How To Diffuse a Temper Tantrum

Just about every parent has had a moment in parenthood when their child as done lost their mind; a legs flailing, arms flying, mouth screaming temper tantrum. Most say the year of the two’s are the worst, makes sense because this is a time when your child realizes that they have their own mind and can test the boundaries of their parents. In my experience the age of 4 and 6 were the worst, with my youngest it’s this age of four and with my oldest it was once she hit 6 that I found myself dealing with various parental testing, mind boggling temper tantrums. I had quite a few my own self dealing with these changes in my children, but then I realized the trick, what works to diffuse my child’s temper tantrum.

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It was a long night, little to no sleep for the little guy when all of a sudden every thing you did as a parent set him into a whirlwind of whining, screaming and hitting. The kid was stomping around as if you just told him the world was ending, a nightmare. The parent without the most sleep starts to feel their own self wanting to join in on this whirlwind of craziness but then it dawns on that parent that the “if you can’t beat them, join them” theory may not prove to work in this type of scenario. That is when the parent pulls out the big guns, ignore the temper tantrum.

That’s right, you heard me, ignore the little temper tantrum throwing child. Sit back and make sure that the child is out of harms way and let that child throw their little fit of rage. Nine times out of ten if that child is ignored the fit will diffuse rather quickly, leaving the situation to resolve itself easily. Of course, if ignoring this child is only making things worse then maybe it’s time to give them a time out in a safe area and make sure that they serve one minute per age in a time out. Whatever you do, do not join in on the temper tantrum as it will usually only feed the fire more.

Tips on How to Diffuse a Temper Tantrum

  • Count to three or ten, whatever it takes for you to personally calm down before attempting to address the temper tantrum child.
  • Breath slowly, talk slowly and speak to the child in a firm, matter of fact way.
  • Let the child know that you are going to give them “set amount of minutes” to calm down or they will need to be removed from their particular area and set to have alone time. Set timer with alarm.
  • Once that time is up, go back to the child, if their temper tantrum is over discuss with them {at their age level} as to why their behavior was not okay and how they can better address their issue next time.
  • If the temper tantrum is still going on, then set that child alone somewhere to have peace and quiet time, they can throw their little fit elsewhere. By taking the child away from the situation/view of others, they will possibly calm down quicker due to lack of audience.
  • Move on with the day after issue has been addressed as if nothing happened.

These are tips that have worked for me and are still a work in progress, but hey isn’t life a work in progress anyways? Who’s to say everyone has a magic wand answer to parenting, but I am hoping by sharing my tips you will then share your tips below and we can all work together to support each other during the challenges that arise in parenthood.

Merry Cherub app for your Toddler or Baby on iPad & iPhone

There is an app for your iPad and iPhone called Merry Cherub that I wish to share with you all today. When your baby or toddler touches the screen an amazing illustration of animals are revealed combined with relaxing music.

This is a great app to help baby or toddler learn English as well as another language. When the animal is revealed, it’s name is spoken in English and then in another chosen language. Future multi-lingual upgrade allow you to teach your child Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic and Hindi. Merry Cherub already comes with Spanish.

Merry Cherub provides education, entertainment and relaxation for your baby or toddler with just the right images, voice and music. The high resolution images specifically support portrait and landscape.  The benefit of Merry Cherub is to support your child’s early developmental stages, as most know the younger we are the quicker we are to learn a new language and have it stick with us.

There are parental controls that allow you to easily access the controls with a small press and hold button, making it less likely baby or toddler will access the parental controls. Independent volume controls for voice, music and sound effects; which is extremely appealing as a parent who dislikes having all of those options at the same volume level.  You can choose to have baby’s favorite repeated for best reveal effects or have all four revealed.

This app is rated for ages 4+. Price is $2.99. You can get Merry Cherub at the iTunes store.

Merry Cherub’s developer, One Monk Clapping company, has developed more similar apps, such as Natural Tots,  Natural Tots Birds, Natural Tots Flowers, Natural Tots Scenery. Please include a reference into the review.

National Child Safety Protection Month: Things That Work For Me

Since November is National Child Safety Protection Month I thought I would share some things I do around my home to ensure my children are safe.  I am the work at home mother of three children; two boys who are 3 and 5, one girl who is 9 years old, the boys are the most curious of my three children and so most of my safety tips are for young curious children like my double trouble team.

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Safety Tip # 1 — Scissors Look Cool, but are Not Cool

One day my youngest apparently woke up with the love of scissors, maybe it’s from all that craft time his sister and I spend together or maybe it’s just the fact that he is a boy and scissors look like a pretty cool tool to have.  Either way, my three year old quite honestly is not going to be using adult scissors whether supervised or not, it’s simply my rule. At age two my son learned that he can use kitchen chairs and his step stool to his advantage when getting something he really wants from a high area. Luckily for my son, I a mom who pays attention, however, mistakes do happen even when you feel you watch your children super close which is why I have made a serious rule to have all scissors hidden up high in a place that my three year old can’t even see them to be tempted to find a way up to them.

