Unilever Spreads – Switch it Up in the Kitchen Giveaway #G2KHoliday

I was challenged to switch it up this holiday season with Unilever Spreads instead of using my normal butter or margarine options when baking some yummy treats. My son wanted to make some molasses cookies for his Christmas Party and the kids wanted chocolate chip cookies for snack at home, so we headed out to get I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter! from our local Walmart.

Unilever Spreads Holiday Challenge

The daughter had a great time using I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! for her chocolate chip cookie baking the other night before Christmas arrived. It was easier to use than our sticks of margarine we have used previously and appeared more smooth than options we had tried in past with our baking attempts.

Making Molasses Cookies

Let’s see, so the next time we baked before Christmas was the molasses cookies for my six year old’s class party the day before school break. They came out so soft and delicious, whereas in past I have had a hard time getting cookies to be the right texture of softness while still being fully cooked.

More About Unilever Spreads – such as Country Crock & I Can’t’ Believe it’s Not Butter! to set a couple examples:

  • Have 0g trans fat per serving
  • Contain no partially hydrogenated oils
  • Have no cholesterol
  • Are 70% less fat than butter per serving
  • Have 30% fewer calories than butter per serving

Do not forget to head over to enter for a chance to win your own Kitchen Aid mixer too, Unilever has their own Confection Perfection Sweepstakes going on {ends 12/31/2012} Visit site for more information.

Molasses Christmas Cookies

A Giveaway – ends 12am on December 30, 2012 Open to US residents ONLY

Since Unilever wants you to know things that are Good to Know about their spreads, they have offered me to host a giveaway where one lucky person will randomly be selected to win the following package:

  • SilpatĀ® baking sheet liner
  • Steel Cooling Rack
  • Nonstick cookie sheet
  • Stainless steel cookie scoop
  • $10 gift card to purchase your Unilever spread of choice and baking ingredients

Using the Rafflecopter form below is easy; use name/email to log in or Facebook for login. Rafflecopter will not use your email or access for anything other than giving me a way to contact you should you be the randomly chosen winner! Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize or another person will be randomly selected.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Free Product

Watch out you Will get the Travel Bug

That is what many said to me the first time I was heading out on a trip in June 2011. All of my friends online warned me that I would catch the travel bug once I flew one time and well I must admit they are correct. I have since gone to NYC for a Ragu event and toured the Unilever kitchens as well as now heading to NYC again for a red carpet premiere. You see, flying one time has me ready to look all over to find a great place to travel again for a family fun vacation.

There are so many places in the United States that I wish to visit, one such place that stands out to me is the possibility of visiting the state of Utah where I could see the gorgeousĀ  Park City homes and take in the breathtaking views! Although I haven’t traveled outside of the East Coast as of yet I know that there are many more states I wish to look into and I also know once my children are adults I may just start looking into relocating because I doubt I will live in NH for the rest of my life.

There are many real estate sites where you can research the real estate in various areas and Park City real estate is one of them. So whatever you may be looking to do; travel for vacation, relocate a family or just simply learn more about other areas of the world then you should make sure you take a peek at all areas of the world before making a firm decision on where to travel next!

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