What to do on Spring Break – Day 5 Mom Daughter Day, The Park

Today is day 5 of what to do on Spring Break in New Hampshire and this is what we did …. having no boys until 2pm on this particular day my daughter and I enjoyed breakfast out at Country Kitchen.What to do on Spring Break Day 4Of course, I can’t eat eggs but I went ahead and ordered a bagel with sausage and cheese on it. I ended up taking the egg out for fear it would make me sick. I love eggs so much but they don’t love me anymore. My daughter ordered a sampler plate, and honestly I wish I had to, it was yummy! She let me try a bite!

What to do on Spring Break Day 4

My daughter and I spent the morning having breakfast then ventured off to the local Pet and Aquarium center to have a look at the wonderful things the pet store offers. We saw fish, reptiles, birds and shown above is a pretend jelly fish decoration you can purchase for your tank. What a colorful experience and fun Mom daughter time.

What to do on Spring Break Day 4

After our fun filled Mom Daughter day it was time to pick up the boys at their Dads. Once we picked them up, we grabbed a snack for all three kids from my ex husband’s house for the kiddos and I took them to the park where they ran and ran and ran! It was such a beautiful day and I enjoyed seeing all three kids get along amazingly!

What to do on Spring Break Day 4

One part of our time at the park that really impressed me was that Aj now knows how to swing, all by himself! You see, Aj isn’t a risk taker and rarely will he swing on his own, he usually wants a tiny push here and there. This particular day he was proud of himself and showed off his swinging skills. I was beaming with happiness watching all three kids enjoy swinging together.

What to do on Spring Break Day 4

We ended our day with a relaxed moment of listening to my daughter practice her flute. I just love how well she is getting at playing her flute, it’s kind of neat that she chose to play flute because that is what I played for a couple years at school back in the day.

Another Spring Break day in New Hampshire came and went without much of any issues. I loved seeing all three kids love each other and be kind. This made another warm fuzzy day.

Planning Ahead for the Perfect Family Vacation

Chevy Chase taught us that family vacations can truly go to one extreme or the other: it might be a nightmare-filled time that makes you wish you never even left the house, or it can be a time in which you and your family bond and create memories that will last for a whole lifetime. The difference between the two extremes often boils down to something quite simple: proper planning!

Why Planning Matters

Maybe you’re thinking, “What about the thrill of spontaneity and the unexpected little gems in life?” You raise a good point, but in order to get to those little gems, the moments that you are going to treasure forever, you and your family have to be relaxed and ready for fun. When everybody knows that they are in a “fun allowed” zone where the regular daily concerns like work and school are out of the way, it’s easy to relax and really embrace family fun time. However, when you go on a vacation where you have to constantly worry about work, school or responsibilities at home, it could not just interfere with enjoyment, but could actually put a complete stop to it. Planning really does matter, and it doesn’t have to be too difficult either.

Coordination is Key

Coordination is vitally important, and it can be made much easier by starting the process of planning at least a few months ahead of time. Your job and your spouse’s job may have different requirements for taking time off, but regardless of the specifics, you can both do two important things to coordinate for the vacation: First, decide on the dates for the vacation, and second, ask for the time off. More jobs are incorporating employee portals that allow you to request the time off online, which makes it a bit easer to manage. If your job allows you to apply for that time off a month or more in advance, do so — in fact, both you and your spouse should request the time off as far in advance as possible. Even if one or both of you is self-employed, you’ll still need to start planning for the vacation dates to be “blocked out” as soon as possible.

Watch School and Activity Schedules

Schedule coordination with your spouse may actually be easier than planning ahead for the kids. Children today are often involved in not just typical school activities, but also in numerous after-school activities as well. Even if you plan to travel when school is out of session, don’t forget to get a printed schedule for each of your child’s activities so you can look for gap time that would be good time a vacation. In some cases, it might be simply impossible to avoid missing an activity or two, and if this is the case, just make sure that you have a chat with the adult in charge of the program or activity so they’ll know not to expect your child to be there during that time.

Plan a Day of Doing Nothing

A day with nothing on the agenda is a great time to let family fun really bloom! Want to have breakfast in bed? Maybe the kids want to lounge around and play games as a family, or perhaps an impromptu trip to a mini golf course sounds fun. This “no rules” day is a great way to allow for unplanned fun, without throwing all the plans out the window.

Planning Ahead With Everyone

Follow the simple planning tips we’ve discussed here, and make the whole family a part of the planning fun. Let the kids throw out some ideas for the vacation to make for some lively family fun time leading up to the vacation itself. Planning your vacation is not only smart — it can be fun too!

