FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD TODAY ONLY Adventures at Walnut Grove: A lesson About Teasing

Today the author of Adventures at Walnut Grove: A lesson About Teasing and other loved books here at my house, is offering everyone a free ebook download of this fantastic book.

Pictured above is another one of Dana Lehman’s book that my daughter has signed in her bedroom.  Today the free ebook download is fro Adventures at Walnut Grove: A lesson About Teasing. So head on over to to download your free copy of this book in ebook format today (December 1, 2012)

Leave a comment below telling me if you downloaded this, I want to know! (no I am not being compensated to share this with y’all, I am simply sharing as a supporter of Dana’s books)

Weekends Mean Computer Game Time

My four year old is addicted to game time, which is why he is only allowed to play the Wii or computer games for a short period of time and that is a privilege that gets taken away if he is not following rules during the day or is aggressive towards family & friends.

When my kids want to play online computer games I usually look for ways to download games because sometimes they find games that are so much better if you download them. There are websites that my four year old usually plays on but my daughter is older and really is always found downloading games.

I am happy that my daughter asks before she downloads any games, however, it seems lately downloaded games are the only games she has a remote interest in.

Basically in this house when Friday hits around 7 or 8pm the two older kids are allowed to have computer game time. This would be the four and eight year old. Just because we have the fun rule that they can play computer games doesn’t mean it is something that is guaranteed. This is just another privilege that can be taken away should the kids misbehave.

Do your kids play on the computer? Is computer time monitored in your household too?

Picasa, Vermont and my Dad … Read on

I am going to be working on helping my Dad get his blog he has on and his business site he has on over to a self hosted WordPress design. I explained to him that it will still have the look and feel of a business site, much like my own site for Brandy Ellen’s Business Solutions, but he will be able to have me monetize it for him better as well as have his blog and business on one page, since the both coincide rather nicely.

So I decided that eventually I should start playing around with Google Picasa and make a header for my father, but the below shows you my first two attempts, I have given up for a bit because I can find photos I love but hard to get the black text to show right and photos right, feel free to critique me and send suggestions in comment box below!

The thin line in black is simply a border I added to let each sample stand out within this blog post. I know the above are nothing compared to what my daughter and I created together using Picasa for her private blog, but they are a start and something to work off of at least .. I hope!

I wanted to get my Dad’s Farm “bale” Out {click it will open in new window} picture in his header somehow, but not sure where or how.


My Daughters Header

Maybe I will have my Dad play around and figure out what he wants, for now I have to get that site switched over because it is the beginning of Farmer Market season and that boy is going to be BUSY along with my step Mom.

Happy Monday My Friends!

Woke Up to Internet Issues

I woke up this morning figured I would write a couple blog posts and schedule them out, well found out after writing a really long awesome post to publish that the satellite usage was sucked dry! We have a limit, within 24 hours we can only use 625mb on this internet plan. We never, ever go below using 50% at most, so it’s never been an issue. During 2am to 7am we have unlimited download usage so thats when we can schedule to download updates for the computer along with any other big updates.

Last night Justin was reformatting his computer and playing around on it, well the clock reset so his downloads that were scheduled correctly between 2am and 7am EST were downloading at 9am this morning and sucked the internet dry! We looked and found out Justin’s PC stated that it was after 9am … so his clock had been messed up when he did some reformatting or whatever he was up to last night.

The awesome thing is, we get one token that is complimentary each month to reset the satellite usage. We used that token this morning and my throat was cleared up! I tell you I had  frog in my throat tears were ready to flow and everything! I need internet at a normal speed to work, the dial up speed was not going to allow me to get a thing done today!

We are back up and running and from now on will keep an eye on our PC clocks to ensure they are set to the right time! Lesson learned!

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