Jif To Go® Dippers Review #MC #sponsored #GetGoing

• Jif To Go cup (1.13 oz.) packaged with pretzel cup (.56 oz. containing 10-12 pretzels) for convenient dipping and snacking

“I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Jif To Go® Dippers. I received a sample to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating.”   We have a new go-to after school snack item that makes it easy for me to grab a snack for that school pick time. You see, if my boys’ don’t have a snack in the van on ride home, they are miserable. It is something about after school, all of the kids are hungry, but the two biggest pains are my sons’ who seem to be on complete […]

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Up&Up Toddler Applesauce Snacks to Go #spon

Up&Up  is a Target brand that offers a fun toddler snack of applesauce that I like to call “on the go snack”,why? Well because I have no problems with having my kids eat this in my car! No mess and good for the kids snack. There are multiple options of the up&up brand food pouches, but today I am talking about the applesauce in particular. The flavors come from Applesauce Cinnamon to Plum Banana and everything in between.  The pouches come in stages from 1-4 and are a great snack for on the go sports nights or an addition to […]

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Healthy Fuel for your Kids Snacks or Cold Lunches

The debate, or rather she hoped it was a debate, started when I told my daughter she would be having cold lunches this year with the option of hot lunch from the school only once per week. There was no real debate because even though the kids know how to vote, the rule is I am boss and while I take in their opinions, I do have the final ruling or decision to make. I recently tested out Dole Real Fruit Bites and they were so delicious and nutritious, which means the kids will surely have some of those during […]

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