How to Effectively Communicate with your Teen Daughter

How to Effectively Communicate with your Teen Daughter Happily Blended Parenting

The joys of a mother and daughter relationship, for centuries back this complicated relationship has effected the communication between Mom and daughter. Many Moms will get a clue that they are in for a wild ride in that one moment they see the insecurities of their own self deep within the eyes of their teen daughter. Regardless of whether you purposely pushed those insecurities onto your teen daughter or not, it happens. The relationship of a mother and daughter is both a beautiful and explosive. Something about the teen daughter who doesn’t think her mother understands her when reality is […]

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How to Open up Communication with Your Tween or Teen

It’s that time, your child has grown into this tween or teenager overnight, or so it seems. Suddenly you are no longer the center of their world and they tend to talk to their peers more so than you for guidance and support. In my opinion, having a tween or teen that goes to a peer for all of their guidance and support is not the best scenario. After all, I am sure you remember what your peers probably would have given for advice and support, none of which is probably the best in the eyes of a parent. I […]

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