Building with Mega Bloks with My Little Man

We had school vacation for over a week, then two snow days. The stomach bug hit our home and so there were more school days missed on top of the already planned school break plus snow days. My children have been home more often than in school the past month so we have been trying our hardest to have some fun, during our non sick moments.

Building Mega Bloks for Fun with Kids

We have a house full of toys but we also have a house full of electronics, this means there is  constant battle between getting kids to not want electronics. My little man isn’t a huge electronic playing kid, while he enjoys time on MineCraft here and there, overall he is a child who benefits most from one on one interaction with his toys.

Building Cage for Flashlight Friend out of Mega Bloks

We decided Mega Bloks would be fun on this particular day! My son wasn’t interested in building a huge, tall tower because “it will fall”. My son wasn’t interested in building a garage for his cars to play in. I finally used some of my own imagination and said, “hey let’s build a cage for your Flashlight Friend”. The little man’s face brightened and so we went on to build a cage for our Flashlight Friend Penguin.

Flashlight Friends in Mega Bloks Tower

When the cage was near finished, we weren’t really ready to call it quits yet so we looked at the blocks to figure out what more we could do to this cage…

Cookie Monser Mega Blok guards Flashlight Friend

We found Cookie Monster and decided that Cookie Monster would be the best guard for our cage while we ventured out of the bedroom of creativity with Mega Bloks to interact with the other two kiddos in the house. Cookie Monster did a great job guarding our Flashlight Friend, to this day, he is still in his cage!


Meet The Zelfs Collectible Dolls from Moose Toys

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Think Trolls but 2013 version, at least that’s what I think of when I look at The Zelfs collectible dolls from Moose Toys. I loved troll dolls growing up and so it’s no surprise my daughter was super excited about these adorable Zelfs in this day and age.

Zelfs from Moose Toys

The Zelfs are a group of quirky and whimsical dolls brought to you by Moose Toys and will make your little girl happy this holiday season. When thinking of unique, new ideas for gifts; think The Zelfs. Selling at a suggested retail price of $6.99 each, The Zelfs are available in small, medium and large with fun names like Vampula, Mermalade and Miss Clover. By the way, Miss Clover is the ultra-rare four leaf clover Zelf, so if you get your hands on that one your daughter will know she is super special this holiday season!

The Zelfs come from the garden of Zardenia and each medium Zelf comes with a charm, hairstyle accessories and a comb. Girls will have fun styling their medium Zelf’s hair and pretend play with the other Zelfs she collects. There are a total of 12 medium Zelfs to collect in addition to the ultra-rare Miss Clover. If you count all small, medium and large Zelfs then there are over 50 to collect!

The Zelfs are rated for ages 5 years + and are available now at retailers nationwide. I also found some on to go check out. Visit to learn more.

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Sibling Playtime: How to Combat the Inevitable Fights

Despite the blatant balking, once siblings are encouraged to play together, they will realise how much fun it can really be. The problem is trying to get them to play nicely without the inevitable squabbling, screaming and fighting.

As soon as another child enters your family, it’s up to you to encourage their older sibling to get involved. From the off, if they are included as much as possible, they will automatically build a bond with the new baby which will stand them in good stead for when they’re old enough to play together.

While little ones may not find the idea of sibling playtime appealing, especially if there’s a bit of an age gap between them, there are various ways in which to ensure the process runs smoothly rather than ending in fights.

Role Play Games

Encourage role play between them so that they can take it in turns to be who they want to be. Not only does it stimulate the imagination but it will also bring them closer together by making sure that they have plenty of fun.

Add a few role play toys to their toy selection if you haven’t already. Items such as the Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set that would be fabulous for younger children.

A well-stocked dressing up box will give siblings hours of pretend play opportunities too – you don’t have to spend a lot on fancy costumes either; there’s plenty in your wardrobe that could be added to their chest full of goodies!

Messy Play

Make some time for some creative play together. Having a draw packed full of arts & crafts materials, such as play dough, paints and pipecleaners will encourage them to sit and spend time together creating their own little masterpieces (and making a mess while they’re at it!)


It may be an extremely loose term for what young children do in the garden, but there’s nothing better than enjoying the outdoors together. Whether it’s helping you to plant vegetable seeds or you leave them to their own devices with a trowel and a watering can, the last thing they’ll do is fight – they’ll be far too busy getting muddy and digging up worms!


