Jenny the Pug and her Silly-ness

I really never, ever thought that I would love a dog as much as I love my sweet Jenny the Pug. Sure I always wanted a pug, certainly preferred a black pug over the fawn but this sweet dog at age six is such the perfect fit for my family. Jenny the Pug has been getting fed by my four year old son, and it’s making her a somewhat naughty dog.

Not so naughty that she will be on Santa’s naughty list, but naughty enough to the point where I can not eat at my recliner without her begging. As you can see in the image above, she is staring me down. I decided to stare back at her with a stern look and she just had to look away ….

She is so funny, seriously! She kept looking at me out of the corner of her eye but wouldn’t look at me again, until I was done eating my snack and then she pouted….

Yup, she fits right in with us. She acts like a fourth child and she is treated like a fourth child. If she gets locked out of my room she whines and pouts because she is used to sleeping next to someone, but one night/early morning she jumped on my face at 2:30am and anyone who knows me well, knows you do not wake me up startled like that. It doesn’t’ go over well. I had to remove her from my room and finally fall back asleep. Jenny the Pug is a brat at times, but a cute brat!



Jenny the Pug and her Dog Cuisine

By now everyone should realize that my sweet Jenny the Pug is 100% spoiled, just as spoiled as my kids with love. This sweet dog has just been a joy ever since she entered our family lives. I discussed dog beds and supplies previously but today I am going to talk about the glutinous dog and her eating habits. This pug thinks she is starved to death; some who see her wonder why she is so thin too, for most pugs around here tend to be overweight. Jenny the Pug is not overweight and that is due to her healthy Dog Cuisine diet.

No, my pug is not on a diet, however, she is strictly allowed 1/3 cup of food in morning and another 1/3 of her Savory Dog Dinner in the evening for her Dog Cuisine. Due to the strictness of Jenny the Pug’s diet, she has been able to maintain a healthy weight and enjoys a healthy lifestyle. Jenny the Pug can run with the kids without getting all out of breath, unlike this Dog Mama who gets out of breath way too fast. Can we say out of shape?

Having your dog be served the best in food and the correct amount can really assist in the long life of your loved family pet. I was thankful that Jenny the Pug’s previous owners served her so well and that she was properly taken care of in the feeding area of her dog life.

Happy Birthday to Jenny the Pug

Today my sweet pug, Jenny, turns 6 years old. That’s what, 42 in human years? At least that is what my daughter tells me. The kids want to make her a peanut butter cake and I just want to relax, but we will see, relaxing is usually Jenny’s job.

This dog came into our lives months back and she has shown us that dogs truly do have a personality of their own. She smiles when she is happy…

And she pouts when she is spoken to…

But above all she will let you know when she wants to be left alone, for she is our diva princess of the house and reminds us very often of this fact…

So today we say Happy Birthday Jenny, you are now six years old, time to grow out of the pouting and glaring stage and move on to smiles, love and laziness. Oh wait, she already does that. Well Happy Birthday to the best dog that we could have ever wished for!


My Love of Pugs Isn’t Stopping with Jenny The Pug

My love of pugs started at a very young age; I have a memory of a couple of pugs my mom had while my sister and I were young.  There was a female pug who I somewhat remember to be a great dog and then we had this male pug later on but I recall he was hyper and not so great of a dog at times. My memory fails me often, but that is how I recall the pugs we had.

When I finally decided I may be ready to take in a life long dog, it was not by accident that I chose the pug breed. Pugs are a smaller dog that all three of my kids can walk on a leash but not so small and yappy that they would break or drive me nuts with their yapping. The pug breed sounded perfect, but to find the right pug for us would be a daunting task.

You see, many pugs are overfed and overweight which leads to many health issues and breathing issues, as one would expect with a wrinkly face little dog. Sure I found quite a few pugs on Craigslist and various other places for adoption or free but all were overweight, had various health problems or the owners wanted crazy money for them. I knew I could take on a dog, but I also knew I couldn’t take on the costs of extra health issues so I took my chance with Jenny the Pug. Jenny received a clean bill of health from the local animal hospital, she looks underweight to the average eye but she is actually an ideal weight according to the veterinarian.

Jenny fits right in with our family, it’s as if she hadn’t been with any other family the first five years of her life.  The kids adore Jenny and since I have two wild boys and one nearly tween daughter, Jenny being a calm, laid back dog has really helped keep the house under control. When the kids get too hyper or dramatic I just say “oh look, Jenny wants you to pet her” and off goes the little munchkins to pet their sweet pet pug! Jenny is not only a great addition to the family but a wonderful addition to my children distraction techniques.

Overall I have no clue if all pug breeds are as calm as Jenny, because she is almost 6 years old, but I haven’t one complaint about her, she even runs with the boys if they get her plastic bone and wind her up. For the most part Jenny enjoys being next to someone on the recliner in my bedroom or under my feet at my computer desk. She is a happy dog and when the time comes for me to be financially ready for another dog, I may just look into a Pug Rescue to adopt another pug addition, but that’s not happening anytime soon.


Jenny The Pug is Something Else

Many of you have been introduced to Jenny the Pug and I have to share some updates about this sweet Pug.  I haven’t researched the Pug breed too much more other than what people have told me and the previous owners provided me in her little folder with vet records. So pardon me if this story fits the pug personality to a T because it just shocks me and makes me laugh daily, and if I were more familiar with the breed maybe then this personality would not be as shocking to me.

Jenny the Pug refuses to sit on the recliner, bed, doggy bed, couch, etc without another human being near her, mainly me. Jenny the Pug has taken me in as her human friend and companion, if I go she goes, if I sleep she sleeps, if I play she plays. You see we are two peas in a pod, she is my sidekick and I am hers.

It’s an absolute riot to watch Jenny the Pug because when we are all downstairs enjoying some family time in the living room or playing in my sons room, Jenny sits at the top of the stairs and whines & barks because she refuses to come downstairs for whatever reason yet refuses to be satisfied staying upstairs alone. As I start to walk upstairs to greet miss spoiled Jenny the Pug she turns to go towards my bedroom, where “our” recliner is and stops to turn grunting at me to ensure I am following her to our special recliner. If I don’t head to the recliner, instead maybe head towards the kitchen area, she will keep following me all the while grunting at me as if she is speaking to me.

When I cook dinner, Jenny the Pug sits and stares while grunting at me in the kitchen until she finally realizes that I am cooking dinner so I am unable to leave the kitchen to sit with her on the recliner so she will let out a big sigh and grunt then plop herself on the kitchen floor to lay until I am done cooking dinner. Jenny the Pug is spoiled, loved and just a joy to have around. I am happy that after moving from her family she had known since 8 weeks of age to ours at age 5 that she has fit in so much so that it’s as if we have had her all of her life.  Jenny the Pug is certainly a dog meant to be ours!

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