How to Effectively Communicate with your Teen Daughter

How to Effectively Communicate with your Teen Daughter Happily Blended Parenting

The joys of a mother and daughter relationship, for centuries back this complicated relationship has effected the communication between Mom and daughter. Many Moms will get a clue that they are in for a wild ride in that one moment they see the insecurities of their own self deep within the eyes of their teen daughter. Regardless of whether you purposely pushed those insecurities onto your teen daughter or not, it happens. The relationship of a mother and daughter is both a beautiful and explosive. Something about the teen daughter who doesn’t think her mother understands her when reality is […]

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6 Ways your Kids can Make Money This Summer

It’s summer, and your children are no doubt looking for ways to spend their time. They may be saving up for a new video game, tech device, or vacation – so they are likely looking for ways to make a little cash too. Before you go emptying your wallet paying them to do every little thing in your home, have them consider working around the neighborhood for money. Below are 6 ways that kids can make a little extra dough this summer! Babysitting This is perfect for a responsible teen that loves kids, especially those that have little siblings. Babysitters […]

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