

I say to you this; head over to Compendium’s website and take a peek around – come back and tell me something that you think is truly amazing on their site that you would see yourself purchasing or someone you know may purchase!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

Now I never really have celebrated Valentine’s Day in the past, honestly you won’t find me getting all crazy about receiving some expensive gift, but I can see that this day could be a wonderful day to simply celebrate the love you have for that special someone in your life. I created Valentine’s Day cards for my kids and my boyfriend on this year and can not wait to hand them their cards today!

Happy Valentine's Day

I think the best gifts for any holiday are those that come from the heart, so today I wanted to share with you all some simple, low or no costs ideas for a Valentine’s Day gift for that sweetie in your life:

  • Home Made Dinner In – get out all of those cooking supplies and recipe books. Find a meal set for a king or queen and cook that loved one the most amazing meal set by candle light if you wish at home in your own dining room.
  • Make a Crafty Fun Valentine’s Day Card – Don’t have the money to go spend on a card? Have construction paper and copy paper (or printer paper)? Well then create a cute red construction paper card shape, cute a piece of copy paper into the shape of a heart, attached it to the front of the card and right a cute little phrase on it. Inside you can use Google Search to find cute poems or sayings {if you can’t come up with a crafty poem of your own} and write it on the inside of the card with love from you.
  • Clean the House with the Kids – Sometimes it’s the small things that count the most, enlist yourself and/or your kids to give that other parent in the household a day and night off from having to do anything. Take complete control of the household from chores to cooking and make her/him feel like they are having a total vacation day.

Valentine’s Day to me is simply a day to remember the love you have for those you are blessed to have in your life, there is no need for spending crazy amounts of money if that’s not in your budget. Just simply take today to let that special someone know how much you love them.

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Just in Time For Valentine’s Day – An App Called Twyxt

Many of you are not aware, but I have found the man of my dreams, well so far he appears to be that man ;-) We have been working on blending our family together, the great news is that our combined five children have personalities that get along 100% .  Blending the kids together during the visitation schedule my boyfriend has is easy, it is the adult part of things and kids activities, schedules and so forth that gets us adults overwhelmed! As we near Valentine’s Day it seems that there has been a free app called Twyxt created to help keeps couples in sync better.

Currently my boyfriend and I use text messages to keep track of our kids and work schedules. I work from home so I am easily found head into the office most of the day, he works outside of the home about twenty minutes away. I have three kids, he has two kids. Mine are in extra curricular activities and one of his is in cheer leading. You see? We need to communicate daily through text message and do not know what each one is up to after work because our kids have such hectic, involved lives.

With an app like Twyxt being used, I would no longer have to wonder if he has his kids that evening or has to run to finish up some of his storage packing runs, or pick up his daughter from cheer. I would not have to wonder if I have to meet him or his kids somewhere to assist. With an app like Twyxt, the boyfriend and I could easily plan our days by simply looking at this app. Also when we want to send silly pics of our day to each other so as to keep each other motivated, we can do that in our own private app messaging center. Sometimes we just text each other our moods such as “blah” or “yippy” because we both are complete dorks! Having Twyxt to show emoticons in a more creative away would make us smile during our hectic work and parenting lives, which in turns continues to build on our amazing relationship.




What is Twyxt all about you ask?

twyxt iPhone app screen shotTwyxt is a free iPhone app that allows a couple to stay connected much deeper than text messaging can do. Put together a calendar shared by you and your loved one so that each of you can easily monitor and note when kids have their special events, you have that webinar or he has that company conference. All in one app, in one place from your iPhone. It’s easy to communicate, stay on partner status with each other and simply have fun, loving conversations through out the day using Twyxt.

Twyxt is a private way for you and your loved one to share pictures, moods, lists, notes and messages all in one easy to access place. No more losing your private husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend pictures with all of those pictures your kids took on your iPhone. Consider Twyxt your app to keep you connected in a loving way and continue to build on the perfect relationship you and your loved one have.

Twyxt was born by Co-Founder Roman Weishaupl who realized that his {now ex} girlfriend was keeping an ongoing journal of their text messages. There was a need for a dedicated space for a journal like communication combined with the ease of sharing schedules and pictures with your loved one in an app base. That is when Twyxt was created with four other founders.

I keep telling all of my friends that there is “an app for that” and each working day I have as a blogger, I find new fun apps that totally make me realize that there may just really be an app for everything!

Do you want to try Twyxt with your honey?


Learn more about Twyxt here.

Download Twyxt for free here at the iTunes store.

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Blending Kids and Husband On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has traditionally been thought of as a holiday for couples to celebrate their love. However, once a couple forms a family, this celebration of love takes a new meaning. Mothers often want to make it a special day for their children as well as their spouse and finding a balance that includes details to make it special for each member of the family is important.

Of course, moms cannot be forgotten on this special day, especially since they are the ones who often worry most about making sure each member of the family feels the love.


Fathers and children should remember to show how much mom means to them. It is really important to celebrate mom, who is often forgotten. Kids can create cards with sweet, unforgettable messages inside or buy her some small gift with their allowance. Another gift that mom usually loves is a gorgeous flower arrangement delivered to her on this special day. Whether ordered from the florist down the street or from an online retailer like, mothers love receiving flowers and feeling special and recognized on this day.

The Children

Families can enjoy Valentine’s Day together by decorating for it. Making homemade crafts, like heart garlands, to hang around the home and speaking about the importance of love with the children is a great way to instill why it is important to celebrate love, not just for couples but for whole families. provides ideas for celebrating with the kids, which include serving the kids an early dinner with a Valentine’s Day theme, creating a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt and reading books and watching kid movies about the holiday.

The Couple

Married couples should celebrate Valentine’s Day to reconnect and show their spouse their love. Once the kids are in bed after their Valentine’s Day fun, parents can return temporarily to their life as a couple before kids and perhaps have a romantic candle-lit dinner with the couple’s favorite dishes and dessert at home.

If they can get a sitter, Valentine’s Day is also a good date night occasion. Reservations can be made at a fancy restaurant or the couple can visit a favorite one that brings back memories of the time spent falling in love.

Couples can set rules ahead of time of just talking about each other and enjoying each other’s company, without dwelling on all the distractions that every day life provides. This day is also an opportunity to give a gift to a loved one. The important thing is that each spouse can show their significant other just how much they’re loved. From a chocolate candy bar to a pair of diamond earrings, the ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts are practically unlimited, especially once the handmade gifts are factored in.

Valentine’s Day is a day for the whole family to celebrate. But just like parents often make an effort to make such a day special for the kids, they also need to make an effort to make it special for their significant other.

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