Safety Tip # 2 — Sleeping Parents May not Mean Sleeping Toddlers

I co-slept with my daughter most of the first three years of her life and even after that she was still sleeping in my bedroom most of the time in her own toddler bed and I kept my bedroom door locked but for the most part my daughter never had the curiosity my sons have about her world.  Once I had boys I knew that their curiosity of their world could get them into trouble should they wake mid night and wish to creep out of bed to investigate their world while their parents were sleeping.  This is when I decided that my sons would sleep with a baby gate on their door no matter what. Then it happened, the boys learned how to open the baby gate and/or climb over it to get out of their bedroom, yes we even attempted TWO baby gates with hinges on top of each other to keep the little curious creatures inside their room but it was only a matter of time before they learned to climb that. My sons now sleep with their bedroom door shut and the door knob turned backwards so that I can lock their door at night. The boys also have a baby monitor in their bedroom so I can always hear them while sleeping.

At first I thought the idea of locking my sons in their bedroom was a really bad idea, but I have discussed this with both their counselor and pediatrician to find that this indeed may be the best thing for them and isn’t being used in a way of fear, the boys have had their door locked at bedtime with a baby monitor for a couple years now with great success. The boys know when they wake up to yell into the baby monitor and then down I come to get them out of their bedroom. It works wonderful for us, even for this mama who was reluctant to use such a safety method to ensure they don’t have free reign of house overnight.

So there are two of my safety tips for today … what do you do to ensure your children are kept safe inside of your home?

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Gerber® Graduates® Grabbers™ Squeezable Fruit and Fruit and Vegetable Pouches

My sons were able to try a new addition to their lunch and daytime snack routine with Gerber® Graduates® Grabbers™ Squeezable Fruit and Fruit and
Vegetable Pouches
! Take note, my son Aj rarely smiles for a picture and he totally was happy about this new snack idea that he smiled right away holding it up for me to take a pic!

Apparently Aj had seen kids in his class have snacks similar or the same as the Gerber® Graduates® Grabbers™ Squeezable Fruit and Fruit and
Vegetable Pouches this year in Kindergarten. I was excited to hear that he was familiar with the brand and at least the concept of healthy eating!

About Gerber® Graduates® Grabbers™ Squeezable Fruit and Fruit and Vegetable Pouches

  • Made with 100% natural fruit or fruit and vegetables
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Excellent source of antioxidant Vitamins C & E
  • 2 servings of fruit or fruit/vegetables per pouch {One serving is ¼ cup of fruit or fruit/vegetable for toddlers}

Made For Toddlers

  • Easy for toddlers to self feed
  • Encourage independent eating skills
  • Come in a re-sealable pouch
  • Pouch is easy to take on the go
  • Fun to eat

Five Flavor Combinations

  • Banana Blueberry
  • Apple, Pear & Peach
  • Apple & Sweet Potato with Cinnamon
  •  Pear & Squash
  • Apple, Mango & Strawberry

Baby K took a more serious approach, because he is the youngest of three and he knows he better eat that snack up or else someone else is going to get it from him.

I tried all sorts of flavors with the kids, because I received a good sample package. Aj enjoyed having the Gerber® Graduates® Grabbers™ Squeezable Fruit and Fruit and Vegetable Pouches as a special surprise inside of his lunchbox each day when he went to have his snack and lunch time at school. I took pride in knowing that my son was okay with me putting some healthy choices inside of his lunch box each day.

I certainly will be a Mom who buys Gerber® Graduates® Grabbers™ Squeezable Fruit and Fruit and Vegetable Pouches because after the stats I heard last week at an event in NYC, most kids get less than 10% off their servings of veggies and fruits daily, I realized just how little my kids really do get as I don’t eat the recommended amount for myself either. Thank goodness for Gerber for creating a fun, yet healthy & quick idea for snack time!

If you are looking for more information about Gerber please feel free to visit the Gerber website and connect with Gerber on Facebook.

Disclosure: My family received product samples for free. All opinions are truly that of my own.


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Come Hide With Me

I have an eight, two and four year old. The younger two are boys, the oldest is a girl and has wonderful leadership skills. My four year old is a bit of everything and has come a long way with his aggressive behavior but for the most part he is fairly independent. My two year old will do whatever the four and eight year old ask him to do or say about 99% of the time, it’s rather amusing!

On this fine Easter Sunday my daughter wanted Baby K to hide with her… she was hiding from my camera …

But wait, they are hiding in a bush with no leaves?! They assume Mommy can not see them but Mommy has a camera and Mommy did catch them…

Can you see my children?

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