I Want to be Different

Over this past week of school vacation my daughter has been wearing quite the “interesting” choice of clothing.  She has worn such things as pants that are way too short for her, stripes with plaid, and other such mis-matched type choices or clothing selections that she has clearly grown out of.  One day I finally called her out on her outfit choices, wondering why anyone would want to wear pants that are too short for them baffled me.

Positive Girl Aurthors - Mom and Daughter

The answer my daughter gave me regarding her outfit choices was;

I don’t care what other people say, I don’t care what other people think. You taught me to not worry about what others think of me and I want to be different. I don’t want to look or be like anyone else.

If I say tears of pride didn’t enter my eyes at that moment, I would be lying. My little girl who struggled for a bit with lower self esteem and issues on standing up for her own self is now showing signs of a high self esteem and confidence like no other. All of our positive quotes shared, positive stories read {and written/published}, all of that time I spent showing her that I didn’t care what others thought about me … is finally starting to shine through and as much as those high water pants drive me crazy, I just smile because she is my girl and I couldn’t be more proud of her!

Baby K’s New Word: Buttcrackin’

So we have moved and we are enjoying the great outdoors. One thing I have learned about my son, Baby K, is that he doesn’t like to keep his bum in his pants .. ever! He actually started to strip on a recent video I took and I clicked STOP on the Flip prior to him showing his bum. I don’t get this kid at all, but he certainly is a riot!

The other day we were outside doing our bike and scooting thing up and down the driveway when Baby K looks at me, goes to pull his pants up and says “I’m buttcrackin’” I said “what?” He says “I gonna be buttcrackin” as he proceeds to pull his pants down just enough to show his butt crack to inform me of the definition of what buttcrackin’ is.

I died of laughter….

I have no clue where this three year old learned that word. It’s not a word I have ever used nor would think of using. My father is pretty sure it sounds like something my sister would say and so we have officially blamed aunti for teaching Baby K a new, hilarious, word.

Webster’s dictionary must add buttcrackin’ to it’s slang words and the written definition would be … what?

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I Am Addicted to Women’s Pajamas

I always think about how I need to go shopping and get new clothes but every time I walk into a store all I want to do is check out the new women’s pajamas that the stores have out. If you love to buy women’s pajamas then you know exactly what I am talking about. There is always a theme for the current holiday, whether it’s St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day or even Mother’s Day you are bound to find a great selection of holiday pajamas in the woman’s section of any clothing store.

I particularly love wearing a matching set of pajama pants with top whether it be sleeveless or a t-shirt doesn’t matter, all that matters is the the pair of womens pajamas I am wearing match at some level. Forget sexy lingerie, pajama pants and tops are the in thing in this household! You can choose from flannel to satin and even cotton whatever type of material you love for clothing doesn’t matter when it comes to pajamas to wear when you snuggle down tight in your bed at night!

If I didn’t look like a total bum I would certainly wear my pajama outfits all day long because usually the pants are way more comfortable than the jeans I own that are too big for me and fall off my butt every time I walk or chase the kids around!

Questions for thought: What type of Pajamas do you where? And if you are a man do you purchase pajamas for your special loved one?

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