Addiction is Real and It’s Not Easy, but There is Help

With the recent death of the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman many are discussing the topic of addiction; some people are able to see the real disease addiction is while others are not so clear minded about that fact. Addiction, as defined by Merriam-Webster is having “a strong and harmful need to regularly have something or do something”. Addiction predominantly refers to drugs or gambling, but in this day and age addiction is far more publicized with one having a drug addiction. A drug could be anything from over the counter pills to prescribed narcotics to hardcore street level drugs; it also can be related to alcohol. In case you were not aware alcohol is also classified as a drug, hence why there are treatment centers for alcohol abuse like the new jersey alcohol treatment centers.

Is Addiction a Real Disease? The General Public is still in Debate

While the verdict is still out to the general public to debate whether or not someone who has an addiction is weak, making a conscious choice or not, my opinion is that; addiction goes deeper than the physical attribute of making a conscious choice to overdo it with drugs. Addiction is a serious illness that can consume anyone, take my life for example. I have a large family pool of those who are alcoholics, one would not realize this as my family is amazing, but alcoholism is one of those rare addictions few see because you can be a functioning alcoholic. This means you are a heavy drinker but can still keep a job, a roof over your head and support your family. There have been times where people I know had to go to a treatment facility much like the new jersey addiction treatment centers to get the help they needed to overcome such an addiction.

Addiction Has Become a Coping Mechanism for Most

For those who suffer from addiction it may not be easy for them to ask for help, I firmly believe one who develops an addiction has deeper emotional issues than those we see on the surface. Many have turned to drugs and alcohol as a means to cope with the real world, on the outside many who develop an addiction may seem “normal” and as if they “have it all together”, but sadly that is not the case. People with addictions get really good at hiding their troubles, it’s all too common for a friend or family member to find out about another person’s addiction and be in complete, utter shock. While having an addiction isn’t easy for anyone involved, there are many addiction treatment facilities that offer a way for people to overcome addiction and move on to lead a happier, healthier life.

There is Help for Addiction

I firmly believe in helping people who have addictions, but the first rule of an addiction is that the person who has one needs to be able to admit they have a problem. If someone you know or love is suffering from an addiction try to use some form of intervention so that you can get them to a treatment facility and give them a chance to find their inner happy again, without utilizing drugs or alcohol as a means to cope. It’s a long path to recovery but helping, rather than judging someone with an addiction is the best route to go, there are places such as Advanced Health and Education that can assist both the person addicted and their family members in moving forward.

How Will You Discuss Drugs & Alcohol with Your Kids?

This is a very interesting video topic that was shared on Her Channel and I just have to discuss this because I have a very strong opinion on how I will keep my kids in the loop about alcohol yet not so 100% sure on how to deal with the drug talk.

From my experience I dealt well with my father who spoke to me about drugs and alcohol from a young age. You see, I thank my Dad for this open nature, why? Because even though I did get into some fun high school night life times, I always went to my Dad to ask questions and he would tell me his full out right opinion on what this drug could do, if he felt it was healthy for me or not. My Dad was pretty straight up with me and because of that I never got into cocaine or some of the other drugs I knew were around back in the day.

Although I steered clear of most drugs, I was a BIG beer and hard liquor drinker back in the day, Jim Beam anyone? He is was my buddy when I first started drinking.  I spent my first night drunk losing control of my bladder and being called “pee pants”, so really I have some majorly embarrassing stories that I can share with my children to keep them from getting too far into the situations I did.  My children are not old enough to get into “what Mama did back in the day” but they do know what alcohol is, they know it is for adults and my five year old actually calls it “adult soda”. I am okay with this, because I know my children would never get into “adult soda” as they know what it is.

Curiosity is one of the main factors for teens trying out things and to me, if I am as open as my father was I really do think my children will not feel they need to “rebel” against my wishes or dabble too much into alcohol and drugs. I got a DWI at age 18 and lost my license for blowing .05  which is legal if you are 21 but not so much when you are underage. I have stories to share and I will be open & honest as well as age appropriate because that is what worked for me.

Of course, I say “that worked for me” and as I read what I am writing, clearly I made some bad choices but I do think that no matter how hard you try to parent and educate your child they will still make these mistakes on the path to adult hood and that’s okay. Children and teens need to learn there are consequences for their actions as part of the path to growing up, so I don’t think you can ever know for sure what method will work for different personality children.

I am willing to go with the open and as honest as possible without telling “too many inappropriate details” approach & hope like heck it works!

What worked for you or how do you think you will handle this talk?

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Trigger Tuesday: Last Week 2 Enter

Welcome to Trigger Tuesday! This is going to be a two week long contest where readers may share their bad habit confession via comment, blog post or even an image, I don’t know maybe you want to share it via video, that is all up to you! Just be sure you leave me a comment below telling me where I can find your entry!

