Still Working on Getting Back on Track Here, Slowly but Surely

I am trying to work but in all honesty this coming Wednesday will be the first day I have no kids all day without any other obligations. I had a day or so when I had no kids before but there was no way to unpack as Comcast had to come to get internet working in my master bedroom where my office is setup. My office setup is not like in my previous house as it’s an extension of the master bedroom, meaning part of the master bedroom has been set aside for me to work from, but I am thankful to have a place that is not in the main area of the home.


I will be able to focus and shut a door if need be to surround myself with just my laptop and work. Eventually I will have my ex husband build me a custom computer for my office but for now I work strictly from the laptop as it’s the only working PC I have that can handle all that I do for work.

Hoping to get back on track and share so many awesome pictures of our times with the move and our adventure in York Beach, Maine as well as other family adventures we go on soon! Have a beautiful evening my friends!

Top Locations For a Scottish Break in 2013

Loch Lomond, Scotland’s largest loch, is a beautiful relaxation spot. Loch Lomond, Scotland’s largest loch, is a beautiful relaxation spot. Image

Loch Lomond, Scotland’s largest loch, is a beautiful relaxation spot. Image

From the beautiful highlands to the rugged coastline, Scotland is home to some of the UK’s most beautiful scenery. Escape the stress and frustration of city life with a trip to one of Scotland’s top break destinations.

From offshore islands to beautiful highland lochs, read on to learn about Scotland’s best holiday destinations. Whether you’re visiting for two days or two weeks, a trip to these three stunning locations is sure to leave you relaxed and loving life.

Oban: Scotland’s Coastal Seafood Capital

Situated on Scotland’s beautiful west coast, Oban is famous for two things: seafood and sea kayaking. While both of its best-known gems are great – the seafood found on the railway pier is fantastic – this small town has a lot more to offer than food.

From stunning nearby islands to thrilling SCUBA diving, Oban is home to some of the best outdoor activities in coastal Scotland. Enjoy the ambiance, and the tastes, that this beautiful coastal town has to offer during your relaxing weekend break.

Loch Lomond: A Gorgeous Highland Escape

Scotland’s largest loch – and the UK’s largest lake by volume – is a fantastic place to enjoy Scotland’s gorgeous highland nature. From paddle steamers to mountainous scenery, Loch Lomond is a truly picturesque destination that’s sure to impress.

It’s also one of Scotland’s top water sports destinations. From water skiers to jet skis, wake boarders to leisure boaters, Loch Lomond attracts water sports gurus en masse during summer. Despite this, the lake is rarely noisy or unpleasant to relax beside.

Isle of Bute: Scotland’s Sandy Beach Capital

One of Scotland’s most accessible islands, the Isle of Bute is accessible by ferry and paddle steamer. This charming island, with a population of just 7,000, is one of the most beautiful Scottish isles due to its incredible scenery and charming township.

While Scotland may not be renowned as a beach destination, the Isle of Bute is home to several wonderful beaches. Pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, and picnic lunch for a fun day out in what is arguably Scotland’s most picturesque island destination.

This travel guide was written by Shearings Holidays, a leading travel company that operates cShearings Holidays. Visit their website to learn more about Scotland’s finest weekend breaks and holiday destinations.

Traveling to London? I wish I was

Best Bargain WineI know a couple of people who have traveled to London and I know they just loved it. I personally would love that experience but probably never will. For those who are able to afford or win a trip to London then make sure that you research where the best places to find entertainment and good dining are. Sites like provide an essential guide to London’s Bars and clubs plus more.

You are on a diet. You like to drink heavily. Whatever your needs are as a person going on vacation, you need to make sure that you are aware of what is out there in London for you to enjoy and indulge in while visiting this fun place. From bars to low calorie snacks, this website will show you the places that are best to go while in London.

I personally would be weary of bar hopping if drinking alcohol, I am more the have a few drinks in my own home. I don’t drink and drive and I certainly wouldn’t want to pull an all nighter at a bar in a place I am not familiar with. Others that I know, on the other hand, would have no problems doing something like that as it’s out of the normal for them and when you are on vacation to a place like London you are suppose to experience various things you normally would not or could not experience when home.

I am curious how many people read this blog that have gone to London before. Do tell … so I can be completely jealous. What are some things you have seen or would like to see in London?

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Looking for Rental Can Be Overwhelming

I am in the market to find a rental home. I want 3 or 4 bedrooms obviously and this is proving to be the most impossible task ever. If I do reach someone who has a home rental with the right size for the family, then it has already been contracted to be rented by the time the person calls me back. If I do finally reach a person and they are agreeable to letting me come view the property, I can never seem to really touch base with them again to make this appointment.

I am frustrated beyond belief because I am suppose to have a place lined up by warm weather, not for any bad reason but simply because the home I am in now is no longer available sometime around Summer. I have lived here a year and a half and enjoyed the memories but it’s time to make new memories.

I really just wish it was a lot easier. It seems Craigslist does not have much for my town, and I cannot switch the kids school district. Here I am trying to find a rental home and I know I will eventually start seeing more rentals opening as warmer weather comes but in the mean time I am wondering how much more I really need put on my plate at this moment in time. I pick up newspapers so frequently that I could nearly have a huge bonfire with the amount of newspapers I have collected.

They say God does not give you more than you can handle, well I tell you what, He has a lot of faith in me, I swear! But then again I do in Him as well. A rental home that is perfect for my family shall come when I least expect it. I just hope it’s this most recent one I have been trying to connect with, because it’s a beautiful location, perfect size and not too far from where I reside now.

Speak Up – No Mas, Change the World one Voice at a Time

What subject matter are you passionate about? Is there something that happens in this world that you just feel like being the voice of reason for? Do you believe in the Freedom of Speech and utilize it to try to spread awareness about a topic you believe in? That is what this No Mas campaign is all about,

No mas oppression! No mas censorship! No mas silence! Change can start with two simple words…”No mas!” What do you say, “No Mas” to?  Create your own personalized No Mas badge and share it with your community.

Note: Not all badges need to be serious! Have fun with them and encourage your community to do the same. (Ex: “No Mas Meanies,” “No Mas Crying Babies,” “No Mas Burnt Toast,” etc.)

Meanies are something I can say No Mas to, having three school aged children it is often that I hear this story of a kid calling my kid slow, even crippled to the other, and then there are times where kids are just meanies as in they tell my son he is not allowed to play with certain groups of people. Thankfully my kids are pretty strong, independent little people because otherwise they would not know how to properly ignore or handle these meanies. With that being said I certainly think that saying No Mas to meanies is my passionate topic I want to reach out and support the battle against!

no Mas

Like my No Mas badge? Create your own No Mas badge and share it on the internet, then come here to comment so I can go see what your No Mas badge is all about!

Watch the No Mas video, create your own No Mas Badge, sign the petition and keep moving forward to support Freedom of Speech in whatever you are passionate about! The right to Freedom of Speech is so vitally important to many of us, let’s keep speaking out for what we believe in! Power to the People!


Learn more about No Mas on their website and join @takepart on Twitter every Monday in February at 11am (EST) to discuss the issues of free speech!

Full disclosure: this article is financially supported by Participant Media

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