{Child Abuse Awareness Month} What WE Can do to Help our Youth #endchildabuse

Another Monday is here and today I decided to report in via YouTube, rather than by blog post. This video discusses what child abuse perpetrators look like, bet you can’t guess what they look like? Also the video goes on to discuss ways for us to help the youth who are in our lives, that can be your own children or other children in the community.

Be that person for our youth, because every child enjoys a chance to thrive in life and enjoy life to the fullest! Be that one person a child can turn to and be that one person who can do everything in their power to ensure another child is taken away from an abusive scenario!

Have a wonderful week and may your Monday bring you happiness. Xo

The Day The Toy Coup Car & Mister K Got Sprinkled

On warm days we like to take out our $5 sprinkler we got at Ocean State Job Lots and have some fun. The most recent experience of having the sprinkler on brought out an idea that my three year old son and nine year old daughter had, let’s do a coup car wash. So Mister K did as his sister commanded and brought over his toy coup car.

He worked so hard to get this car off of the top of our hill in the yard over to where the sprinkler was.

Notice how his sister is right behind his car? Yeah, she had a plan alright… let’s push my three year old brother as close to the sprinkler as possible.

Mister K decided he had enough of being soaked and so his sister, ever so kindly turned his coup car around.

After all you have to wash both the front and back of the toy coup car, right?

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