A Bit of Winter Storm Nemo #nemo #snow #kids

The kids had a fabulous time enjoying the foot of snow slammed on us by Nemo over the weekend.  The little one climbed up the snow bank from the snow plow to slide….

Winter Storm Nemo in NH

And then smiled as he went down backwards and did a spin to the bottom…

Snow Sledding in Nemo

The older two boys went outback to take advantage of the backyard hill…

Sliding in Nemo

Then finally my daughter came outside and since I was the picture taker, there are no pictures for proof that I DID go sliding this year ….

Sldiing in the backyard Nemo

It was a blast of a weekend with moments that I had certainly wished for a pause button just to enjoy those special moments I had with my family for a tad bit longer!

Hope everyone is safe and sound and warm! Happy Monday!

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Loving Snow Plows

I live on a main highway and so the state plow guy comes through each Winter flying through as fast as he can. The dirty snow from the plow has been known to fly all the way to my car and hit it making it sound like a huge rock just slammed into my house and car. The other thing that stinks about this snow plow driver is that every year they destroy our mailbox and so as much as I really want to have an address plaque placed out near the end of our driveway I am afraid it will become damaged during Winter time when the snow guy comes plowing through at over 50MPH.

My mother used to have a very cute address sign at the end of her driveway and I have seen others who have address signs with their family names on it. Usually the parents names are at the top with children’s names dangling from it, very cute!

I don’t really know if there is a huge difference between address plaques and an address sign but either way having something stylish with my house number on it placed neatly within a border of flowers sounds to be a great addition to my home. I haven’t ever done any landscaping around my house and with the amount of land I have you would think one of these years I would have done something to make the yard look presentable.

What have you done to make your house look presentable? Do you have an address sign or plaque?

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