What Do you Mean You Don’t Like That?

My six year old sonEvery evening I pack up a nice cold lunch for my oldest and middle child, usually they get some form of deli meat & cheese sandwich, plus two sides and a capri sun for drink. Each day I pack their various sides, sometimes it’s raisins and crackers other times it’s applesauce and crackers.  What I pack with my kids drink and sandwich really is a matter of what I have available in the house. That is when I find out just how little I know my kids, some days.

For instance, last I knew my daughter and my middle child both enjoyed eating raisins. It is news to me that my six year old son no longer likes raisins and he proceeds to tell me with frustration each time I happen to pack a couple mini boxes of raisins in his lunchbox. He forgives me for my absent mindedness. Thank Goodness.

Emo tween looking hairstyleNext, we move onto breakfast. I wake up and cook my kids breakfast 5 out of the 7 days of the week, usually. With that being said I know that my daughter and six year old son enjoy runny eggs; guess it’s called over easy. My youngest enjoys scrambled eggs only. That is what I thought, anyways. Come to find out my six year old son no longer likes runny eggs because he now likes for his breakfast of toast with fried egg and cheese on it to be cut in half; a mess so to speak with the runny fried egg. I get it. But wish he would let me know before I start cooking.

All of a sudden my daughter doesn’t like cheese on her egg and toast sandwich. Every single time I cook her a fried egg and place it ever so gently on a piece of toast with a piece of American cheese on top, thinking I am all “awesome Mama”, she gets upset with me citing that now I ruined her breakfast because 1) she does not like cheese on her breakfast sandwich and 2) the cheese has now melted all over her egg and toast which apparently ruins the meal?!

Clean feet childThere are various moments where my mind plays tricks on me while raising my three kids, it’s as if one day I know them all too well and then before I even blink, they are changing their minds about preferences, clothing styles and even hair styles. It’s so hard to keep up and that is why I am thankful that I have humor. I firmly believe that if you can not laugh at yourself then you got an issue, the fact that I can enjoy a good laugh about my absent minded nature shows the kids that I am a real human being who messes up but moves on from it with a giggle.

Life is way too short but man I wish my memory wasn’t short.

How to Make Poor Man’s Grilled Cheese

Have you ever been in a tight time frame but really wanted a grilled cheese? How about the kids, they are begging for grilled cheese for lunch but you just don’t feel like making it? Maybe you ran out of propane for your gas stove? Whatever the reason this is the BEST idea since sliced cheese!

Poor Man’s Grilled Cheese

Supplies Needed:

  • Microwave
  • Sliced American Cheese { 1-2 per sandwich}
  • 2 pieces of bread per sandwich
  • Toaster
  • Garlic Powder {optional}

How to Make Poor Man’s Grilled Cheese

  1. Toast two pieces of bread per sandwich, a light toasting is best.
  2. Place 1-2 pieces of cheese between the now toasted bread.
  3. Sprinkle the optional garlic powder on the cheese in between the bread slices, or any other seasoning your kids or you enjoy the flavor of.
  4. Place the sandwich, as a whole sandwich, into the microwave & cook on high for 10 seconds at a time for 1 sandwich or 20 seconds at a time for 2+ sandwiches at a time.

Once the cheese is melted to a point of satisfaction, serve with a side of celery or apple slices & enjoy!

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Review: Pop Art Toaster Creativity Coloring Kit

A few weeks ago I was offered a chance to review the pop art toaster creativity kit and I was very excited to accept! As my oldest patiently awaited the arrival of our sample product, we visited the Pop Art Toaster Store and learned more about the product, stencils and discussed what stencils she hoped we received, how she was going to help her little brother AJ with his stencils, etc etc!

The day came and our pop art toaster creativity kit arrived!! The kids were so super excited, we opened up the kit and I even created a video of them enjoying this great product. Visit my Video Blogs page to watch the complete video review.

About The Pop Art Toaster Creativity Kit

Created by a momtrepreneur in 2005, the pop art toaster creativity kit is the new way to style your kids toast with little effort from yourself.  Linda Carlish, the creator, had heard stories from other moms who had been cutting their children’s toast into special shapes each morning so their children would eat. Linda knew there had to be a better way! The pop art toaster creativity kit is not just for children, the special toaster that comes with the kit can be used for adults too! Adults may simply take the stencils out of the toaster and use this in their kitchen for everyday toasting. The toaster has 7 settings and is much like your normal everyday toaster.

Why I Love The Pop Art Toaster Creativity Kit

I am very happy to have this product in my house because previously breakfast could turn into a fighting match between my two oldest children. They love to fight over Cheerios and Kixx or pretty much anything they can find to argue over.  With the pop art toaster creativity kit there is no more fighting over breakfast, they do not even fight over the markers. The children are so happy to have received this special breakfast item that they get along perfectly and even can be seen helping each other color their toast. This product is an amazing product and comes highly recommended by myself.

Final Notes About The Pop Art Toaster Creativity Kit

I would love to mention that after thorough review of this product I didn’t find anything that could be different. The kit comes with a stencil grabber and so I can take the stencils out while hot, place on my stove top while the kids get to use different stencils based on which one they prefer to use. Great product, fantastic that adults can use it as well. I would give this product a 10+ for creativity, imagination and making breakfast all about family fun.

If you are looking to purchase this product you can find it on Amazon in black or white toaster style.

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