Meal Number 1 for Thanksgiving – with my Dad, Sister and Others #happilyblended #thanksgiving

This year I had my children for Thanksgiving, their Dads and I split every other year when it comes to this particular holiday, so I have my three children on odd years. On the even years they spend that day with their Dad’s. Not knowing where Thanksgiving Day would be spent upon hearing that my Gram wasn’t hosting this year, made me quite sad. I then realized it is our first year as a blended family unit so we could always make up a new tradition being that we are a “new family” this holiday season for the first time. Then it happened, my Dad saved the day by having us go there for the holiday. I packed up my boyfriend and my three kids and off to Grampa’s we went to meet with my sister, my step mom, my sisters husband and baby Olivia.

Thanksgiving 2013

I had a blast being Auntie B and hanging with Olivia while the rest of the family had fun together too. We had blocks, board games, race tracks and great conversations over wonderful food. When my Dad cooks, he cooks! Plenty of food to feed an army. I made a big plate but found out clearly my eyes were bigger than my stomach so was unable to actually eat my full plate of food.

Thanksgiving Feast

The kids gathered around with their plates of food in living room in front of the show Clifford while we all talked and eat up our grub.

Kids at Thanksgiving

We had a great day on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. I then got sent home with lots of frozen meat my Dad forgot about in his freezer, so we scored big time on that day. It was a day to remember.

Soon I will share with you our first Blended Family Thanksgiving day, which was the day after Thanksgiving when we cooked our first turkey here for all five of our children together.

I wish all who celebrate had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Hanging on Twitter Tonight with #KidsliveWell Party

I am a panelist tonight for #KidsliveWell Twitter party and I invite you all to join me!

Twitter Party - #KidsLiveWell @BlogRConnection, Thursday, November 15th / 8-9 pm(ET)

Panelists - @stacieinatlanta, @Zipporahs, @lisasamples, @RobynsWorld @TheRebelChick @BrandyEllen

This is a going to be a great night talking about family nights out and healthy nutrition for your kiddos. I am going to be downloading the app to give it a whirl – Kids Live Well app is available on both Android and iPhone so be sure to find it in your app store!

The party is going to have fun prizes and great conversations, it is sure to be a blast! Also a nutritionist will be joining us to discuss how Kids Live Well can help you find the best restaurants who have healthy options for your  kids on their menu!

Head on over to RSVP so you can have a chance to win some great prizes and do not forget to hop on Twitter, Tweetgrid or Tweetchat tonight to join in the conversation at 8pm EST.


Get Ready to Party with YesVideo #YesMemory [spon]

I am getting ready to be part of a fun Twitter Party for Mother’s Day! Yes indeed on Thursday, April 5th at 9pm EST/8pm CST I will be tweeting it up with @yesvideo and the other attendees using the hashtag #YesMemory and we want you to join in the conversation!

There will be a great door prize ready to be won, so head on over to YesVideo on Facebook to learn more about the party and jot down the time because we will be having a blast chit chatting on Twitter tonight!

“This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador for YesVideo. Visit to join the conversation.”

Great First Week 2009

As much as I wanted to say “is it Friday yet”, I decided why not recap on my great week. This was the first week in 2009 and already the year is starting off fantastic! I was able to meet many new bloggers this week and thankful to have met them.

For starters Blogging Momma gave me my first blog award and I am very thankful that she thought of me for such an award!

Next, if you noticed I now have a menu bar at the top of my blog! I am a very organized person, so I really wanted a way for readers {and myself} to be able to navigate through my blog in a way that they could read posts relevant to their interests. I thank Lena for referring me to SingForHim who not only has a great blog tutorial on menu bars but also took the time to help me create my menu bar to search by label. Thank you ladies!

Because of the help from SingForHim I was able to help another blogger add a menu bar the same as mine. Her name is Mary Beth and you can read her blog here.

Today is an exciting day because I will be starting a new business venture with Dwan from Blogging Momma and can not wait to start blogging with her about Climbing the Ladder to Success.

I have to get my youngest to a pediatric check out today, no issues just a normal routine well baby check up and cancel my dentist appointment because I have no one to babysit my children.

I donated $3 to the Huebner Family today and hope you will read their story to donate money as well. It’s hard enough losing a child, but to not have the money to provide a funeral can make it even harder.

Wishing you a terrific Thursday,

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