Time For a Second Kindle Fire?

Kindle FireLately there have been five children around, hanging out, enjoying the part time company of each other. Ages 12 down to age 4 makes for what one would think of as a crazy mix of age groups, however, all five kids get along so well that I nearly have to pinch myself to ensure I am not living in a dream land when these kids are together.

The only downfall to having five children altogether is that I own one Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire I own is a loved tablet in this household, it is also a loved tablet of the extra two wonderful children who spend time with us. After much consideration, we have decided that a new Kindle Fire must be purchased at some point.

Kre O TransformersAll of the kids enjoy playing hide n seek, doing crafts, building with Kre-O blocks as well as other imagination type play, however, when that gets “boring” they want to use technology to entertain themselves. That means the Wii, the Playstation, the laptop, or the Kindle Fire. With one Kindle Fire, this turns into a true test of how well each child knows how to take turns. They succeed at this for the most part.

I am just thinking that when tax refund has come upon us that some funds must be used to not only pay back any outstanding loans or bills due but to also purchase the new Kindle Fire HD tablet, as it’s the least expensive option out there and it’s been loved so much in my household that I know a second one would be perfect .. that is when/if it can be afforded.

Product Reviews As Income

If you haven’t heard yet then you may be prepared for a shock, that is if you are a product review blogger. I just recently found out that we have to claim our Product Reviews as income, now that’s not to say those of you who review a product here and there wouldn’t be able to get away without doing it but for those like myself who review a lot of products each year, well we will not be so lucky.

After reading a post and watching the YouTube videos found in the post called Do I Have to Pay Taxes on My Reviews? I realized that I may just be in for a paperwork nightmare. In all reality I  compiled the list very easily since all of my reviews are under one category on my site. After compiling my list I organized it within an Excel spreadsheet and printed it to give to my accountant. We will see what damage this will do to our tax refund this year, but with three kids and being a home owner I am hoping it doesn’t negatively affect our tax refund this year.

So did you know that we have to claim product reviews? This is my first full year as a blogger so I didn’t know until now.

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