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I recall having a discussion with one of my elder relatives as a teenager, it seems when we start having children that our bladders grow weaker. It only make sense, having all that weight shoving on our bladder for each pregnancy. My grandmother had four children and my mother had two. I … have three.

As many have read, I do work out on a regular, as regular as I can with some drop outs in between. Working out, after having children, can cause something called athletic leaks. 1 in 3 women struggle with athletic leaks, this is where our bladders leak a bit because honestly, the bladder is weak after birthing children. That’s just part of pregnancy and parenting that most don’t want to hear.

I heard it, loud and clear when some of my elder family units opened the topic of conversation with me. I knew having kids would create lack in bladder control, otherwise known as female incontinence. We pee a little when we sneeze, we pee a little when we laugh hard. I know most don’t want to admit this out-loud, but it does happen for 1 in 3 women, so I know it’s not an unknown topic to us mothers.

Stress incontinence and even athletic incontinence is common.

Being a mother is something that most don’t realize the full extent of; such as dealing with stress incontinence and athletic incontinence.

After the birth of her twins, Brooke Solis was determined to find a way to get back into shape. But an issue with athletic incontinence made exercise — particularly high-impact movement and jumping — a real obstacle. It didn’t take much research for Brooke to realize that she wasn’t the only woman dealing with athletic incontinence: Estimates find that 25 million women — from high school athletes and new mothers to women past their childbearing years — share her problem. That’s one out of every three women who may avoid exercise and its physical and mental health benefits because they are worried about athletic leaks.

It’s not uncommon. So why do so few talk about it? I assume it’s just one of those embarrassing taboo topics, but me being more outspoken as my age increases, I wanted to spread the word about this product called Just Go Girl. This product is aimed to help with those who deal with the unmentionable athletic leaks.

After several trials, Brooke designed a pad that’s not only inconspicuous under form-fitting workout clothes, but is also comfortable and absorbent. While the pads are less bulky than a traditional sanitary napkin, they can hold up to 140ml of urine. She then decided to make the innovative JustGo Pad™, available to all active women as a solution to what can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable problem.

Since this product has launched, more women are able to go out and be athletic without the worry of leaks. This is the perfect pad that doesn’t make you feel as if you are wearing an adult diaper, it is quite small in size so as to not fear leaks and not appear bulky in that area with your workout clothes on!

If you are ready to give this product a try, then you can click here to get a free sample of Just Go Girl. Don’t worry, it comes in a regular flat packaging that doesn’t invade privacy. No one will know what is in that package, except you. I invite you to take a look at this product and see if it helps you to move on in your world and to live life it to the fullest without fear of incontinence.

This post is sponsored by the Role Mommy Writer’s Network but all opinions are my own!

Convenient Aging with the Right Adult Diaper

Growing old comes with a wealth of experience that makes us wiser and more appreciative of the simple things in life. Unfortunately, we undergo certain changes that are influenced by the declining condition of our bodies and we are left to find solutions that will make these changes as tolerable as possible.

Urinary incontinence and overactive bladder are two of the most common and distressing problems for elderly people according to the US NLM. Lack of control over bladder and bowel movements often cause problems for sufferers, their families and friends, and potentially the health professionals who take care of them. These conditions can really affect a person’s quality of life as his or her social activities are limited by fear of accidentally urinating in public.

A good quality, highly absorbent adult diaper can help patients manage their incontinence. Not only can it protect against leakage, but it can also prevent any moisture from soaking into clothing. Most adult diaper varieties come with tape tabs that can be loosened or tightened depending on a wearer’s size. Furthermore the diapers kill the odor of urine so the wearer need not be self-conscious around other people.

With the multitude of adult diaper brands on the market today, choosing the right product might not be as easy as it seems. There are several factors to consider when choosing an adult diaper. One consideration is flexibility in terms of a user’s activity level, absorbency level, size, and a choice between disposable versus reusable. Where possible, price should not be a priority since the comfort of the wearer is paramount. Going for a pricier brand may offer better comfort and coverage to the wearer and thereby reduce long-term expenses.

It is not only elderly patients who may need to wear adult diapers, according to Trauma patients who suffer from spinal injury may use adult diapers if they have no sensation in the lower half of their bodies. Some adolescents have yet to outgrow their bed wetting habits, so they can also use adult diapers to keep their beds dry.

Some post-surgery patients use adult diapers until they regain full control of their pelvic floor muscles. Comatose patients will wear adult diapers to prevent bed wetting, since they are unconscious and cannot control their bladder and bowel movements.

According to ehow, when a diaper has reached its threshold, the wearer must change into a fresh one to keep the skin clean and dry. Before a new diaper is put on, make sure a patient’s perineal area is washed with mild soap and warm water. The wet skin must be patted dry instead of rubbed. There are numerous online suppliers of absorbent products, and their unit prices may be lower than from other sources. Many also give discounts and free shipping if you buy diapers in bulk.

Always Something with Aj

Out of my three kids it is Aj that is always ending up with some health thing going on. This past week we visited his pediatric urologist as a follow up for a procedure he had done two years ago. Basically his whole life, up until two years ago, he was peeing as if his hole to pee was kinked. His bladder ended up being enlarged and he wasn’t emptying his bladder fully due to this condition. The surgery was put in place to widen the whole tube that allows him to pee. It was a one day surgery and he came out fine.

Oudoor NH Spring FunPart of the recovery process was to retrain the bladder muscles, this is done by avoiding certain drinks that can cause constipation and thus ruin the bladder being able to work properly and by having him pee every two hours for a specific period of time. Two years ago we went through all of this and yet Aj was continuing to still have issues of urgency with pee since the surgery. While he does well and rarely has any accidents, if Aj has to pee he has to pee. There is no wait til I am out of the bathroom or anything, he must go when he feels the urge to go.

I always explained this as if his sensor that tells brain to pee before the bladder is totally full isn’t working right. It’s as if his sensor to brain only triggers when his bladder is so full he has to go immediately or risk peeing his pants. This always sucked and we finally got into the pediatric urologist for a follow up. This appointment left us with other news and more things to do to help Aj move on from this issue.

Mother and SonAfter explaining the symptoms, having a urine flow test done, a bladder scan and abdominal x-ray to look at his rectum/bowel area it was determined the little dude is constipated. While this seems odd because he poops twice a day at least, it’s soft poop. I didn’t even realize that this could be an issue, apparently your poop is not suppose to be soft all of the time. Basically Aj has a blockage in his rectum area or whatever you call it and is constipated but the soft bowel movements are slipping past the blockage.

Basically, it’s another health concern that hopefully gets cleared up with a bowel cleanse one day then a period of six months is going to be needed to have him retrain his bladder and rectum muscles to work properly. This means pee every two hours and pee a certain way, mainly sitting down when at home. Thankfully the pediatric urologist isn’t pushing him to pee sitting down while in public places if he isn’t comfortable with that, but at home he is expected to pee sitting down.

Sadly Aj’s bladder is still only emptying half of what is held in there and his rectum has been stretched 3cm beyond what it should be. So to put it frankly, the kid has a stretched bladder and rectum to boot with his mood disorder. The only positive that has ever come from any of Aj’s doctors & specialists visits in the past that didn’t result in some diagnosis was his hearing test, he passed his hearing test with flying colors.

Another journey in the world of parenting my son who always seems to have some health condition going on. Hopefully he will grow up to have few health issues as an older child and adult, because once he is old enough to realize all of this I wonder how it will affect his personality, mood and life.

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