Two Winners
Will receive the EX – quitpack complete with a ex-backpack, air freshener, trigger cards and stickers, cup holder, re-learn booklet and EX instructions.

My Confession

I have received my package but after opening it I have had a few new changes come up in my life so I have yet to review it in detail in order to provide you all with a review. I will say it appears this is going to be a fun adventure I look forward to sharing with you as I work to Become an Ex Smoker!


Whether it is you or a friend who you wish to help quit smoking, please share your confessions in an image, comment, blog post or even video so that at the end of this week I can randomly choose two winners.

I am looking forward to hearing confessions! CLICK HERE to read last weeks confession and first blog post about this two week event.

Disclosure: I am hosting this contest for two weeks from June 29, 2010 through Jul 9, 2010 when two winners will be chosen by random! I am hosting this as part of a campaign from YouCastCorp and will receive for free the same Ex package i am giving away, no other compensation was received. The confession is my true and honest confession.

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Sober Living

There are so many people who struggle with alcohol and drugs, but must have a hard time getting themselves any help. The thing about trying to live a sober life means that you must first admit you have a problem and all too often that first step is what can kill the pride of a person who struggles with addiction.

Sober living can best happen when you admit yourself or a loved one into a rehab, if you are around Cali then you could check out California drug rehab facilities. Every rehab center is different and the ones, in my opinion, that may work best are those that give you a sense of calm and comfort feeling.

Orange County rehab facilities seem to look pretty relaxing compared to those I have found in the New Hampshire area. Do not get me wrong, I am not struggling with an addiction other than cigarettes but I have seen many people come and go in my life that struggle currently or have struggled with living sober. Due to alcoholism running in my family on both my parents sides I am cautious of what I intake for alcohol and when I drink.

Some people are able to self control their addictions but some have become so addicted to living in that fantasy life that they often get super depressed when coming down from the high which makes them go back on their word of trying to live a sober life. There is nothing wrong with getting a little bit of help and what better place than a rehab facility where you can gain knowledge and information about your addiction in order to come out and succeed at sober living!

Questions for Thought: Have you or anyone you know struggled with or are currently struggling with living sober? It’s hard to watch as they fight the urge to go back to their addiction, what have you or they done to help increase their chances of moving forward from an addiction?

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No More Mommy Smoker

No Smoking

When I first found out I was pregnant I wanted to quit smoking, because I didn’t want to fill my unborn child’s lungs with cigarette smoke, well I quit for about a year.

Then I started again shortly after the father of my first born and I broke up. I was pretty stressed out and kicked right back up with the habit of smoking cigarettes.

I smoked off and on for most of my adult years, and as my oldest got older she begged and begged me to quit smoking. I didn’t smoke in my house and I didn’t smoke in my vehicles but I was losing time with my children because I was always going out for that cigarette.

Recently I had started smoking about a pack of cigarettes a day and man I knew something had to change. Being a mommy smoker was not for me. I hate cigarettes, they are nasty, they smell bad, they destroy your health and man I even hate kissing smokers! Yet I smoked, oddly enough, I could not find a way to quit completely, until about 5 weeks ago.

I finally talked my husband into quitting by explaining that we were spending over $300 a month on cigarettes and that we were losing time with our children because we were spending more time going out for our habit. He finally agreed to quit with me, that was 5 weeks ago and we still have not smoked.

We used the Nicorette Patch to help with our cravings, but in all reality they only curbed the cravings a bit so I stopped using the patch after 1 week and hubs stopped after 2 weeks. We are now smoke free and although we still get that “I want a cigarette” craving during a stressful day, we are happy to say that we are non-smoking parents. Our children are happy too, because they now have more time with Mommy and Daddy.

I personally feel no parent should smoke in a house with their child nor should they smoke in a vehicle their child will be riding in, but this is my personal opinion and does not make me right nor wrong. My daughter will often see someone smoking in a car with a child in it and tell me, “Mama that girl is smoking and there are kids in the car. They are not suppose to do that.” I have to giggle, but that is how she grew up – Mommy was a smoker but never smoked in the vehicles nor house. I often reply, “Well sweety it’s not really good to let your child inhale all that smoke, but we are not to tell others what to do. Some people do smoke around their children and that is their decision.”

If I had never become a Mommy I wonder if I would have cared to quit smoking, because honestly even today I find myself craving a cigarette but because of my oldest who will be so upset if I start again, I do not touch them, I do not go to the store and buy them. It’s funny how my children make me a stronger person in so many ways.

I wonder are you a smoker? How do you feel about smoking parents? Do you think it’s okay for a parent to smoke around their children, or do you have no opinon because it’s not your place to judge another?


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