A perfect activity for a rainy day, baking can bring families together. Your children can all have their own responsibilities and they can help eachother to make some fabulously delectable goodies. These sorts of activities help with cognitive development, language and social interactions – perfect for siblings to get together and enjoy eachother’s company.

By providing plenty of options for games and activities that will include all of the children in the home, you will be able to reduce the chance of any sibling rivalry that could exist and will have a nice, calm (and probably still not quiet) home.

Always Looking to Save, Holiday Season Best Time to Save

It’s the holiday season, we are all about shopping for our family about now, well unless you are like me and wait until the last minute. I have a lot of friends who are already shopping for their families at this time and I am sure they are seeking out ways to save money with hot shopping deals, which is why I am writing this post.

I like to save money all year round. The government is shut down now though and so with that comes consumers wanting to save even more money because they don’t have much choice but to save in any way they can. You can save on holiday gifts, you can save on food shopping and the list goes on and on. I love to save on office supplies, as of lately, I have been using printer ink more often than normal and I love saving on necessary office supplies whenever possible, don’t you?

For my sons who make their own money at their Dads for doing chores, they would be seeking to have a discount video game deals, particularly my seven year old video game nut. There are a lot of discounts on video games from online gaming to video game consoles and even apps. This is great news because my children enjoy not only playing video games on their console game systems but also on cell phones, tablets and computers. While I don’t push high video game usage, it is good to allow your children to have some time on game systems if that’s something that they enjoy.

For me, I need a new office computer and I have found that there are currently a lot of discount computers online for sale. I need specific requirements for working from home for a computer but I also want to find a discount computer for the family area so that the children have a computer that is for their usage only. It’s important to have a computer in the household but to save money on one is even better!

There you have it, things I would like to save money on and find online discounts for; what items would you be seeking out discounts for?

I Love Having Children Who Enjoy Life to the Fullest

As a parent, well back that up, the day I became a parent for the first time; I had to ask  myself what type of person did I want my children to look up and what type of adults would I want my children to be. The answer was rather simple; I wanted and still want to have children who will learn, at a young age, to have respect, use common sense and have common courtesy as well as a respect for all elders and a fun loving spirit that takes them far in life. So far, my children have proven that the way they have been raised, the way that I have lived my life, has shown them that there is so much more to life than just one “like” or just “one way of life”… when my children see other people doing things in ways we do not do them, I merely explain that everyone leads a life that makes them happiest. We are all different and that is what makes us all unique and keeps things interesting.

Family Fun Time  (1)

I will tell you that raising boys has been somewhat of an interesting feat for me, having been around boy cousins on occasion but mostly my sister all of my life; it was easier for me to relate to and learn how to work with my daughter. The boys on the other hand have a unique personality about them that makes them ALL BOY. The boys much prefer to ruckus in the backyard, ready to rumble and play Ninja warrior or Star Wars pretend play games. The boys are ever so ready to get this rumble started immediately upon arrival home from school most days.

Family Fun Time  (5)

My youngest is so full of energy that doesn’t stop, even when it’s bedtime. Often times he is found doing headstands on the couch and jumping while running all over the house; inside and outside. K-man is my youngest and he fully enjoys life every waking moment, even when it’s suppose to be non-waking moments.

Family Fun Time  (3)

Geared up with his Ninja outfits and gadgets or the Ninja Turtles Turtle shell, K-man is always read for imaginary playtime. K-man much prefers running and pretend play over a board game. On occasion K-man does enjoy crafting it up with us, but that usually involves him getting into the shed for cardboard so that he can place a full tube of elmer’s glue onto it and say “here’s my craft”.

Family Fun Time  (6)

And last but not least you have my daughter who enjoys every single thing life has to offer. Ki loves to play board games and shown above was a moment we were able to enjoy a game of Scrabble alone, that was a fun time. Ki also enjoys getting her brothers all wound up hyper just to say “oh no I don’t want to play anymore” and leave me picking up their hurt feelings.

Each child is so different yet the same. Each child has their own “thing” that they prefer to do but we can also all go out and enjoy a nice hike together, or a water fight in the backyard, or a board game on a quiet day. Each child has a love of books and even the hyper K-man can sit during story time in the house. We enjoy a wide range of things in life; all of the children know how to navigate on a computer, laptop and cell phone because in this day and age they must know that skill as well as any other skill.

I am proud that my children have been raised to be well rounded, respectful little children who hopefully will carry on these skills learned well into their adult years.


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