Smart Home Technology: The Future of Real Estate

Building and designing the modern-day home is about a lot more than what we’ve been used to in the traditional model. Smart home technology is moving from a ‘nice to have’ to an absolute must for potential real estate owners. In this article, we’ll go over how a home can be built ‘smart’ right from the ground up.

Modular Homes: Design Geared Toward Smart Technology  

The so-called ‘modular’ home has made the transition to smart home technology that little bit easier and convenient. These modern homes allow for the easy installation of smart technology, making it incredibly easy to get up and running. In many states, modular homes are starting to take over. Modular homes TN are just an example of how this technology is taking flight and overtaking the traditional building and design methodologies. 

Not only that, modular homes are built to be stronger and greener, meaning that you get the same performance for a lower investment cost. The insulation materials used are usually top notch. Green and energy star certified homes, for example, will save you anywhere from 15-30% on your energy costs.

Energy From Nature

You should invest in a home that makes it possible to easily install solar panels. Depending on your local weather, these can actually a power a full home’s electricity full-time.

Even if you don’t want to invest in these straight away – as they can be quite expensive – you nevertheless want to make sure that it’s a possibility for the future. That way, when you do decide to have them installed, you’ll know it’ll be a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Passive Solar Sun Room

By building a southern facing room, it’s possible to use the sun’s energy to passively heat a room – this means you run no bills whatsoever, nor do you have to convert the sun’s energy as you do with solar panels.

It’s possible to manage the shutters and vents to ensure your desired temperature, whether it’s in the middle of summer or during a particularly cold winter. No matter what the temperature is outside, as long as you’ve got a little sun this can make a big difference in both your bill and comfort.

Home Automation

It’s possible to manage everything from the palm of your hand, whether you prefer using a smartphone or tablet. From home security, audio installations, home theatre, lighting or climate control, smart home systems allow you to automate your home for full convenience.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

The earth absorbs almost half of the solar energy we get from the sun. Geothermal systems take advantage of stable ground temperature using a piping system that’s installed underground. Using this, you can cut gas and electricity bills by roughly 80%.

It’s a fantastic way to do your bit for the environment and slash costs while you’re at it. When building a home, it’s important to take the installation of a geothermal system right from the start, as it can save you a lot of hassle in future!

This article was written by Amanda Walters, an experienced freelance writer and regular contributor to Huffington Post. Follow her here: @Amanda_W84

Am I The only Parent Who Sort of Enjoys School Vacation?

Mama Bear Fights for her KidsWhen school vacation time is nearing I see it all over the internet .. oh my gawd it’s school vacation, whatever am I going to do with all of these kids for a full week? I get that feeling, I do, but the problem with the mindset – as I read it – is that you are acting as if having more family time is too much to bear. I cannot imagine having that mentality of rather wanting my kids away from me. With my oldest she is part of so many groups, activities and such during the school week that when vacation hits I am excited because we get to finally have some well needed family time together. I will be damned if she is going to go spend the majority of that vacation time with someone else or other people. We are a close knit family who cherishes these extra moments of memory making times together.

Do not get me wrong, I do honestly get ready for them to be back in school once the tail end of school vacation hits, my sons can be quite the bowl full of energy having to need me to have more energy than I can keep steady for a 24 hour period. While I do tend to get that ready for vacation to end feeling, nothing can replace the majority of school vacation when I get to have full days with all three of my kids, laughing and smiling away while we enjoy the benefits of having a close knit relationship.

Three kids in the woodsI have worked hard to build my family the way I wanted my family to be; we are friends yet child and parent, we laugh, we love and we tend to focus on our happy moments during the day. Even during dinner time, as we normally sit down together to eat as a family, I always ask what the best part of their day was and each takes turns answering that question. Sometimes they answer in a silly sarcastic way that makes me crack up with laughter while other times I feel tears of joy hitting my eyes when I realize that their day with their Mama meant a lot to them.

So while school vacation puts a damper on some of my working hours, I get one full week to enjoy my three children and that is something I cannot find the words to express in any way that would do the emotions I feel justice.

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With the economy being in a funk and holidays coming up I am sure many consumers, both those addicted to science and technology as well as your every day average shopper, will be online searching for various ways to save on coupon codes for products that they want to get their loved ones this holiday season.

I know it’s only nearing the end of September, but most people do start shopping in October and November for the upcoming holiday season so I wanted to be sure to share with you a new place to find online coupon codes and online deals.

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There’s One Thing I Know For Sure

Whenever I am doubting various areas in my life or questioning what to do next, there is one part of me that always stays constant, a part that is vitally important to me as an individual and a mother. You see, I have this life mission within my own self, I don’t know why it is that I have a “mission statement” so to speak within my own self for it’s something I always thought would be more suiting for a business structure. I guess life can sort of be taken as a business entity, right? We are living our lives to fulfill something, even if that fulfillment is within our own bodies.

One thing I always know for sure is that I have a desire to help others be happier.  By making others smile, I feel more happy inside. Do not get me wrong, I do not “need” to make others happy to be happy with myself, that is something completely different.  What this is may be like a calling, something within my own self that reaches out to my mind creating this mission to do good and to set the example of happiness to the best of my abilities so that not only my children can learn to be happy but others in the world as well.

If I am at a social event, such as my sisters wedding this past weekend or the BBQ at a friends this past weekend, I usually have a smile on my face. This smile is not fake, although it may seem that way to others.  One thing I have found out about myself is that I feed off of other people’s energies, that means if I am around friendly people who are kind then my smile is permanent and real because I am full of that happy energy. This happy energy usually leads me to talk really fast, ramble about everything and not want to leave for the happy energy is simply something I love being around.

There is a down side to feeling other people’s energy so well, I am also able to feel that negative energy. That person with negative within, sometimes evil, I wish I could not sense these things and sometimes I ignore the signs (in all honesty), but I can sense that negativity in my soul & it makes me shudder. A negative energy person near me, even in a highly happy energy situation, can make my smile disappear even if just for a moment.

In the past I have always felt that negative energy & tried to make those negative people change. Assist them in a new, positive direction but I found out the hard way that we can not change another person nor can do more than simply attempt to enlighten them with positive vibes. It’s up to that negative person to take action for their own self, just as I did years ago.  My mission is not to force change upon those who are not ready to be changed, my mission is to help change those who want to think happier, be more positive and truly see the good a positive energy source can do!

I will continue to blog, write books and live my life in a happy, positive light because then and only then will I be able to spread the message that a positive mind can take you long beyond what you thought was even possible!

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