Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™ for your Doggy {Review}

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I am not the only one who benefits from being a blogger, Jenny the Pug is also being able to benefit from the product samplings this month! Recently we received a box of Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™ for the sweet Pug in our life.

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When we adopted Jenny the Pug a couple of years back, we found out that her teeth were not taken care of very well. Right now it’s a choice of keeping up the best we can with her teeth because dental hygiene is important for your pets. Luckily, Jenny’s teeth issues are not anything negatively affecting her health and we have been lucky to find products like these to assist in dental upkeep. This is why when I was pitched to test out Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™, I said YES PLEASE.

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These boxes for storage of the Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™ are perfect, you can buy them in these boxes based on what size dog you have, for us we have received both options of the mini and the small/medium sizes. Jenny is more under the mini sized because she weighs about 17lbs.  I love that the bags inside of these boxes pictured above have a Velcro closure rather than any other options I have seen with various dog treats in the past, I am resting easy knowing that the Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™ are staying fresh in the box.

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Jenny the Pug will sit for any treat, usually. Shown above she is not-so-patiently seated and waiting for me to release her the Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™, which I did. I just had to tease her for a moment with a treat to picture for you all what she looks like when she is ready for her yummies! Jenny quickly grabbed the treat as soon as I let her know she could and away she ran into her human sisters bedroom to munch on her Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™.

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I say the dog gives Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™ two paws up, what do you think?

Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™ have a twist & nub design clinically proven as effective as brushing your dogs teeth, please use these daily to ensure they truly help with dental hygiene. Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™ dental treats come in a package designed to be reminiscent of a toothpaste box. Each product package features a recommendation for annual veterinary dental check-ups and the VOHC’s recommendation of daily brushing for optimal effectiveness, as well as the support of the VOHC Seal of Acceptance. There are currently two sizes of these available for sale in your local grocery store pet aisle; Mini, for dogs 5-24 pounds; and Small/Medium, for dogs 25-74 pounds, as well as a value size box. The suggested retail price is between $4 and $5 per box.

 To learn more about Milk-Bone Brushing Chews™, please visit Milk-Bone’s Official Website.

These Dang Signs of Getting Older

I have a variety of signs that I am getting older, no longer does my skin look as beautiful and young as it did before. All of a sudden I turned 30 in 2011 and my body said “oh you are old now, so let’s start being a pain”. That is when I stopped being able to eat foods I had loved all of my life, my hair started sprouting greys even quicker and I swear I noticed a receding type hairline the other day, but have not really seen it again so assuming that was (hopefully) a figment of my imagination!

There is things beyond the outward signs and the inability to eat certain foods that concerns me, my teeth. Yes, I said it. My teeth. You see pictures of me where I have this beautiful full teeth smile and I love those pictures but as I get older I am noticing that my gums are starting to move away from my teeth. Does this mean I am going to need some treatment for my gums? Receding gums treatment is out there and many swear by this method than using a toothbrush, but am I really ready or in need of that right now? Please say no.

Loving Mother with her son

The funny thing about getting older and being 31 years old, turning 32 in October of this year – I do not feel old. My brain still functions like a responsible adult when need be but also that of a fun teen when I can be that way too.  When I say teen brain it simply means that I know how to and am able to let loose and be goofy with my kids without acting like a stuffy old adult. I do not think I will ever grow up but my body has other plans – it says it’s time for it to start maturing and I just want it to slow down …. why can’t our bodies match up with where our brain is? I bet mine would if I started working out regularly again!

The Fairy Hobmother has Visited Me

Fairy_hobmother_for_bloggersI am not talking about the tooth fairy that visited last night scrounging up change to place in my daughter’s tooth fairy box in exchange for her lost molar, no. I am talking about another amazing fairy, this is the Fairy Hobmother who visits blogs to sprinkle gifts to use for just spreading the belief in fairies.

Heck if I can believe in the tooth fairy at 31 years of age, I suppose a Fairy Hobmother is not that far fetched to believe in. So today I write about being visited by the Fairy Hobmother in hopes that I get sprinkled a little gift and other bloggers do too.

If you leave a comment on this blog post, as a blogger, you just may receive a visit too!

Most of you may or may not know, I will be moving from where I live now at some point here, after a year and a half of renting from my Mom the time has come for her to move back to this area with her husband and me to move on with my kids to our new “home”. I thank Mom for allowing me to stay here, while I paid for her mortgage as a way to assist me in getting back on my feet from a foreclosure. I think I have grown close to my Mom during this past year and a half and that is something I can walk away with being grateful for, among other things.

