Oh What Fun We Have – Easy and Free to Low Cost Summer Break Ideas

Summer break has been here for about a month or so now, the kids and I are no where near ready to kill each other. I have been enjoying the Summer break quite a bit, sure the lack in routine can occasionally be a bit of a challenge for my son Aj, but overall things are going awesome! As a Mom who has been a penny pincher for as long as she can remember, I wanted to share some tips on how our family has a blast without spending any money, or maybe just a little tiny bit of money some days … I know you can do this too!

Having Summer Break fun Without Breaking the Bank

I am a huge advocate for being happy within, I truly believe if you are not happy within your own self that no one around you will be happy either. That is where Summer Break comes into play, I see every day how happy I truly am because of how happy my children are in response to my deep inner happiness. We love spending quality time together, and they trust me to work a couple hours every day from home because once my work is done, the day is OURS.

Happily Blended Summer Break Fun

Some Things that the Kids and I enjoy Doing During Summer Break Are:

  • Sitting on the deck chatting about whatever or telling funny stories to each other.
  • Taking a trip to Walmart or some other local store and having a look around, it’s always fun to check out new toys.
  • Take a scenic ride somewhere; one day we hopped in the vehicle and drove 2 hours to the ocean.
  • Make blanket forts, play with musical instruments, dress up, pick berries, or play with the ever huge collection of toys in house.

Summer Break Fun

The best part of our summer break days is that we just laugh and laugh and laugh. We are a lively bunch together, and more often than not, you can hear music playing in our home while we do chores together as a means to ensure we are doing our part to keep our household running smoothly. We laugh together, we do chores together, we are family.

What are you doing this Summer break with your family that simply makes you SMILE?

Summer Break Sleep Overs

I have always wanted to be that home for kids, a place to be a “home away from home” so to speak for any and every child. One thing that is actually important to me is to be a part of the foster and adoption system some day and help kids who are a ward of the state or need a place to stay during the time their parents work to get in a better place, so it’s no wonder that my children love having their friends over here at my house. I make the home cozy for kids but we do have rules, boundaries and expectations; it’s not just a “kids run all” place either.

With that being said, my daughter wanted to have her bestie over for the first weekend after school ended and so I allowed that to happen with permission from her bestie’s parents. What better way to ring in the first weekend of Summer break than do have a fabulous sleep over weekend event?

Sleepver over fun for summer break in NH

We went for a swim and had a family fun BBQ at my Dad‘s with a day trip there. Livy, my sister, the three boys, my boyfriend, Dad and step Mom all had a blast. We played pretend volley ball with a blow up ball and pretend net. We ate good food. we laughed and just had such a fun day.  Sadly, one thing about having a home where you encourage people to be who they are and kids to be kids, is that occasionally the youngest will take full advantage of being a kid and do something like this …

Crazy Five year Old

Needless to say he lost all privileges to markers in the van for a long, long, long time after he arrived home looking like this. That is a mix of mud, chocolate ice cream and highlighter. On. His. Face.

Fire Pit Sleep Over NH

Later on that night we decided to start up the fire pit and had a lovely marshmallow roasting event where some had marshmallows and some had smores. Aj had hotdogs, because he doesn’t much care for roasted marshmallows nor smores.

Roasted Marshmallows

It was such a blast being able to have this celebration of a summer sleep over to start summer with a bang! I am glad to be able to enjoy this type of fun with little to no money spent, after all I am a simple person who doesn’t believe in spending a ton of money for fun!



Microsoft offers Free Camps to NH Kids #technology #parents

This information came across to me and since I am in New Hampshire, I felt it worthy to share with you all.

The camps take place from June 16-Aug 21.
Each camp is 4 days, Mon-Thur. 10am-12pm for ages 8-10 and 1pm-3pm for ages 11-13.
Here is the schedule.
Week 1: JUNE 16-19 Smart Photo Taking
Week 2: JUNE 23-26 Smart Movie Making
Week 3: JUNE 30-JULY 3 Smart Game Coding/ Smart Game Designing
Week 4: JULY 7-10 Smart Movie Making
Week 5: JULY 14-17 Smart Photo Taking
Week 6: JULY 21-24 Smart Game Coding/Smart Game Designing
Week 7: JULY 28-31 Smart Game Coding/Smart Game Designing
Week 8: AUG 4-7 Smart Movie Making
Week 9: AUG 11-14 Smart Photo Taking
Week 10: AUG 18-21 Smart Movie Making
Registration links are live at www.microsoftstore.com/salem
Registration is for the ENTIRE week, participants are encouraged to attend all 4 sessions. Cost is Free!

How I Endured Summer Break with Children

I am very active in social media, more active than I have been on my blog this Summer and that’s because it’s much easier for me to spew out a few things online via my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram as well as now Vine app on my phone than to find a time when kids are away to write fully on my blogs. I watched most of this Summer as parents were fed up or counted down days from the beginning of Summer break til school started again. These same parents did a lot with their kids during the Summer, I know this because I see their posts and pictures via social media, I am not saying they are bad parents for missing the break from kids school brings to them. I, after all, co parent my children so I do get a break all year round to split up the duties of having to occupy children 24/7 during Summer break.

Making Breakfast

With that being said, I am one who truly enjoys being a mother and as we near the start of school my baby is headed to all day Kindergarten, a change that I welcome but also am not quite ready for. I have watched children around the area either lose a parent or a parent lose a child and there are people who cannot have children, so to me, having children is truly a blessing and being a great Mommy is something I try not to take for granted, ever. While having two weeks straight with my highly active sons who seem to be having a testosterone increase as of late, may drive me insane and make me cry or yell more from time to time, I do not wish to have school start any day soon. I have enjoyed my times with the children, even when they were at their worst.

ice cream cones

Everyone who knows me can see that being a Mom is the best thing that ever happened to me; it’s as if I was born to be a mother. Sure, I love my work from home as well, writing is my passion, therapy and outlet as well as income but being a Mom is my first favorite job ever. I get to live my life in a way that teaches the children to be a good person with good morals and a well rounded personality. I live my life to teach them how I wish them to be {with a side of their own uniqueness} as they grow older. I can only hope that one day my children will look back and remember every Summer break being that of happiness because they were wanted and they felt wanted and loved.

So it’s quite simple, how did I endure Summer break with children? The answer is, I took one day at a time and counted my blessings no matter how rough of a day or week I had with the kiddos. That is how one can endure Summer break when it comes around again.

Lehman Publishing: Winners Announced

There were to be FOUR winners each receiving a special book written by Dana Lehman – these books are amazing – and I am sure you will love reading this book with your little one! Random.org came up with #’s:

5       14        32      and last but not least 16

Comment # 5:

Anne T. said:

I would choose Adventures at Walnut Grove: A Lesson About Teasing; but would be happy with either to be honest!


Comment # 14:

Donna K said: I follow.

Comment # 32:

Erin said:

I subscribe through RSS!

Comment # 16:

Debbie T.said: Both books are perfect for teaching children lessons. They are presented in a fun way, in the perfect setting for children-a summer vacation resort. My grandson would love either one.

Congrats! I will be emailing all the winners later today and so will Dana Lehman – the author!!

Have a super week and look out for my next giveaway! If you did not win but would like to purchase these books or one of these books please click here to buy them today!

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