Shoo Snow, Seriously Phil you LIED

So Phil the groundhog said early Spring, eh? So he said we were going to have promise of sunshine earlier and good weather, eh?

Well I am here to call Phil a liar. Yes.. liar liar pants on fire. I am sitting here in NH staring at snow that is still falling outside my window.

Snow Slams NH again

School is closed. Roads suck. Car looks like a snow pile and my kids? Well they are stuck inside because no one is really feeling up for playing in the snow due to the sickies still hanging on tight in the house.

So to you Phil, I say boo! I was really hoping for early sunshine and less or NO snow to be honest …. Boo Phil. Boo!

A Bit of Winter Storm Nemo #nemo #snow #kids

The kids had a fabulous time enjoying the foot of snow slammed on us by Nemo over the weekend.  The little one climbed up the snow bank from the snow plow to slide….

Winter Storm Nemo in NH

And then smiled as he went down backwards and did a spin to the bottom…

Snow Sledding in Nemo

The older two boys went outback to take advantage of the backyard hill…

Sliding in Nemo

Then finally my daughter came outside and since I was the picture taker, there are no pictures for proof that I DID go sliding this year ….

Sldiing in the backyard Nemo

It was a blast of a weekend with moments that I had certainly wished for a pause button just to enjoy those special moments I had with my family for a tad bit longer!

Hope everyone is safe and sound and warm! Happy Monday!

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Fun Snow Playtime with Shredz #family #fun #snow #toys

There is a new line from SwimWays called Coop Sleds where your kids can enjoy playing in the snow after carving a fun trail through the snow with these little snowboard dudes.

Shredz Swimways

We have not had enough snow in NH to really fully enjoy these characters in the snow, but I did upload a cute YouTube video of the boys checking out their new Shredz line at home.

You can get all of the supplies for SwimWays new Shredz line on their website which includes a track maker, multiple trick ramps and little guys with their snowboards so that your kids can have a blast playing imagination play outdoors in the Winter weather!

Shredz Four Year Old

The boys had a blast just goofing around with these little guys and used the ramp to make the men jump high in the air and land on their feet or snowboard actually. These were a great time without snow, but now that we are getting hit with Winter Storm Nemo, I bet the boys will get outside and enjoy these figurines during outdoor playtime tomorrow once we get hit with the expected foot of snow!

Learn more about SwimWays Coop Sleds line today on their website.

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At Least the Kids Enjoy the Snow

Enjoying the Great OutdoorsI have three kids, two boys who are four and six as well as one daughter who is ten. My oldest and youngest would live in the snow, if I let them. Staying outside until every limb is just about frozen to waddle inside for some hot cocoa is a normal thing around this house in the Winter time with my oldest and youngest. My middle child on the other hand, does not prefer to be in the snow, while he loves to slide, he only lasts at most maybe twenty minutes outside with his siblings. Guess he takes after his Mama who prefers to hibernating during the NH Winter months.

My oldest and youngest will sit at this picnic table during the NH Winter months making snow balls to have a snow ball fight or to build their own little fort underneath this picnic table. My middle child will help on occasion for a tiny bit of time until he either gets too cold or feels his sister is being a “big fat bossy meanie”. I just love how siblings adore each other.

Kids Sliding in NH WinterAll three kids do enjoy sliding from time to time, and in case you did not notice, each picture I shared here was taken from the warmth of my home out of a window from the house. Yes, I am serious, I do not do snow nor cold nor Winter in NH. I really try to avoid going outside at all costs, for the most part.

The kids have multiple areas to slide, but this particular hill is one that my sister and I slid down as young children. This is a hill that used to fly you almost to the pond, but has lost it’s will power since the lawn is bumpier than it was back when I was a child here. The kids enjoy racing down this hill on their sleds to see who can make it the furthest. I love watching them from the window for two reasons; 1) I get to take pictures and enjoy their happiness and 2) because I can make sure they are safely sliding out back.

Do you love the snow? Do your kids love it more than you or are you a Winter addict, unlike me?

Snow Will Hit Higher Elevations this Weekend

I was driving to school yesterday, listening to my normal country music station when they decided to start sharing some weather news. I should have put on the ear muffs. I should have changed the station, because what they said I will never forget. It’s the beginning of October and over this upcoming weekend it is said that way higher elevations, like the mountains, will have some snow over the weekend. Seriously? I am not ready.

I have lived in New Hampshire all of my life, I really should be used to New England Winters, but I still don’t care for it all that much. I wish I was a bear, so I could curl up and take a long Winter nap, but I am mom to three kids who love the Winter and so that means thinking about fun activities to do in the freezing cold snow.

Some people ski. Some snow board. Others are like me and hibernate. While many do plan luxury skiing holidays during the Winter, it’s just not my thing. I have tried to ski, a couple of times actually. I never graduated fully from the rope slope thing. You know, if you have ever skied or had kids who did, it’s that rope tow small hill that seems to sport mostly little kids? Yeah. That is how far I can go with skis.

The reason I prefer the rope slope over the high ski lifts is due to my fear of heights and the fact that those ski lifts do not stop. You have to be prepared to fly off of that thing and I would much prefer a ride up, stop and be let off. Yes, I am spoiled like that. The memory I have of skiing would be flying down the hill and falling. My back being scratched up by the rough snow and ice on the mountain, me crying, and me never returning to ski ever ever again.

I am now almost 31 years old and I would love for my kids to try skiing or snow boarding to see if they enjoy it but I fear I won’t be able to get on skis ever again so maybe their Dad’s can take them.

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