Our Spring Break Fun Times Without Spending Money

We didn’t have much for extra cash and it’s a normal work week when Spring Break happens in April here in NH but we made the best of our week, even while going through a medication change with the five year old. Right before school vacation my nine and five year old made some crayons to bring to their classrooms…

It was fun making crayons and then our weekend came, the first weekend for vacation we headed to Disney on Ice on Saturday to have some fun watching the first Disney on Ice show any of us have ever seen. I shared pictures on Wordless Wednesday.

Most of our time was spent enjoying the great outdoors and walking around the pond trying to catch a glimpse of a salamander or frog. We did some baking, Ki on her Easy Bake oven and Mister K helped me bake muffins for snack time…

We tired Jenny out a bit with the three year old’s energy.

Then gave Jenny some love for she handled the energy very well.

Last but not least we spent more time outside and Aj attempted to ride his bike without training wheels.

Sunday evening we were able to find a turtle in our pond and we spent some time checking him out.

The Spring Break week was fun but it has come to an end! Aj didn’t master riding his bike without training wheels, but happy he wanted to try!

Tips To Keep In Mind When Traveling With the Kids

The weather is getting cooler and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It can only mean one thing: the holiday season is close at hand. For some people, the holidays are a time best spent sitting indoors with the family, drinking eggnog and watching movies. For others, such activities may certainly be pursued, but the highlight of the winter season is escaping to a warm destination for a family vacation. The timing probably works well; the kids are off from school, you and your husband have some days off from work, and the weather outside is basically imploring you to get away.

If this sounds like your situation, you are probably already in the full-swing of vacation planning. You’re reading travel guides and trying to figure out the best credit cards for airline miles. You’re perusing hotel and rental car websites, and scrolling through American Express Gold card review sites to determine what accommodations can provide your family the greatest bang for the buck. While you’re doing all this, though, and especially if you have younger children, it’s always important to remember the unique considerations necessitated by traveling with your kids. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Kids, unfortunately, do not always get hungry right at the predetermined meal times. Sometimes they have no appetite at lunch but want to eat only a couple hours later. Sometimes they’ll want breakfast in the wee hours of the morning. Whatever the case, it’s good to always have a food contingency plan. While traveling at the airport, make sure to bring some sandwiches if you don’t want to spend too much money on airport food. And, when researching a hotel, you might want to find a place with a convenience store or grocery nearby.


Whether you’re arriving at your destination via airplane or car, you probably have at least a few hours of travel between your home and your destination. Consequently, you’re going to want to prevent your kids from becoming bored and agitated over the course of the journey. To this end, insure that any books or gaming devices are packed, and always have a Plan B “family game” that can be played if those distractions fail. Your kids, your spouse, and yourself will all enjoy the trip much more if everyone arrives at the destination happy.


While you and your husband may have spent vacations snorkeling and going to upscale clubs in your pre-children days, any trip with kids is going to involve a certain amount of flexibility. Think of it this way: on a family vacation, you should insure that you get a chance to relax, lay by the pool, and bask in the sun – even if you and your husband have to trade off watching the kids. You’ve deserved it. But, while an expectation of relaxation is a fair one, you should not anticipate doing those activities that you may personally prefer. Instead, as far as activates are concerned, these should best be dictated by your children. The family dynamic stands to be much better as a result.

These are just a few of the things you’re going to want to keep in mind when traveling with kids. Ultimately, it’s a small price to pay for a warm vacation in December with your family. Enjoy.

Summer Vacation is Coming

Summer vacation is coming, although I only have one child in school this year, I still try to plan something cool over Summer time vacation. The problem is I always plan last minute and so this year I am working on planning a fun filled Summer for my family and I.

Image: chokphoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A few things we wish to do this Summer include A Day Out With Thomas, which we happened to get free tickets to last year in North Conway, NH as well as a weekend in Maine. I love York Beach, ME and for the first time last Summer I visited Old Orchard, ME to find out  that I really love York Beach so much more and hope to see the zoo there as I haven’t ever visited a zoo.

The problem with planning Summer is that I have to count out which weekends my daughter is with her father, which times J is working and make sure it’s planned okay to avoid birthdays or other events in our lives. I also have to make sure work is completed so I can truly take a vacation. I can’t leave my blogs empty and my clients waiting around but I do need a great family vacation and my children do as well!

Do you plan your Summer vacation or events ahead of time?

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