As I search around for a new rental one of the things that I really need to know is if there is a washer and dryer hook up at the new rental. I have three kids and let me tell you what, I certainly wish this Fairy Hobmother could not only sprinkle me with gifts, but make laundry magically disappear into dresser drawers too ;-)

When I move, I will need to purchase a cheap tumble dryer as a way to ensure my laundry never goes undone, piled to the ceilings in my new home.  Of course, if I don’t get a dryer or washer for my new rental home, I will just have to be a frequent visitor at the local laundry mat.

Now that I have sprinkled the love of the Fairy Hobmother to you all, I hope you will believe in fairies again and leave me a comment below telling me something that you wish a Fairy Hobmother would do for you!

Teeth Straightening Options for Children

Having an attractive smile may mean getting crooked teeth straightened. Fortunately, orthodontists have several choices available for your child.

Braces are the oldest method available for aligning teeth. Traditional braces are applied by an orthodontist and are small brackets that are cemented to the teeth and connected by a wire. The wire is gradually tightened, and this applies pressure to slowly move the teeth into a better position. And you don’t have to worry about your child being called “metal mouth.” Modern braces can be tooth colored, or in some cases, even placed behind the teeth.

These appliances are often associated with braces because they’re usually used to help keep teeth from shifting after the braces are removed. However, if your child only needs a minor adjustment (for example, closing a gap between teeth) wearing a retainer for a while may be all that’s needed. Retainers are generally made of metal and plastic, and would be custom fit to your child’s mouth.

These “invisible braces” are a high tech method of tooth alignment, but all your child’s baby teeth must be gone and their second molars should becoming in. Aligners are made using a computer analysis of a 3D image of the teeth. Your child would be given a series of clear plastic aligners, each one to be worn for two weeks. Each successive aligner would gradually push the teeth further into their proper position, as determined by the computer analysis. Aligners can also be removed for brushing and flossing, but they’re more expensive than braces and mostly used only for mild to moderate problems.

This may seem like a surprising way to straighten out teeth, but may work for children whose baby teeth are still in place. If the orthodontist thinks your child may develop alignment problems, she may consider pulling one or more baby teeth to make enough space for the new teeth to properly drop into place.

When extra force is needed to move the teeth, your child’s orthodontist may recommend a night brace. This consists of a headpiece that is anchored to a brace that applies external pressure to the teeth. Headgear is usually worn about 12 hours per day.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children have an orthodontic evaluation by age seven. Solving problems early will help ensure they have that great looking smile.


About this Article: This article has been provided by East Coast Orthodontics, an orthodontic practice that was established in Dublin, Ireland in 1997. They offer a range of various treatments including traditional braces and 6 month braces. For more information visit the website

Tooth Monster HD Pro app for iPad

Tooth Monster HD pro for your iPad is an app that was brought to my attention recently and so here I am sharing the details with you all. I love all these apps that are available for the iPad, keeping kids busy & smiling everywhere.

I don’t know about all of you but tooth brushing is a headache in my household. Having a daughter who is now 10, apparently these days brushing her teeth isn’t a priority and I am constantly having to remind her over and over to brush her dang teeth. Next comes my two sons who believe their teeth only need to be brushed before bed, maybe that’s partially my fault. Their Dad and I both really hated putting up a fight to have them brush their teeth, but we fought for at least once a day since the pediatrician stated once a day is okay for now.

The boys are older. They need motivation to brush twice a day and this app sounds like a fun way to encourage them to brush their teeth. Tooth Monster HD Pro allows your child to learn the six steps to brushing your teeth in the “Brush your Teeth” playbook found within the app. You can collect stamps in the game, after using your finger to follow the six steps to brushing your teeth properly.

Among the “Brush your Teeth” playbook, there are games where your child can fight plaque and sing along to various songs that are included within this $4.99 app. This is a fun way to encourage a love of brushing teeth and putting a face to plaque. I would personally love an app like this for my two sons, because I am at the point where trying anything to get them to brush their teeth is fair game.

What about you all? How do you kids do with teeth brushing and would you think an app like this would help encourage a love of teeth brushing?

Download Tooth Monster HD Pro on iTunes for your iPad for $4.99, rated ages 4+.


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